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  1. Kahth

    Limit for Stalingrads in CWs

    French twist;
  2. Kahth

    GamersPlatoon [18+]

  3. Kahth

    GamersPlatoon [18+]

    Second that.
  4. Can't wait to play with Superman!
  5. Kahth

    WG Ranked Season 3 roundup

    Have the R1 (x2) flags been issued yet? i have not received mine...
  6. Kahth

    Looking for team

    Looking for team for serious play, rank 1 player from season 2-3. UK player after 7pm GMT and weekends. Please review my profile and get in touch! http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/509967092-Kahth/!/pvp/overview/
  7. Kahth

    Taskent in ranked games

    Benson is my favourite DD in ranked, low detectability range (though not quite as good as Fubu) good guns, good torps, good top speed and maneuverability - just cant complain.
  8. Kahth

    advice sought for skills for dd captains

    I would say Situational Awareness, Last stand and Concealment expert are a must.
  9. Kahth


    You keep saying you are spotted, Minekaze has 6.1km surface detection - no other DD within 2 tiers above has that, the next closest is Hatsu with 6.2km...so it is impossible (without crew skils and camo) that you could be getting spotted before you spot the enemy. You cited the Farragut - Farragut has 7.4km detection, how it is spotting you before you spot it i have no idea. The only thing i can think is that you are being spotted by Cruisers Hydroacoustic search - this would allow you to be spotted by cruisers upto about 8.5km, for 90 seconds. I think your tactic of rushing cruisers is quite silly, if you want to kill cruisers play a BB or another cruiser - in the meta cruisers are supposed to kill DDs.
  10. Kahth

    How would a German DD line look like?

    A lot of German DDs had 5.9 inch main guns, which will make them lethal in DD engagements.
  11. Last stand, not even a discussion on it. If you get knocked out in the water and are still, you are dead - why take the chance.
  12. Kahth

    German Super-Battleship "Der Führer"

    H41 is probably the biggest we will see from Kriegsmarine in game. maybe H42 but thats a stretch.
  13. Kahth

    Essex Skill!

    Pretty much this. The only slight disagreement i could have is High Alert perhaps for Dogfighting Expert, but only if you face a lot of Midway or Hakuryu. Also i would consider Situational Awareness over Expert Rear Gunner (annoying to have a DD creep up on you).