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  1. I like this game. I play for fun. But at some point a grind becomes a chore. My time is to valuable to me to waste on a chore.
  2. Fletcher has more HP (17.100 vs 14.500) and 5 guns, where the Benham has 4. Fletcher also has a better AA-suite. Main difference is in how you play them I think. With Fletcher you can play fairly aggressive towards red DD’s, going into gun duels with them. With Benham it’s better to avoid that, especially at the start of the game. It’s not the best gunboat DD. That said, the Benham can put out a scary number of torps. I think I’ll leave my BB’s in port the week after the 22nd...
  3. Actually...no. I did the math at the start. Do I have the time, especially for all the dailies? Short answer: no. What am I prepared to pay for the Benham? I figured between € 20 - € 30, not more. I like this game. I spend time playing it. Time = money. So a ‘free’ ship is never ever completely ‘free’. You pay with your time. I do understand what you’re saying. I see how it works. I’m quite calculative, but not everybody is.
  4. Bought a package of five crates today to get the last tokens needed for the Benham, couldn’t complete the dailies anymore anyway. Cost me € 16. Not a bad deal for a T9 premium. I liked the savage battles (especially playing with a couple of clanmates; teamwork is OP). While I do understand the critique that this event is a money-grab from WG, I don’t agree. It’s not like they force you to buy anything. The US DD-line is still one of my favorites. I don’t think I’d spend as much time on the grind for any other ship.
  5. Bushpanther

    Current Sprint Season

    16 battles with the Sims, quite fun. Don’t think I’ve had any battles without a Belfast or two, but that was not a problem. I do prefer playing DDs, playing cap control can at least compensate for team members that are clueless.
  6. ok...if I understand it correctly the idea is to create an incentive for veteran players to re-experience old ship lines. I can understand that. Now on face value I don’t really understand what the fuzz is all about. How much of an advantage does this system at tier 3 upgrades create for players, compared to the current use/not use of premium consumables? I’d say it’s not all that much? makes me wonder how many potatoes actually don’t use premium consumables right now? Does giving everybody premium consumables actually cancel out the effect of this NTC?
  7. My top-6 most played ships include Fletcher, Sims and Gearing so yeah...I wanna have Benham
  8. Bushpanther

    What is your most played ship?

    Fletcher with 765 games. That ship aged well.