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  1. Bushpanther

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    Old CVs had more squadrons, but the speed of the planes is a lot faster now. With 2 CVs per side pretty much every ship is perma-spotted now. And almost from the start of the game as far as my experience from one morning goes. So I disagree with you on this.
  2. Bushpanther

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    Played a couple of battles this morning. Stealth seems to be a thing of the past. Played 4 games with T9 and T10 ships, all with 2 CVs per side. Within a minute or two the locations and heading of all ships had been spotted. AA specced DDs might do ok in this meta, but any DD that relies on stealth to do it’s job will have a hard time I suspect. Got a feeling that surprise attacks (and tactics with that) are out of the window and WOWs might become a clickfest. Just point and shoot; the ship with most firepower and the player with the best aiming skills wins the day.
  3. Bushpanther

    Spotting aircraft after 0.8.0

    Sounds nice, free resetting and all, but I’ve got 100+ ships with 10+-skill Commanders to reset. Apart from the time it takes I’d very much like a second resetting option say a month into the carrier because I doubt that in the first week the best specs for all ships will be clear.
  4. Not sure if forced teamplay is gonna solve this issue....@ OP, ever seen a Tier 10, 40% winrate division? They will lose you the match for sure.
  5. Bushpanther

    Am I the only person who doesn't use Priority Target?

    Got PT on pretty much all my captains. It gives a lot of (meta) information. Example: early game, I’m pushing a cap with my BB. I’m spotted by a red DD and than the PT goes up to 7. I might not see a single enemy ship but I know than that there are at least 7 within firing range from me. A lot of them likely heading to the same cap where I’m going. That’s usefull info to have. It can tell you how agressive you can play. PT can give a lot of information if you can make the correct interpretation. It’s like RPF for that matter. And information wins battles.
  6. Bushpanther

    Gearing or Harugumo first?

    If you like the Fletcher over the Kitakaze, I quess the Gearing is the best bet. It’s classic DD gameplay. Harugumo is a light cruiser for all intends and purposes; Kitakaze is much more DD than Harugumo will ever be.
  7. Bushpanther

    Yeuyang post Nerf with Poll.

    Yep I’m 20.000 base XP away from obtaining it. Not planning on using the module indeed. Just want the personal mission out of the list ;-)
  8. Bushpanther

    Yeuyang post Nerf with Poll.

    YY is still playable but went from above average (not OP IMHO) to below average. I’ll grind out the remaining XP for the legendary module on it, after that the captain will move to the Chung Mu. I reckon that’s the more fun ship to play after this nerf.
  9. Bushpanther

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    I dislike games with the current itteration of CVs; this new CVs in the game might just end my WOWs carreer
  10. Bushpanther

    [Nerf Bat] Yueyang being slaughtered

    I never play CB...I only use smoke because using it with radar in randoms is a waste. Notsers solution of giving it another hull for radar, with the intended nerf, sounds fine to me. Balances radar use in CB while leaving it fun to play in randoms as it is now. Anyway, glad I didn’t buy a perma camo for it. Proposing this kind of nerfs does not really make me eager to buy any perma camos for silver ships again.
  11. Bushpanther

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    There was an interesting discussion on this subject more than a year ago on the North American forum. Basically it has to do with Lanchester’s law; in WOWs the effect of this law is that the effect of loosing ships early on is much greater than one would think from just looking at the numbers. Lanchester’s law in WOWs This does not take into account unicums or extreme potatoes, but if the MM is not rigged, (which I don’t think it is) landslide victories/losses are the logical outcome which you will most often see.
  12. Bushpanther

    What to do with US version of Ovechkin?

    Thinking about placing him on the Nicolas, that might benefit from both skills. Could be interesting for another T5 sprint season.
  13. Bushpanther

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    28 battles, 68% winrate, 2,9 k/d ratio. Mostly Kami R, a few games GC and one Murmansk. Lotta fun, not so grindy as regular ranked. I gotta say that the number of hard-carries (kill 3-4 red ships) needed was beyond my expectations. Also I did frown uppon a clanmate who ranked out in 23 battles with a 52% winrate, I mean how? Quess he was better at saving stars.
  14. Bushpanther

    CV Rework Discussion

    Does the battle off Samar count?
  15. Bushpanther

    CV Rework Discussion

    A rather ignorant answer mr. El2aZeR. I do agree with LazyVegetable here. My main gripe with carriers is that at most stages of the game you can’t fight them. Any other ship will have to sail into harms way to make use of their weapon systems. Not so carriers; they sit back and throw planes at you from way beyond reach. There is no counterplay against that. The carrier attacks, you try to survive. That invisible DD has to risk his ship to get into torp range. Not so the carrier. One can’t outplay a CV like you can outplay other ship classes. One just hopes the red CV is dumb or sends his planes to a part of the map where you are not. I assume the above will pretty much remain the same after the rework. Might actually get worse with unlimited plane supplies. Let’s just hope the CV gameplay is so boring that nobody bothers with CVs anymore ;-)