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  1. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle! 1.Roma if available, if not then the Lo Yang 2. T61 if available, otherwise DeGrasse 3. Dubloons Big thanks to the guys who made the donations!
  2. It's probably working just fine - it's a TX match so you most likely didn't fit the requirement for top 3 in damage done in this game.
  3. Clash of the Elements Event

    I own the Kamikaze allready from the previous event so no need to grind it out luckily The only module I consider worthwhile is the engine boost mod 1. Got it on my Khaba and would like one for my Udaloi. However when I check the giftpage for this specific mod it says "Special Upgrade Engine Boost Modification 1 increases the active time of the consumable by 50%. It is available on Tier VI–VIII destroyers with Engine Boost." Is this a WG typo or is this mod actually not usable on Tier IX and X ships??
  4. Russian Destroyer Nerf

    Gotta agree that the Khabarovsk was a bit OP in the right hands, this nerve however... 13km might not be that bad, but to do some competative damage you gotta stay within range, so you'll be quite a bit closer most of the time. The rapid fire has just become noticably less rapid with this nerf, and the ship is not all that manouvrable. Within 12km you're quite an easy target for every slightly skilled cruiser captain. Summarizing: it's harder to do good damage, and quite a bit harder to avoid good damage too. The Khabarovsk post-nerf might not be a bad ship, but it just has become very....Mediocre. Just another TX prize-ship that you don't take out too often because the running costs are higher than the fun-factor.
  5. Your top 3 ships and worst 3

    Pretty tough choice...I like a lot of ships actually. And it's also not a static list. But here you go: 1) Fletcher - just the best allround DD in the game. Capping, defending caps, stealth torping, it can do everything. 2) Khabarovsk - I call it "The Zippo". Nuff said. I do occasionaly feel a bit guilty when burning a full-health Yammy to the waterline without him beeing able to do anything against it. 3) Nicolas - my go-to ship when the MM is trolling me. It's amazing how much you can bully around in a T5 DD :-) Honorable mention: Bayern. Currently my go-to ship when I need confederate, high calibre, dreadnaught and/or fireproof flags. Worst ships: 1) Karl. No comments. 2) Kirov. Also no comments. 3) Mutsuki. Worse Minekaze one tier higher.
  6. Rank 10 is the watershed indeed. Up to rank 10 I won most, lost some, didn't loose one star. Rank 10 itself (now at 9) has cost me quite some more effort. The level of play is significantly higher, being matched to other players from rank 5 to rank 10. Gotta say that although it's quIte a lot harder to pull a win, it's a whole lot more fun to play at rank 10 when most people actually know what they are doing.
  7. New German Premium BB sighted!

    Looks like a great ship to play, and certainly one I've been waiting for. Any idea when it's gonna hit the shop?
  8. Score panel bonkers || Win=Defeat null?

    Played a couple of battles today, not having the results screen is annoying. The last battle however my team won, but in the results screen it said 'defeat'! Didn't loose a star, presumably top of my team but didn't gain one for the obvious win it was either. Quess I call it a day till this is fixed...
  9. Sims as B-tier while Mahan scores S....dunno about that. I can place a 16-point captain on the Sims. Pretty much the only thing the Mahan has over the Sims is better torpedos. On all the other stats Sims is better. And I doubth many Mahan-captains got 16 skillpoints. I know I'll be using Sims
  10. Well the MM didn't really play tricks with me today, but the potatos did... Funniest match I had tonight on Ocean...T6-T8 match, 6 or 7 Tirpitzes, 2 DD's on each side, me in the Sims grinding a new captain. At the start I headed for A and asked for support. No reaction at all from the team - usually not a good sign. Both teams proceeded to sail diagonally across the map, along the axis of the caps, shelling eachother. I capped A, I capped B and finally at C got across the enemy Mutsuki and Fubuki. Sank the Mutsuki and chased the Fubuki away and capped C. Match ended soon after, we won on (cap-)points, a grand total of four ships sunk during the match. Except for me and the enemy DD's nobody even tried to close in on the caps...well at least it was funny to watch :-)
  11. Share your Tirpitz noob stories

    While I like good stories about bad players, as far as I concerned for the ship one could just as well fit in another ship to name...seen quite enough horribly derping captains in regular tier boats floating around on T8-T10. But please continue...
  12. Interesting...what tier would that be? My quess would be (premium) T8.
  13. The MM is usually not completely nuts - if one side has all the DD's the other side has most of the cruisers, and usually also a DD or two. Have not seen any game where one side had 8 and the other side no DD's. In case of the OP his team had 6 cruisers and 2 DD's. (The Shima division does make it a bit uneven MM though, but that's another story) I remember one game where I played my Benson and the opposing side had 7 or 8 DD's. I stuck close to our cruisers (like 4k in front/to the side of the capital ships), spotting torps and enemy DD's. We made very short work of the enemy DD's. Admitted, you gotta have the luck of some (semi-) competent cruiser drivers on your side to pull this off.
  14. Amen to that. I've had games with 6 DD's on one side, 2 on the other. Seen them from both sides. My experience is that the side with the better captains wins. No matter the number of DD's on that side. Now 8 DD's is a bit much...I'd put my money on the side with more hitpoints though. Those differences in matchmaking make the game interesting. It does mean you have to adapt your playstyle from game to game though, and I quess that's where the pain comes from.
  15. How to play Benson & Fletcher

    I started questioning myself indeed...I quess my fairly agressive playstyle is just not what works on higher tier DD's, at least not when most of your team playes very carefull. I like encounter mode better than domination on high tiers for that matter: with domination the team with the least number of borderliners tends to win. In encounter mode you can play a bit more carefull/tactical with a DD.