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  1. Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    Please enlighten me how I can counter TX CV-play in a non-AA ship. As far as my experience goes, if a (good) TX-CV player wants you dead, you're dead. Nothing you can do about that. Problem with CVs in general and high tier CVs especially is IMHO not their damage potential but risk-free playstyle of CVs. If you don't sail a completely AA-specced ship there is no counter to a CV attack. You cannot outrun the planes ,you cannot hide behind islands. And it's impossible to deal with the source of the attack because it's hiding at the back of the map. Which makes the experience rather frustrating.
  2. Leaked CV Rework CO-OP Game Video

    The main problem I have with regard to CVs is that it’s an indirect fire class. It’s just not fun to play against a class of ships when the only counterplay available is to try dodge the bombs and torpedos. CV-play will still be pretty much risk-free. And with unlimited planes available late-game fights against a CV will not be fun at all I suspect...
  3. Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    Got the Aigle yesterday. Not a bad little ship, actually positively surprized after the negative reviews I read and saw on Youtube. To complete the GoF campaign I played 11 battles with Aigle, of which 10 wins. 2 Krakens and in general a very good K/D ratio. Quess I had a lucky streak :-) Still, with it’s speed and HP it’s quite a good DD hunter and as such you can have some influence on the game.
  4. Invisible ships

    @ op; it’s kinda the basic idea of the game... BB beats CA CA beats DD DD beats BB (CV beats em all) There’s a lot more to say about it ofcourse. The higher you get in the tiers, the more capable ships and the more gimmics they have to defeat other types of ships (radar and sonar to beat invisible ships/torpedo’s for example). A LOT also comes down to experience and knowledge. Example: at T5 quite a lot of BB-players still sail in straight lines. Makes em easy pray for DD torpedos. Take advantage of this forum and learn the tricks of this game to get better. Also the advise already given in this tread to try DD’s yourself is a sound one. It takes a thief to catch one... As for the distance between you and the enemy DD being 4.5k when you spotted the DD, I quess that’s quite possible seeing how the game works. Conceilment on a IJN DD like a Minekaze/Kamikaze is 5.4k. However it takes the game a few seconds to actually render a ship so you can see it. So if you are head-on to the DD and he races towards you, the game will register it as visible to you at 5.4k, however because it takes a little time to actually render the ship, the DD might only appear on your screen at 5k or less. Anyway. In the situation you where in during the game you describe, you were pretty much toast. Alone on a flank facing a DD, if the captain of the DD knows what he’s doing, you don’t stand a chance. He’ll sail circles around you throwing torps while remaining invisible. Or if he’s anything like me, he’ll make a suicide-run straight towards you and torp you at point-blanc range :-) It’s not impossible to beat a DD when sailing a BB in a situation like you faced, but it takes experience. Take it like a man. Live and learn.
  5. Pan Asian DD line. Your advice.

    I’m wondering which module people you people use on your Yueyang; torpedo tubes modification 3 for faster torp reload, or main battery modification 3 for faster gun reload? I’m currently using the former, pretty much a torp boat build. But with my Yueyang I probably kill more DD’s than any other type of ship. The main battery mod might actually be more efficient.
  6. PA - T9/10

    Chung Mu: 5 x 1, 18 rounds p/m Yueyang: 3 x 2, 20 rounds p/m plus the Yueyang has 2 x 2 front facing, which means you can go bow in and still have 4 barrels firing.
  7. PA - T9/10

    - Slightly faster torps with quite a bit more range - more health - a lot better firepower on the guns Especially the last one is important in my experience. Chances are that the first Red that’s gonna spot you is another DD. As you can’t use your torpedos against other DD’s the extra firepower on the guns makes quite a difference in a dogfight. Than again, if you avoid other DD’s as much as possible the Chung Mu might arguably be the better torp boat.
  8. Pan Asian DD line. Your advice.

    The T10 Yueyang is a worthy goal to grind for. Very strong DD imho. No need for TA though, with the stealth and speed of those torps you hit ships left right and centre. I liked the Gadja Mada but I didn’t have a click with the T8 and T9 DD’s of this line. I love my Fletcher but in a DD duel the Chung Mu gets outgunned by pretty much everything on T9 and T10. An agressive playstyle (like I do with Fletcher) is not good for survivability. The Yueyang with it’s low profile however is arguably a better gunboat than the Gearing is. Makes a gunduel a much better proposition. Current captain build: PM (I feel no need for PT on my DD’s. When I’m spotted I presume I’m fired upon) LS, AR SE, DE (TAE might be good as well. No need for SI with 5 smokes. DE to light things up after your torpedos put a hole in the target) CE, RPF (my first RPF captain. Gives that slight edge in a DD duel when your guns are already pointed where the red DD will appear. Makes capping a bit safer)
  9. 20 currently; Montana Des Moines Baltimore Gearing Fletcher Benson Zao Grosser Kürfurst Bismarck Hindenburg Z52 Z46 Moskwa Khabarovsk Udaloi Kiev Yueyang Minotaur Conquerer Saint Louis (moved to Henry for a few games than I decided I liked the SL better) Not in a hurry to promote the Shima and Yamato captains as I don’t play those ships much. Do have enough XP to make both 19-pointers though. Looking at this list I think I might spend too much time at this game...
  10. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle! 1.Roma if available, if not then the Lo Yang 2. T61 if available, otherwise DeGrasse 3. Dubloons Big thanks to the guys who made the donations!
  11. Tweede Slag van Dover Strait stage IV is stuck

    It's probably working just fine - it's a TX match so you most likely didn't fit the requirement for top 3 in damage done in this game.
  12. Clash of the Elements Event

    I own the Kamikaze allready from the previous event so no need to grind it out luckily The only module I consider worthwhile is the engine boost mod 1. Got it on my Khaba and would like one for my Udaloi. However when I check the giftpage for this specific mod it says "Special Upgrade Engine Boost Modification 1 increases the active time of the consumable by 50%. It is available on Tier VI–VIII destroyers with Engine Boost." Is this a WG typo or is this mod actually not usable on Tier IX and X ships??
  13. Russian Destroyer Nerf

    Gotta agree that the Khabarovsk was a bit OP in the right hands, this nerve however... 13km might not be that bad, but to do some competative damage you gotta stay within range, so you'll be quite a bit closer most of the time. The rapid fire has just become noticably less rapid with this nerf, and the ship is not all that manouvrable. Within 12km you're quite an easy target for every slightly skilled cruiser captain. Summarizing: it's harder to do good damage, and quite a bit harder to avoid good damage too. The Khabarovsk post-nerf might not be a bad ship, but it just has become very....Mediocre. Just another TX prize-ship that you don't take out too often because the running costs are higher than the fun-factor.
  14. Your top 3 ships and worst 3

    Pretty tough choice...I like a lot of ships actually. And it's also not a static list. But here you go: 1) Fletcher - just the best allround DD in the game. Capping, defending caps, stealth torping, it can do everything. 2) Khabarovsk - I call it "The Zippo". Nuff said. I do occasionaly feel a bit guilty when burning a full-health Yammy to the waterline without him beeing able to do anything against it. 3) Nicolas - my go-to ship when the MM is trolling me. It's amazing how much you can bully around in a T5 DD :-) Honorable mention: Bayern. Currently my go-to ship when I need confederate, high calibre, dreadnaught and/or fireproof flags. Worst ships: 1) Karl. No comments. 2) Kirov. Also no comments. 3) Mutsuki. Worse Minekaze one tier higher.