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  1. RaDDoXPL

    Bismarck secondary range nerf.

    Maybe you just run out of appropriate signal flags? Everything looks fine to me.
  2. RaDDoXPL

    Where's my "The Last Conquest - Bismarck" camouflage?

    Thanks for quick response
  3. Hi there, I recently completed the The Hunt for Bismarck Collection in preparation for my purchase of Bismarck, but now that I've finally purchased Bismarck I do not see the 2 camouflages offered as a reward for completing the said collection being available in my Bismarck's ship exterior/camouflages screen. So how do I actually receive my reward for completing the collection?
  4. RaDDoXPL

    Can someone explain this to me?

    I don't know. I thought you know something about this. The question did seem to imply that you have some knowledge of this.
  5. RaDDoXPL

    Can someone explain this to me?

    BTW I just broke my 10 matches long losing streak and, since somebody asked for it, here's the replay Even though it's a victory, it's still a razor-thin one so I guess it counts ? I welcome any kind of feedback other than "Your torpedo evasion sucks". Yea I know it and Queen Beth's rudder shift time definitely does not help. Regarding the "Scharnhorst Action": I just thought I would be able to turn my rear guns towards him faster than he could launch his torpedoes, but again... Beth's rudder shift time + Beth's turret turn rate definitely did not help. 20191120_201802_PBSB106-Queen-Elizabeth_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  6. RaDDoXPL

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Did have? Why was it removed then?
  7. RaDDoXPL

    Can someone explain this to me?

    I have another idea. How about we give the top 3 players from the losing team the same 1,5x base experience modifier that the winning team gets. I mean, it's clearly not their fault that their team lost so why should they be punished for it? This way I could just focus on improving my individual performance without giving a squat about the teams matchmaker decided to bless me with. I really could not care less about my stats. It's the XP I miss. I see people giving up on a match after just a couple of minutes into the game waaay to often . This way they would have an actual incentive to do their best even in a case of complete steamroll.
  8. RaDDoXPL

    Can someone explain this to me?

    OBVIOUSLY I don’t even demand that. Have you even read what I wrote? Apparently not. You just hear what you wanna hear. Oh, excuse me. It takes looong hours to rack up 41 battles. I don’t know how much time you spend on this game, but for me it is a significant time investment. I have 105 battles in Gneisenau and I’ve had this ship for years... So tell me, how many weeks, months, years do you expect me to play before it’s ok for me to start getting my average win rate on a ship ? I think people miss my point. I’m losing matches where I do well, I’m losing matches where I do average and I’m losing matches where I do poor. I did 117k dmg while uptiered to Tier 8 and being only Tier 6 battleships in game. I played the objective and did what my teammates requested me to do. I survived the match. I still lost. Thus, my performance is irrelevant. I don't know where did you get that idea, but MM does not care about the player stats at all.. Because the idea you are talking about is actually "rigging the game" The idea I’m talking about is good player retention strategy, good business and it is actually just making the game generally more enjoyable FOR EVERYBODY. Like mentioned above, my performance is irrelevant. I lose either way.
  9. RaDDoXPL

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Well, I thought the matchmaker prevents player from achieving WR that is too low... (In the sense that it will actually seek to put you on the side with a higher chance of winning, if you're below certain WR) Again, I would achieve similar if not higher WR on other ships even if I would stay inactive during the matches. Others did those kinds of tests before me... I win matches with AFK players on my team on a regular basis, let alone with under performing ones... (Just to be clear. I don't wanna sound pretentious. I'm aware that I'm an average player at best, but this does not stop me from frequently encountering players that are below average...) So what's stopping my teammates from winning even in a situation where I'd be AFK, let alone in a situation where I'm actively trying to at least pull my own weight and deliver an amount of damage that is considered satisfactory? In at least 4 of those 10 matches I was in the top 3 and my best match in this ship with 117k dmg was also a loss.... Yep, like Graf Spee that WG gave me an opportunity to try out and I played a single match with. Or Budyonny that I've just bought and played only a couple of matches with WR is irrelevant below certain number of matches. Mentioned it already. BTW. Should've mentioned that I'm no fan of Gneisenau either.
  10. Can someone explain this to me? How is this even mathematically possible ??? I swear to god, I would get better WR in other ships by just being AFK and not doing sh*t. I hate this ship passionately for its guns and their dispersion, reload time and turn rate, but come on now! WR like this should not occur even in the worst ship in the game. I'm currently on a 10 matches long losing streak... How does this game's matchmaking even work ??? Just as a point of reference, this is how a normal summary card should look like
  11. How do you guys play Gneisenau effectively? And by that I mean consistently get around 100k dmg per battle 1.) I'm terrible in this ship no matter what I try to do. Gneisenau's main battery is just frustrating beyond measure at long range and it does not deal damage reliably. So whenever I exchange fire with a cruiser I get HE spammed into oblivion. And no, RNG does not bless me with some random citadel hits. 2.) Whenever I try to get close and brawl I get torpedoed into oblivion by both DDs and cruisers. Even without getting torpedoed I'm always getting scrapped by enemy team focusing their fire on me because, of course, the rest of my team stays behind because, unlike me, they can deal damage from behind. And of course, you can't brawl with cruisers, because they can just outrun you (see point 1.)) So how do YOU guys avoid these things when brawling with your Gneisenaus ?