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  1. B21Raider

    TST is a drama.

    My test came to pretty much the same conclusions, certainly a switch to get back to the carrier then back to the current squadron is a must. The only way you could do it in the test is pressing F which is supposed to put the squadron (all 3 types) into patrol mode attacking nearby enemy planes, similar to how ship based fighters. behave now. However in the test version, although you get back to the carrier, the patrolling squadron makes its way back immediately and doesn't loiter. I'm assuming that's going to be fixed in future builds. I like the HP restore consumable, it gives a bit more durability. The AA I think does need a rebalance, when I was in a cruiser, I saw all the torp bombers heading towards me but I was pretty certain once I selected Defensive AA Fire they would all be toast and they were. The feeling of danger just wasn't there. When I tried attacking a Yamato with torp bombers , I know only to expect perhaps a few to survive and maybe at least 1 or 2 wil get through but with the level of AA fire and plane HP it's futile. I can understand the intention to make it easy to jump in for people who have never tried carriers, but in its current state it's just a bit too arcade. Even adding simple stuff would make a difference like adjusting cruise altitude to High, Medium and Low/terrain following might add a bit of tactical thinking. High means faster but spotting and detection range is further, then Medium and Low would mean more stealth but slower and reduced spotting range. Another thing I missed was multi squadron control. Currently in the test it's not possible to set up attacks using more than 1 squadron at a time as each has to be handled manually. I miss not being able to direct squadrons to targets. I guess WG see it as a trade off to make it less point and click, but I feel a hybrid would be more fun as you can have the best of both worlds.
  2. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but a search came up with nothing. For several months now I've noticed a bug that shows an incorrect distance km marker to aircraft in the main 2D map. So for example a squadron is 18.5 km away in the normal 3D view, as soon as you switch to the main 2D map the same squadron is in it's correct position but the marker shows 9.2 km. The 2D map distance markers are always showing a significant difference in km than the actual distance in the 3D view. The map is rendered in less than a second so it's not a timing issue. Ships are also affected. Anyone else seen this? I've submitted a ticket.
  3. B21Raider

    Mines !?

    Now that minefields will be in in Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk), how do you feel about them being in perhaps a few of the standard maps? Or maybe in new maps? And what about certain ships being able to drop a limited number of them, with a choice of contact or magnetic (proximity) and variations in damage points? The ones in the mission can't be blown up by gunfire, would it be the same in standard maps or not? Or is the whole idea of mines just stupid? I'm not sure myself, that's why I'm asking!
  4. B21Raider

    Absent players - a solution

    By genuine disconnect I mean because of the server/game and intentional as opposed to someone just sitting there or AFK. Either way, there would be a 60 second countdown that would start within a minute or 2. So in other words, if players have gone MIA then after 3 mins max of game time there would be a restart, replacing the MIAs however that happened.
  5. B21Raider

    Absent players - a solution

    I'm no expert on this but there must be a way WG can get the game servers to distinguish between a genuine disconnect (either on the server side or the player side) or a player just sitting there scratching his ***** or AFK. If it's the latter then perhaps say after 90-120 seconds from the start, if there is no input then a 60 second countdown to kick can be enabled and the player gets a warning and some penalty in credits/XP/gold. If the AFK player responds within that time then everything carries on as normal. The main problem with this is the team containing the kicked AFK player is unfairly penalised. One way I can think of to fix this would be a 60 second countdown at the same time for everyone else that would restart the game with a new player added. The game restart with a countdown would also apply if the server has verified a genuine disconnect. Not a perfect solution I know but a least it would reduce some of the frustration and I would be surprised if WG said there were technical reasons why it can't be done
  6. B21Raider

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    Yes same here unfortunately. I checked WOT, WOWP , ED & WT in case it was my connection but all were smooth. The micro stutters on my set up since 0.53 are annoying more than unplayable. WG please tell us you are prioritising and releasing a fix asap!
  7. B21Raider

    can't ping Minimap - Glitch? need help

    I have had exactly the same problem since last July. In every ship type I can select incoming aircraft (to concentrate AA fire) and secondaries with ctrl pressed but however carefully I click on the minimap it just does not work. It did temporarily after 1 particular early patch but then stopped again when the next patch arrived. I put in a ticket but nothing seems to have been fixed. So far I've just learned to live with it and use the chat screen to highlight map areas as needed.
  8. B21Raider

    I'd like to see "Station Keeping" made an option

    I think it would be a useful option, enabling complete concentration on hitting the enemy. I'm not saying it's always the best thing to do but the same can be said for the option to autopilot. Lemming trains can be avoided by making the maximum "chain" say 3 ships long. As soon as you manually steer or change speed it would disengage, so yes, handy if you want it and you take the consequences of your actions, just like everything else!
  9. B21Raider

    Fed up of noobs and Afkers

    I play mostly Cruisers and BBs, sometimes CV and I try and do the right thing (still a lot to learn!) depending on what I'm sailing . I was in a situation where we were a group of 4 in Tier 5 & 6 BBs and had already sunk an enemy BB & cruiser. Unhappily for us a couple of DDs had made their way over undetected and it was like watching 4 elephants running in all directions from a mouse lol. I pleaded for some air cover to spot and a DD or cruiser to help us out but the rest of the team must have been playing blindfolded with earplugs in. Anyway you guessed it, no support was forthcoming, 3 out of 4 BBs were sunk. I just survived by keeping my aft pointing in the general direction of the torps ,shooting at the fleeting glimpses. It's also known as running like hell . If only Admiral Goktsu could have directed the rest of you in that situation lol, I'm sure as team we'd be pretty formidable! You guys have talked a lot of sense so thanks for restoring my faith in knowing there are some quality players out there!
  10. B21Raider

    Fed up of noobs and Afkers

    Yes I've see everything Goktsu mentioned. Apologies if this has been discussed before but I wonder if a facility could be added to become a volunteer "Admiral" at the start. I play Mechwarrior Online where you can do just that, either your "Lance" (group of 4, a "Division") or the entire team (Fleet). By the looks of things gbgroger you would be pretty good at barking orders to the rest of us! Would this perhaps avoid some of the noob antics mentioned? Although it would be nice to give the "Admiral" some sort of compensation for his trouble, such as extra XP, or some kind of "control" over the rest of us, (so we have to follow orders?) I guess this would be open to abuse. Anyway I've been in many battles where our team (and the opposing one) were crying out for some sort of leadership, someone with a strategic brain, which usually is not me lol. It's probably why Admirals were invented!
  11. B21Raider

    Game ballancing

    No one said this is a simulator and no one expects it to be. To get back to the topic, is anyone willing to discuss the possibility there is a genuine gameplay problem with visibility that many players are concerned about that perhaps needs some attention? These concerned players understand this abstract game mechanism intended by the developers, but is it so wrong to question if its implementation is satisfactory or not?
  12. B21Raider

    Game ballancing

    Here's an abstract rule: 20th Century cloaking devices for warships-brilliant!
  13. B21Raider

    Game ballancing

    I have a simple request to any Beta Tester who is in denial about this problem. Next time you are on a real ship or boat sailing on the real ocean, excluding fog, how many ships do you think you'll see suddenly appearing and becoming invisible again? I've sailed on various ships but I don't recall seeing that phenomenon!
  14. B21Raider

    Game ballancing

    "The stealthiest destroyer has 5.6 km detection range. If he fires, add 4 km to that." That's fine in theory, unfortunately in reality I've seen DDs fire torps from 3KM then immediately cloak again. I've done the same thing myself, I got to within 4km of a Battleship and still wasn't seen after firing my torps. Also there are many matches with no Carriers and any other aircraft such as lone fighters or spotters do nothing to detect DDs. Unless WG do something to fix this problem I can only see it getting even worse when the Russian destroyers come in. Meanwhile I'll keep enjoying this great game whatever happens!
  15. B21Raider

    Game ballancing

    I was in a MM where we had 5 DDs to their 1 (the other 4 were cruisers). Let's be honest here, it was all over before a shot was fired, Both sides knew our 5 destroyers with cloaking devices installed from Klingon Birds Of Prey that happened to be in the neighbourhood would be in command with the rest of us mopping up the debris. I see this time and time again. This is a fantastic game IMHO , but surely there has to be a better way to simulate ship visibility for all classes? I made a suggestion a while ago to the Devs that instead of popping in and out of view like magic, all ships would fade in an out within a certain range depending on the ship class, size, camo and weather etc. The ship would begin to fade then reach zero when it reached a certain point and vice versa. So in the case of destroyers, at least chasing ghosts where you have some sort of clue would be better than what may as well at the moment be the subs WG swore would never be used.