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  1. Lost1nSpace

    Update 0.6.10 - General Feedback

    is this something we have to do when we have finally updated? or is this what you guys are working on fixing?
  2. Lost1nSpace

    Nelson or Hood

    any ide of the doubloon price?
  3. Lost1nSpace

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    König Albert was added to the ingame tree a couple of weeks ago, so surely it cant be her?
  4. Lost1nSpace

    Nelson or Hood

    I would like to know aswell, i really want the Hood and missed her back in May :( but i guess there is almost no chance that i will come back now to the shop..
  5. Lost1nSpace

    where is gallant?

    Damn, cant afford her now.. guess i have to wait then :(
  6. Lost1nSpace

    HMS Hood Premium Shop?

    Is it possible she will be available during the Summer Sales Special? saw someone on reddit talking about that she is very likely to be available then.
  7. Lost1nSpace

    HMS Hood Premium Shop?

    Sadly when Hood was released in may i could not afford her due to IRL problems I was really keen on getting her so i wonder if anyone might know when she returns in the shop?
  8. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    Yes i just need to practice more with Tirpitz then, love the looks of the german bb's (Bismarck class and Scharnhorst class) and crusiers(Hipper and Prinz)
  9. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    Thank you sir! hoooly 1800 games in coop mate how could you cope with the repair cost? Well my suggestion for Scharny is go get close to the enemy, be brave enough to get within close distance for you secondarys and your torps, and the main guns best performance is in close combat, be ready to loose you ship some times ofc, but its the way i have done this far, and it work really good. But if you are out tiered, then be more careful, cause tier 8 and above you really dont want to get close of brawling cause you get blown out of the water And i hope we meet aswell, on the same team that is if you are on the enemy dont get close to me with a destroyer tho
  10. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    Same thing here mate, started a new captain(3 point, had some dubloons aswell) and now my captain is at 12 points
  11. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    Feeding on the tier 5's is the best haha, but yeah the tier 10 games are not funny.. bbs camping all the time. I always play aggressive in Scharn but in the tirpitz thats is alot harder due to the higher tier players.
  12. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    This is probably why i enjoy Scharny so mutch then
  13. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    Haha yeah its probably the reason, when facing tier 8-9 with the Scharn... well... its not so funny anymore
  14. Lost1nSpace

    Scharnhorst & Tirpitz

    Hello fellow captains! I bought Scharnhorst last thursday(release day) and i think this picture will explain what i feel about her.. This ship... this ship is my favourite so far(both in real life and ingame), it really did change my way of playing Battleships. And my stats have improved(compared to all other ships i played). My enjoyment of the game raised 10x. (stats so far) i'm quite satisfied so far And now comes my problem with, well not the Shinyhorse, but the Tirpitz.. I bought her well 1 year ago was when she got released the first time(29th aug 2015) and i dont have the same enjoyment with tirpitz as i have with the Shiny tho, and yes i play brawling, no sniping camper here Any tips from you guys and girls here on the forum? would be nice to know any way to well play the ship and get better with it. And what i might be doing wrong, and yes i am quite aware of the problem that she is outgunned on tier 8 (and almost all playing on the tier just snip camps on the edge of the map). Thats the great thing about Scharnhorst that the MM makes it almost always top tier. Thanks for any advice and help!
  15. Lost1nSpace

    First Scharnhorst impressions

    Scharnhorst Stronk