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  1. ilkhani

    Looking for a Casual UK based clan

    Hi, you can join ours, Valkyrie. It is a casual team, we don't have schedules, but most of us are on every night and we can run TB with minimum 4 online.
  2. We could definitely use a good CV player, but this is a casual team, so it is more about fun than reaching top. If that is alright with you, then I can forward your username to our clan leader for invite.
  3. Still got spots left yes, will forward your username to team leader. He will send you an invite.
  4. paulthesarge, perkunas8381 and michael_da_killer, invites are being sent tonight, welcome aboard. EDIT: paulthesarge, our clan leader couldnt locate your username ingame. Have you changed it recently?
  5. Alright, sorry for the late reply to those who wrote. I have invited everyone in the thread who wanted to join. Uhm, I am not sure, but as soon as you leave, it transfers leadership to someone else, in this case the last member of the team. You may be able to ask that member to invite you back, but if that is not possible, then the team probably has to be disbanded and recreated.
  6. Plenty left, bring your ships commander and friends.
  7. Sounds great t3h3th32. Will send you an invite ingame and yes this is purely casual, we try to be on each night around the Team Battle hours, but it is very casual and just good fun. skrotnesse, alright sounds good, sending you ingame invite. Welcome aboard gentlemen.
  8. Yay, sent you ingame invite, bring your ships commander.
  9. EDIT: No more spots left, thanks to those who applied.