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  1. TruePhoenix

    Dead Eye

    I put DE on my BB's and played various BB's in random matches yesterday. My style pre update was to keep some distance until the dispersion of our and the enemy team became apparent and then position, depending on the BB capabilities, to create crossfire (a lot of players don't get this, judging by the chat). So post update I basically did the same. Improved accuracy is apparent when the DE is active, no doubt about it, however it didn't force a change of playstyle for me. TBH the most affected seemed to be cruisers who like to sail broadside. Pre update they got hammered, now they get deleted. Played: Pommern - Better accuracy yes, I don't play it as a sec build anyway. Massa - yep Georgia - oh yes x 2 Strassborg - Yes and in T7 it can push nicely negating enemy BB DE x 2 Yamato - Yes, oh yes. Thunderer - Yes Vermont - Kinda, wasn't the best of games but it should make it better Cruiser - Alaska - tried the usual, it was ok but we didn't play well and it got focused. I need to try some cruiser action today. Overall 10 games, 8 wins, 2 losses
  2. no spend from me. I've just reallocated captains to silver vessels (Premium to premium switches are not an issue) to ensure all will have a captain, 12 battles required to start training. Not as bad as i thought out of 79 ships.
  3. TruePhoenix

    Cancer Divisions

    git gu...oh wait.
  4. I finally managed to rid the high seas of that scourge Jack Sparrow and his ship, with the help of the Kraken.....
  5. TruePhoenix

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got a Vermont today. 70% win rate, its a goddamned cit/kill machine. I'll be back tomorrow with a tale of woe as the % drops to 46%.........
  6. TruePhoenix

    Need recommendation for 2 Tr7-8 premium ships .

    T8 - I have owned the Massa and Lenin for years. Massa is great fun but as a hybrid tank/sec build, sec main build is no longer really viable. Lenin is a superior soviet comrade (with banner) upgrade of the JB (ok, I jest). It is very strong if played nose in / slightly angled, don't give broadside.
  7. TruePhoenix

    Hypothesis about the Makarov / Satan Crates shitstorm

    And what would you sell the dollars for? All fiat money is just a promissory note, its only value being the trust it has invested in it by the people who hold dollars. In and of itself, a dollar has no intrinsic worth, its been many, many decades since fiat currencies were backed by gold. So the worth of the dollar is simply what you can exchange it for, be it goods, services or if you so wish doubloons. Are those doubloons worth less than the dollars spent once exchanged? Only if you attempted to use them outside of the game. It is how all fixed exchange economies work, further its how all "premium currencies" work in games too. In essence the profit made by accumulating goods (flags, cammos and ships) and doubloons over and above the amount of original doubloons spent is a profit within the WG economy. Now, whether you think its wise to exchange dollars for doubloons to enable the exchange is a different matter entirely, regardless of the outcome. You are also forgetting that some may actually invest a large amount of dollars in the game by buying doubloons at a strictly dictated fixed exchange rate. If the same amount of dollars can be used via the santa crate method that gives you more than the fixed dollar/doubloon exchange rate, that is a profit, realising real gains, on the dollars spent. Therefore your counterpoint is wrong, ichasegaming has proved that a realised profit for a set dollar sum can be made, versus the traditional purchasing method.
  8. TruePhoenix

    Hypothesis about the Makarov / Satan Crates shitstorm

    So WG isn't scamming afterall? The experiment in the vid below shows that you can genuinely profit from the event.... I wonder if certain CC's will now "amend" their views on this?
  9. TruePhoenix

    Hypothesis about the Makarov / Satan Crates shitstorm

    There is some truth in what the OP has written. Its been very noticeable over the past few months that some major streamers have been (after building careers upon the back of) scathing of WoWs. Some are opening talking about cutting or reducing WoWs content and moving to other games, so a "false flag" event, such as a scam alert would help their own agenda. I really don't care what motive they have or why its suddenly become a big thing (the whole santa box thing has always worked this way) and if some wish to use it as a lever to take their audience elsewhere, so be it, its just a stream after all. It's just a shame said vloggers are using the same underhand techniques that they are accusing WG of using. I'm no fan of WG or their business model but if I find it too offensive, I'll just walk away quietly, no one would be interested in why I walked. Unless of course I need an audience....
  10. TruePhoenix

    New Ships in Armory (0.9.11)

    I have a Lazo, got it in a crate during the Soviet navy collection some time ago. Pro's - Fast, slender and pretty. It can dodge pretty well too. Has a gimmick spotter plane that only has a 10 sec cool down. You can play as a HE spammer from distance (really good range on guns). You can hunt lower or same tier DD's. Good for training captains. Con's - Its no good when up-tiered unless its played as a long range spammer, it will get smashed by any T6 or above BB or any heavy cruiser if they hit it. I really liked it when I got it but its no match for the "battle cruisers", even at range. A bit power crept. I still take it out occasionally just cos it looks so good with the perm cammo.
  11. TruePhoenix


    HH4P4B1RTHD4YN4VY111 worked for me at 00:10 14/11
  12. TruePhoenix

    Prime twitch reward november

    got it, 20 lurkers plus black box. Did the mission and..... Black box was....also 20 lurker camo's.
  13. TruePhoenix

    Worst patch since CV rework?

    The only metric will be the level of income to WG. If they introduce changes and income falls, they will "undo" the change. If income remains stable or increases then expect surface to surface missiles next, then mag mines and finally tactical nukes.
  14. TruePhoenix

    Whats with Riga AP

    What?? Have you even played Riga? Its a very, very good ship.