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  1. Moulie

    Absurd Torpedo Bombers.

    I have been mentioning the manic, mosquito like, buzzing around of TBDs, at silly heights, since the start of the CBT. Turning into the oncoming planes is more luck than judgement when a competent CV player is doing a manual drop. Considering all the ships are something like 250% of their actual sizes then the torp dropping distance, from a manual drop, seems to be under a ships length at times. With a required straight and low flight prior to a drop it would be more player skill vs player skill rather than layer skill vs 'player judging if the buzzing pack at high altitude is changing direction or doing an impossible drop of air launched torps'.
  2. I gave up on WoT about 6 weeks ago, funnily enough just about the time summer holidays kicked in because the teams I was put into seemed to be as big a threat as the enemy. Played quite a bit of coop in WoWs and have been stunned by the stupidity of some of the actual players. Tried a late night game the other night, we had two bots on our side because of lack of players. The exp went me, bot, bott, other 'humans'....A friend twisted my arm to try a normal PvP today in a platoon of three. Two of us covered/took cap A while the third sailed over to our side. We two held off three enemies waiting fir the third so we could attack and then I looked at the score....96:700 due to several of our BBs contriving to all die, together, on some remote part of the map. Before we could even get in range of enemies to try and kill, to bring back the score, we lost enough ships to lose by points....the will to play any WG game for the foreseeable future dues as fast as that team.
  3. Moulie

    Congratz torpedo-whiners, you win

    If the circle of no return appeared on the ocean by the attacked ship I might agree, but all you see as an attacked player is chaotic buzzing pack of dots that never change altitude or indicate in any way torps gave been dropped. At least dive bombers do what they say on the tin!
  4. Moulie

    Congratz torpedo-whiners, you win

    Ship launched torps are fine. If a DD gets you with them it's good play by them or bad (aka straight line driving) by the person hit. If cruiser torps get you then it's the same as above. I do think that plane dropped torps are seriously silly though. The planes just buzz round like a pack of drunk Mosquitos on acid and eventually torps appear 50 yards away. Just make the planes have to fly 'low' and straight for a proper drop as per actual drops, then at least you can get an idea of when they are dropped. Seriously, if a DD or CA has to get side on and telegraph a launching position then the planes should have a similar mechanic. Keep everything else the same just fix the bloody planes!
  5. Moulie

    Cruiser > Destroyer > Carrier > Battleship

    I don't, and never will, play carriers but I do think you ranked battleships waaaaay too high ;p
  6. Moulie


    Had some crackers tonight. Us: 3xt5, 8xt4, 3xt3 and t2. Them : 6xt5, 7xt4, 2xt3. Surprisingly we actually won by a long way, then there has been a load of carrier one side and not the other or no DD teams vs 3 or 4 of them etc. etc. The MM us drunk, roll on 4.1!
  7. Ok, the challenge for you is this, pick a game or two and try it: 1. Divide the damage done with each type of ammo by the number of hits from that ammo type. 2. Divide the answer by the max damage for that ammo type. 3. multiply by 100. This, obviously, being the % of max damage achieved by that ammo type. Also, obviously, this could only be done by citadel pens every time. What values do you get? What do you get on a good game and a poor one? I have been doing this for a wee while and also with any Twich streamers I watch on WoWs (mainly Sidestrafe for his BB play, not tried Circon yet with ships). The range I have got so far is from 6-23% taking into account friends with good games etc. I was moaning about a whopping 17% in a game where a friend had a storming game in his Kongo, we checked his figures...22.7% I am just interested in what sort of figures others are getting.
  8. Moulie

    so, the BB's

    HE is a huge issue at the moment, so Dominico must be playong a different game. I play a lot of cruisers and i swap to HE as soon as i see a BB because i know i will have him lit up like a bonfire within 2 salvos, possibly the first. Then I keep him burning and play the odds, not expecting a big knock out blow as he can't hit for toffee thanks to RNG. Heck, i might even close to torp range in American CA's for the fun of it.
  9. Moulie

    so, the BB's

    I just wish that BB's were not hit with the RNG bat twice per salvo. Once to see if you do nothing but wash the outside of the enemy with 30 million gallons of water or just possibly hit them. THEN for the damage roll. I gave up on BB's after a game in my Myogi where I had a potential 380,000 damage from the shells that landed x max damage. I did 17% of that....just seventeen bloody percent!
  10. Moulie

    The Atlanta, any tips on how to play this ship.

    Just like Akula said, use islands, never ever get into combat in the open sea as you just end up playing 'how many turrets can the enemy over pen and blow up', spam HE most of the time as AP will zing off from a 5" gun and be cautious. Don't rush in, let the enemy see others before they see you then shoot and scoot. At max range you can have 2 full volleys in the air at the same time, almost 3.
  11. Moulie

    Buy Atago or Atlanta

    I did get both of them and tried them out in co op today (never like to inflict me+mew ship on a random in pvp) and the Atago is good, if a tad slow firing. The Atlanta has the CTB Cleveland problems of turret explosions. By the end of the game i only had 2 working turrets left!
  12. Moulie

    Poor Albany

    I like the way she looks, but I will never take her out to battle! Part of the collection behind the door "don' use". Still, thanks WG, freebies are always welcome.
  13. Moulie

    BB - CA balance is a joke!

    Its not just the missing at point blank ranges in a BB that's the issue. I took my Myogi out the other day and, by my calculations, did only 18% of the potential damage from all the hits I landed. The crazy RNG to hit makes life bad enough for slow firing ships but even when you DO land shots you are once again screwed over by ANOTHER RNG for damage done. It makes BBs the most frustrating class in WoWs by a country mile!
  14. Moulie

    Buy Atago or Atlanta

    I have been doing a bit of co-op today, to grind an easy bit of exp/credits while upgrading a couple of ships (also to avoid taking stock stuff out in proper battles....thinking of my sanity and my team!). Not seen too many Atlantas, but those we saw were very, very squishy. AP from my Cleveland wrecked them. The Atagos on the other hand. Blimey, they are tough! Fast, nimble, hard hitting, torps, good armour compared to the Atlanta...firing AP from the Cleveland was virtually pointless. I don't own either of them, but I would much prefer to face off against the Atlanta than the Atago...
  15. Only started today, post patch, but i am getting an odd issue. After hitting the battle button (random and co-op) I get a 20-30 second wait time, with the anchor with the blue swirl round it, then get dropped back to the log-in screen. After logging back in I go straight into the battle maybe 15-20 secs into the 20 mins (the only odd thing after this occurs is my scout planes don't have any sounds associated with them the first time i launch them). WoWs has been fine up until today's patch and bar the scout plane thing after the issue, nothing else seems broken. Anyone else having this or am I the lucky one? I have noticed it's when I instantly seem to get into a game and the 'waiting timer' is still going as the 'anchor/wreath/loading' thing is also animated in the overlay....