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  1. Hey, i am looking to join a english speaking clan. Would prefer to join a clan with an active player base and friendly members who don't mind having a good bit of banter and fun. Having teamspeak is a must, as communication between division participants is crucial in my opinion. I look forward to reading your replies and potentially joining your clan.
  2. BL00DHOUND187

    "Special" people playing today

    i can understand your point completely in regards to this. Its good to see that it was all just a spur of the moment sort of thing. Like i say to the people i play with some of who get seriously angry at the game 'What happens in the lobby, stays in the lobby'. Anyway those messages you sent in the game were quite amusing all the same
  3. BL00DHOUND187

    "Special" people playing today

    Well i didnt see that coming reading through these posts... Question though : Did you ever post about it on the forums after that game and send the replay to wargaming?
  4. BL00DHOUND187

    Is the Kutuzov completely OP?

    The majority of my games ended up in tier 9 or 10 games than at my own tier. This cruiser has a few short falls 'I Find' which are sometimes not statistically there to make up for good points: -Large size makes you a big target for BB's -Guns feel pitiful if you used at max range -Scare factor can make enemies prioritise you. At the end of the day its a completely situational ship as are most of the ships in this game. Honestly though i would not go as far as to say that its OP.
  5. BL00DHOUND187

    Hints in the background...

    enemy would probably get behind an island before you finished charging anyway.
  6. BL00DHOUND187

    Hints in the background...

    but.... But.... Supergravity cannon?
  7. BL00DHOUND187

    Hints in the background...

    Dont forget the supergravity cannons and mirror rings.​
  8. Strangers123 had a video on his youtube channel about how to use RN Cruisers smoke effectively. Might be worth a watch if anyone is curious about this still.
  9. When your friend come's back to play after a year away from the game and opens the container and ends up with a warspite, only to find my container came with 10 ocean soul.
  10. BL00DHOUND187

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    ID: BL00DHOUND187 Ship/s : Graf Spee (If Released) Arizona or Dunkerque Very Generous and thoughtful of you to run something like this for the community. Thank you
  11. BL00DHOUND187

    enough with the cyclones. they suck.

    i think cyclone's add that bit of spice to gameplay and i am glad they have been adding it onto more and more maps. Usually most games end up with a handful of ships staying at the back, with the cyclone it forces you to play more aggressively and work with your team.
  12. BL00DHOUND187

    The game needs Tier 3 carriers/seaplane tenders

    I think that this is a good and bad thing at the same time. I Think its good in the sense that getting carriers earlier would help new players to use carriers BUT near enough everything at tier 3 has only a guy on a single machine gun. I Wouldn't even think of a way of balancing it without making the tier 3 ships AA OP or the planes weak enough so that the tier 3 ships have a fighting chance to defend themselves. i think in terms of helping new players in each branch of ship they need to provide tutorials in both a video format and then allowing the player to have a go themselves. So if a new person steps in to play a tier 4 carrier at least he/she should have basic knowledge of how it should play. I guess the rest would come down too hands on experience in a live game. Anyway this is just my opinion. I think most of the idea's would be good.
  13. BL00DHOUND187

    [0.5.9] Secret Ninja Nerf Of All Tier 5s & 6s?!

    I think this is a good change. Should help ease new players into the game without sticking them in games with a few tier 3's and 4's and a load of tier 5's. I Know my friend who is new to the game will find this a very welcome change.
  14. BL00DHOUND187

    Cv balance suggestion

    I like the idea of a scout plane addition to a carriers line-up and agree it should be 1 plane squad only. The idea of it being able to drop a smoke screen as well would be rather cool and would give carrier players more options to assist there team as well as hide themselves if they were under siege from the enemy carrier or a sneaky DD. I think it would also be an interesting idea would be if they incorporated Mixed squadrons, So some torpedo and dive bomber squads consisting of 1 or 2 fighter craft as well. i think this would be a much better way of fighters dealing damage to ships and i agree with the AP bombs on the dive bombers as well.
  15. BL00DHOUND187

    [0.5.9] 2 Bases Already Capped, Before Match Starts

    Agreed, This was a much welcome change they made by having those points pre-capped. Should now give DD's more incentive to go to the important neutral caps earlier than lagging behind and being the last one's on the flanks assisting the team.