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  1. Fehler und Probleme mit 0.7.6

    Hatte gestern ein Spiel mit einer Haida ( neues Schiff ) im Gegnerteam. Jedes Mal wenn es in meinem Sichtefeld aufpoppte fror mein Sichtfeld ein. Kamera konnte nicht mehr bewegt werden, aber alles andere war noch machbar ( sofern man es denn sehen konnte ). Steuerung, schießen, all so was. Nur eben die Kamera blieb stramm an der Stelle fest. Einzige Möglichkeit, welche ich gefunden habe war zurück zu Win, dann mit Taskmanager über den Reiter Details WoWs Prozessstruktur Beenden. Da ich das bisher noch bei keinem anderen Schiff als der Haida hatte frage ich mich ob meine Dateien korrupt sein können oder ob da was an der Haida insgesamt fehlerhaft ist.
  2. 3k base xp

    Any game with those XP numbers are always like this: You were complimented 1x You were reported 9x Drop of water on the Suns crust >.<
  3. It stands for Girls & Panzer. Since it`s debut it is been praised and became quite sought after. It is an Manga/Anime about Schoolgirls driving WW2 ( mostly ) Tanks as competitive Sport ( Like Highschool Football in the US ). WoT made a big Co-Op with the Producer incl. various Voiceovers of famous Characters and gotten a decent boost out of it.
  4. I quote from your earlier Post: "...as most don't even know those manga or, if they do, only are interested in the hentai pictures that can be found on the interwebz." You insinuate that every person who knows manga is only in it for the porn ( Hentai ). You directly prejudice those people. You disrespect their interest in it without asking. You totally disregard the broadness of Manga. Those are facts. What you posted is as i aforementioned that. Disrespectul, disregarding, discriminating, hateful. If you are unable to see the correlation between what i responded and what you wrote, there is none. Same crap different camouflage. Saying you dislike it, your opinion, is fine, doing the above isn`t. And now have fun on my ignore list.
  5. My my, aren`t we a weeeeeee bit prejudice? Better check that locker room of yours if all Boxes are still alive and kicking. May i ask if you also call all black people N_iggas or germans N_azi because, well you know, they are from Germany so they have to be...? If you have no [edited]clue what the [edited]you talk about, better inform your sorry [edited]first than to throw insults and blind accusations around mate. Back to Topic: 1. Because KC is too big to be bullied by WG into somerthing :) 2. Because AL isn`t yet and might actually think they could get a decent boost out of it. ( just like many people started out WoT after G&P entered the Co-Op ). 3. Nothing sadly, because in KC you don`t actually play ships but Girls, unlike ARP or HSF where you still had the ships commanded by characters. So to transform that over would you then play not a Bismarck ship but the Girl? How about the Hitzones? too many problems i`m afraid :/ POI
  6. the "carry harder!" thread

    Sometimes you lose. Sometimes the others win. And some times are just fubar. This game just [edited]hates me.
  7. Awesome changes to Shimakaze and Prinz Eugen

    No, i disagree on this. It does not reward aggressive play, but imho actually the opposite. What you will see is lots of dead Shima who got caught with their pants down. Good players may get rewarded, all others, the normal and not so good ones will just die. Only difference they die now 5,5km ( or 5,75km if the other number is correct, i do not twitter or facecrap so newest numbers elude me from there ) away from the enemy than 6,0km because they played aggressive. Shigata ga nai.
  8. Awesome changes to Shimakaze and Prinz Eugen

    Yeah looked the wrong line. I stand corrected on that, but i still stand by my thought that Torp Detection would benefit the Shima more.
  9. Awesome changes to Shimakaze and Prinz Eugen

    What does it matter how much range or Speed they have when you spot them 16 seconds before impact? Gives most BBs enough time to avoid all or only take 1 max. That`s why some would have prefered the lower Detection of the Torps. Outside of the DWT, the Torps of Gearing show up less than 10 secs before impact with still some 66kts speed and 16,5km range, mind you that`s only 1knt slower than the stock 12km Torps of the Shima. But with only 2/3rd of the reaction time. Personally i would have takent he detection range of Torps above the Ships Detection too. I got far bigger problems with ships avoiding them thanks to detecting them early than being detected by enemy DDs myself. Shigata ga nai
  10. Thea sprachlos?

    `Nuff said ^.^
  11. German saying: Traue keiner Statistik, die du nicht selbst gefälscht hast. Do not trust any statistic, that you didn`t cheated/changed/"mingled" ( good chance there is a better fitting word that i can`t think off ) yourself.
  12. Es gibt wirklich CV spieler, dioe den Skill nehmen? Echt jetzt? Wenn er 5-10 Minuten dauer brennt, ist da Spiel durch. Dank Gegnerischem CV, sofern der nicht völlig sch____ ist.
  13. Dir und all den anderen ist aber schon klar, daß die Izumo mit HE geschoßen hat oder? Er war am brennen, konnte also seine Flugzeuge eh nicht starten. Nun hat er 2 Möglichkeiten: 1. Er löscht, und wird dann ( wahrscheinlich ) von der Izu gleich danach wieder in Brand geschossen. Das heißt er ist mind. 3 Minuten gleich am Anfang nicht in der Lage Flugzeuge zu starten. Kann also sein Team nicht unterstüzen. 2. Er läßt es brennen. Kann für die weitere Minute keine Flugzeuge starten... Deja vu? Er kann also, egal was er macht, seinem Team nicht helfen. Wo ist jetzt der Unterschied zum Ragequit bitte? Ob er drin bleibt und brennt oder rausgeht, kein Unterschied. Ist gar nicht das Problem. Solange er den CV am brennen hält, ist der CV nutzlos. Erneut, wo ist der Unterschied ob er nun seinen CV beim Brennen 10 Minuten zusieht, oder qq macht? Und ich bezweifel sehr stark, daß die Izu auch nur annähernd Pink geschweige denn gar Suizid gemacht hätte, bis das Spiel so oder so durch den gegnerischen CV ( der die ganze Zeit ja fröhlich "ohne Konkurrenz" arbeiten kann ) das Spiel entschieden hätte. Bestenfalls Makulatur zum Ende. EDIT: Typos.
  14. AP Bombs Are OP

    Quick training battle showed me i could get 2 DB within the positions of either BB death ( D4 & D6 ) in 2:10. TB would have been there 30 Secs faster ( first squad to leave the deck followed by both fighter and only then DB ). If i launch DB first i get there within 2 min with my Essex. That begs the question though how did that Yugo get there that fast to actually throw torps at either BB in less then 3 minutes O.o Since El2aZeR asked for it: Since i do not know which of the 2 BBs was the Izumo i sent 1 DB to either Loc. the Left one ( D4 ) was the first DB to leave.
  15. AP Bombs Are OP

    Lucky you saved by the bell on the last second. But your last sentence is pointless, sicne it wasn`t a DD killing that BB. Next time i demand within 2 minutes...