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  1. niksa83

    How many containers you saved sofar?

    Got 50k free xp on one of those "luck" containers. Pretty sweet considering the highest ship i have is tier 4.
  2. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    I will add you next time im on, Atom. Managed to get tooned up and got some valuable information about the various things around the game such as avoid British ships;)
  3. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    Still the games i play i lose 60% of the time, meaning im not pulling my weight. At the moment i must be worst than a bot since i get lower winrate than a bot. Meaning i do more harm than good to my teammates. How is it possible for a bot who is allways stationary to win more than i do? Im not shooting my allies every single game. I've done it few times by accident and informed them about the incoming misfired barage of torps but they didn't see it. At the moment the game is supper frustrating because i expect to do better than this.
  4. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    and the PW was obvious right ;)
  5. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    Thank you for the input guys. I've watched plenty of "academy" videos online because i din't want to suck [edited]and be a burden to my team. Wen't through the wiki as well but it ain't so easy. and perhaps in low tiers there is no clear meta how to play and people just bounce around in random directions without any plan.
  6. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    unless there is a clan like SGTA aka The specialist Global tank academy that used to help loads of noobs in world of tanks untill they stoped doing it. I ques it took too much time in the end.
  7. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    I don't think im clan material just yeat so there's that. By playing with better players than me i've learned a few things in world of tanks. I do strongly believe that doing so here will get me up to speed too.
  8. niksa83

    Anyone up for tooning with a noob

    I recently started playing the game and im doing horribly in it. WoT is something i have played nearly 30k games but it doesn't seems to help much here. I sucked [edited]in WOT for over 10k games and don't want to suck in this game that long. Im hoping someone with adequate english skill could help me out a bit. We can communicate through TS if you have one or use the ingame voice chat. I've only gotten as far as tier 4. My ships are cruisers and destroyers mainly at tier 3. I tried out the battleships but those were way too slow for me. I understand the basics of the game (spotted range and the gun range, leading targes etc) so i don't need hand helding in terms of how to shoot or lead a target. I would appreciate the help with locations and map awareness, generally helping me how to and where to play cruisers for instance. I must warn you i've played like less than 50 games online with less than 40 win% and perhaps 150 against bots with 98 win %. BTW i pawn bots like a boss. My GT is niksa83 If you are up for it and feel like helping hit me up ingame. Voice chat would be massive bonus as i might have some questions along the way.
  9. Here is the code 96FA4-7U7FX-2VRS6-GWFBC The code is only valid for brand new account that gets created after applying the code. What u have to do is to go to http://asus.worldofwarships.com and apply the code and create new account. Sharing is caring