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  1. Broevaharo

    Wargaming...skill based..matchmaking...now!

    Even if you would implement skill based MM, it would be skillbased per ship, if you look at my average WR it's 57% but my WR in BB's sucks bigtime so if I sail in a BB I'm the average tomato, put me in a DD, CA or CV and it's a different story.
  2. Broevaharo

    Insane DD setup in tier 9-10 games.

    I'm at tier 8 but with the (relative) low earnings in a DD at those tiers it will take a lot of time before I get to tier 9 or 10 and I think that goes for most players, sure I could covert the zillion free xp I have to jump to tier 10 but I'm not going to do that.
  3. Broevaharo

    Insane DD setup in tier 9-10 games.

    Trust me this will not change in the near future because only diehards like me are still playing the higher tier DD's, they need to fix the balance/performance issues regarding DD's first before this will ever change.
  4. Broevaharo

    Insta win bug

    If you failed to read the patchnotes than it's not the patch that is failing but you and you alone, end of story. A warning sound when the cap is being capped is not a bad idea but having that sound run for 3 minutes will be annoying as hell for sure.
  5. Broevaharo

    Soviet DD stats

  6. Broevaharo

    Any WOWP pilots who turned into captains?

    A couple of guys from Daft play WOWS now, Compobob, Hanszeehock, Et Latanus Baro, Blondito, Bigglesof206, Vasquez, Ro_Frenzy, Talvathir, Marine361y and me ofcourse (sorry if I forgot someone)
  7. Broevaharo

    Has anyone ever had 2 double strikes in one round ?

    Which just shows the total number, not the max reached in one game
  8. Broevaharo

    New Russian DD's

    Tvrdi1976, on 07 October 2015 - 01:58 PM, said: If they dont make the uber captain for uber DDs, I will not play them Oeh sexy I want him on my ship ^^ Trigger_Happy_Dad, on 07 October 2015 - 10:04 AM, said: Yea, I wish my Sims had a firing arc like this: That's the main problem with the US DD's yes, that firing arc is so high that you hit the moon first before hitting your target (if you hit it at all) They should change that to a normal arc and the ships would perform up to par.
  9. Broevaharo

    Detection range km

    IJN DD's have a surface detectability of 5,9 km - air detectability is 2,8 km US DD's have a surface detectability of 7 km - air detectabilty is 3,1 km The average cruiser is detected at 13 km, BB's are detected around 14 km The 1st captain skil (situational awareness) will tell you if you are spotted or not (by planes or by ships) Little edit: If you want to check the stats of your ship look under the captain at the right side of the screen you'll find all stats there, just click on the thing you want to check It shows Survivability Artillery Torpedoes AA defence Manoeuvrabilty Concealment
  10. Broevaharo

    New Russian DD's

    Yes they are very good in all of what you are saying so it's quite possible they get nerfed but at the high tiers there are a lot of planes in the air so the chance of staying undetected while firng is not very high. A Mahan and a Benson are also HE spammers, The Fletcher and the Gearing as well (with better torps than the RU DD's) and yet they aren't OP so we'll just have to wait and see what happens when all the players can have them.
  11. Broevaharo


    It's probably possible but a good cruiser captain doesn't need it, that's why the DD's are so under performing at the higher tiers, I only get torped in my cruisers if I get ambushed and if I'm not ambused I only get hit by one at most from a full spread because it's pretty easy to predict what a DD will do (especially if you play them yourself like I do)
  12. Broevaharo

    New Russian DD's

    They are lethal in the hands of a good DD captain and with that 4th captain skill unlocked but I doubt that the average Joe will have good stats on them, up to tier 7 they have only 4km range torps so they are only gunboats like the US DD's and look at what the average stats are on those ships.
  13. Broevaharo

    New Russian DD's

    Lolz he is a supertester m8, just like I am so we test them in game, we know what they can and can't do.
  14. Broevaharo

    New Russian DD's

    Against cruisers it's lethal though, until tier 9 they don't have the repair skil to regain strength, they can kill fires before that but they won't heal themselves, I totally raped Atlanta's in that tier8 DD because I just stayed out of his range.
  15. Broevaharo

    New Russian DD's

    Remember that you only can shoot undetected with the 4th captain skill unlocked, I can do the same in the game with my Gremmy because I gives me a range of 14,3 km and I won't get spotted until 11,5 km, without that skill only the tier 9 and 10 have suffcicient range to pull of that trick.