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  1. Too bad "modern era" drones are not possible to have in the current WoWs. An RQ-21A Blackjack drone is launched from the flight deck of the USS San Diego (LPD-22) on April 12, 2017. The RQ-21A Blackjack is an intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance unmanned aircraft capable of being launched and recovered from flight decks on U.S. Navy ships. More info about this drone, can be found here: 1. Boeing Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack (Wiki) 2. Boeing Autonomous Systems 3. Naval Technology Article about Small Tactical Unmanned Air System (STUAS) Film Credits: Cpl Timothy Valero Film Credits: DoD | AiirSource Military
  2. Hmmmmm, it seems i still need to try to get the 5-stars.... FML
  3. MaxxyNL

    Ranked Sprint Kamikaze (R) Captain Build help

    Thanks for the replies guys/girls. I decided to try 2 builds. Build 1 on Kamikaze Captain (my current build) Build 2 for Kamikaze R Captain (Riselotte's build) For build 2, i am still not 100% sure if i want BFT or SE.
  4. MaxxyNL

    No operations no stars

    For some reason WG forces people to play in a division to get that part done. Also, now you can only 100% complete the RN missions if you already own the Cossack...
  5. After multiple 0-star battles, i just had a 4-star battle. Was excited to get the Halloween/Pumpkin crates, but..... after opening the crates, i decided it is not worth my time to try to get the 5th star, if the only thing you get out of the crates is 3x camo/crate. I guess playing this mode with divisions will get you to 4/5 stars without doing much battles, but as a solo player, with the insane incompetence of some of the other solo players in your team, the fun is over quickly... Maybe i will try to get the 5 stars in a few days, when players are more "adjusted" to this mode. My advice? Try to do it in a division with the use of Teamspeak.
  6. MaxxyNL

    Constantly crashing after update.

    I am using the "official" Wargaming WoWs Modstation. It had a new update yesterday/today. No problems when i am using that modpack. Link to topic about Modstation
  7. MaxxyNL

    Constantly crashing after update.

    Do you have any mods installed? If so, try to start the game in safe mode and/or uninstall your mods. Did you try to do a clean install? This sometimes can fix the problem. Good luck Captain!
  8. fellow Forumites / WoWs Captains, Since Ranked Sprint is going live in a few days, i am checking my Captains Skills for improvements. I am not 100% sure if there any improvements i can do to my Captains, so that they are optimal skilled for Ranked Sprint. So..... I hope you/someone can help me with finding the optimal skill setup and/or can tell me if my current skills are optimal already. Since i love playing Destroyers, i will be mainly playing the Kamikaze + Kamikaze R. I have 2 dedicated 19 point Captains, currently both with the same Skills setup. My current 19 point build for both Captains: (PT + PM + AR + LS + SE + TAE + SI + CE) What do you guys/girls think? Optimal setup for Ranked Sprint or some changes could/should be made? All constructive comments and/or tips to improve my current Captain setup, will be greatly appreciated.
  9. MaxxyNL


    Question 1: What ship were you playing Question 2: What ship was the enemy player in your screenshots using?
  10. MaxxyNL

    CV Player - How to get on to test server ?

    + The test server starts @12:00 UTC
  11. When will 0.7.10 go live?
  12. Most of our team when full lemmingretard to 1 cap. I tried capping, but got no support. Our other 2 DD's sadly never even tried to go close to the cap, and only tried torping your team at max. distance. Silly me to try capping with a Harugumo when there is radar on the enemy team. It seems that today is not my day in World of Warships..... Yesterday i had some great battles with the Harugumo, but today, my teams refuse to support their DD's... But hey, you finished best of your team, and i finished as the worst player on my team.... Like my forum sig. says.... I have still got things left to do. So i hope the next battles will go slightly better. Question for Wargaming: Where can i buy some nice engine upgrades for my Harugumo + Anti-Radar Upgrades? #mywalletisalwaysopen
  13. Just saw @DJ_Die in a battle, where he was in the enemy team with his Stalingrad. Sadly my team refused to support a capping DD (me), so i was one of the 1st to be killed....
  14. Just had @MaxxyNL in my team...... I hate to say it, but he is actually the worst player on the EU server.