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  1. No soldiers/people were killed, only 2 hospitalized.
  2. Karma
  3. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  4. 10/10 Topic content
  5. Code working but nothing received.
  6. Indeed, wasting/spending multiple reports/compliments to 1 player in the same battle is useless, and afaik, they only get counted as 1 compliment/report. This is done to prevent people abusing the report/compliment system.
  7. I did the Wakatake one yesterday, receive the Collection Reward. Did the same one today, 1 hour later then i did yesterday (so after 24+ hours), completed it, but did not get another Collection Reward for it. Am i doing something wrong here? Did i read the above sentence wrong? (from this NA Forum post) Or is it bugged? Edit: I guess you won't get Collection Rewards if you re-do/complete the task after 24+ hours, this because i did the Eat It! Toaster! one, and it also did not gave me another Collection Reward. Both tasks completed 24+ hours after i completed them the 1st time. Edit 2: I just noticed i have 2 duplicate rewards, where i had 1 before. I did recieve a 2nd Collection Reward, but it was a duplicate. You won't get a notification when you get a duplicate. But i still wonder why i only got 1 Collection Reward (the duplicate one) although i completed 2 tasks after 24+ hours.
  8. Play at least two battles on any tier I-IX ship.