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  1. @piritskenyer in Co-Op
  2. Just had the pleasure to have @Mr_Tingle in my team.
  3. Happy Birthday World of Warships / Wargaming. Given the recent developments/drama. Short question about the upcoming Anniversary. Are we, The Community, invited to the party OR are we going to pay to be invited to the party?
  4. MaxxyNL


  5. MaxxyNL

    Stream Snipering

    Don't want to get stream sniped? Use a delay or don't stream. Don't want to stream snipe? Don't play the game + watch Twitch/WoWs Stream @ the same time. Problem solved
  6. Alte Abreu Because i already have all the other lower tier ships that could drop from that container
  7. The good old SkyBuckFlying's seal of Approval
  8. MaxxyNL

    Web Campaign: The Pacific War

    Time gated events are only done by WG, to increase the chance for them, that we, the Community, just go for the paid/gamble option...
  9. MaxxyNL

    A simple poll

    I voted for "None of the classes should be removed" Don't hate me 4 it
  10. Ahhh, i guess this i just part 1 of the PSA. Not?
  11. hey MaxxNL wil je joinen bij een nederlandse clan ANBS mocht je nog vrienden hebben zijn ook welkom

    hoor graag van je


    MVG vnnygr

    ars nova bleu steel clan logo.jpg