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  1. MaxxyNL

    server interruptions, 19h

    Damn WG, now i have to spend time with my family..... Why o why WG?
  2. MaxxyNL

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate.
  3. MaxxyNL

    sant nicolaus WG codes?

    RU-Server is special..... I remember there was a time when the codes, from the RU WOWs Stream, also could be activated/redeemed on the EU Portal. 1 Company -> 1 Game -> Split Community 1 Company -> 1 Game -> Different treatment playerbase/community
  4. MaxxyNL

    Weekly Combat Missions: "303 Squadron"

    I guess the "Assisted in capture" do not count towards the mission.
  5. @OlliN Thank you for updating the mod. Unfortunately the updated mod is now suddenly no longer compatible with my already installed mods. The previous version of your mod worked perfectly in combination with the other installed mods. If I test your mod with an empty res_mods folder, the mod will work without any problems, but if I use it with my normal res_mods folder, the new border addition will not work.
  6. 🅱🆄🅼🅿 🆃🅾🅿🅸🅲 @OlliN
  7. Great mod! @OlliN Would it be possible to add a border to the selected camo in the Camouflage Filter Mod? If a player has a lot of different camo's available, if having a (white/colored) border around the chosen camouflage, it would be a lot clearer to see which camouflage one has selected. (screenshot added) Keep up the good work Captain!!
  8. MaxxyNL

    Offtopical Disco

    Peaky Blinders - Wonderful Life
  9. At the time of posting this reply, i collected 3 out of the possible 4 missions from "regular" containers. I'm fairly confident I'll also get the Trento out of a "regular" container before 0.8.10 goes live. 1. Raimondo Montecuccoli 2. Zara 3. Amalfi
  10. WG Server problems 2019



  11. INB4 I am too drunk and start posting nudes



  12. Hey fellow Captains/Forumites,


    Here is an old, but still working bonuscode: TORPEDO


    Important 1: Restart your game after using the code. After your game restart, the Personal Combat Mission will be available.

    Important 2: If you already used this code in the past, you will NOT receive the Personal Combat Mission again.


    Mission: Win 5 Random battles (no tier restriction)

    Reward: 6 regular crates




  13. happy-holidays-falling-peaceful-snow-ani



      ★Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • •。
      ★Christmas★ 。* 。 ° 。