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  1. You really think that?
  2. The minefield is visible on the minimap but why is it not visible on the big map (when you press the M key). @Tuccy
  3. I dont like the fact that some quick commands changed places. For example: "Thank you" was F4 now F12. I am so used to the old commands, i keep pressing the "old" F4 buttons. I like the idea, but i dont like the fact the existing commands were move to other spots.
  4. Here we go again....... New event, and the whiners are standing in front of the line, to whine about everything they don't like about an Event.
  5. Good luck Captain!
  6. LOL! Even Tuccy is never sure something will work like intended.
  7. All is working fine here. Even the "great" teams in OPs did not change.
  8. Living under a rock? It can help if you occasionally check the news on the website/portal. It does not hurt and it won't bite...
  9. Farting before a battle starts will also help!
  10. LoL, they already removed the link after i posted it.... Extra info: WG NA did a whoopsie...
  11. NA Portal I guess the EU Bundles will be priced higher as usual....
  12. This evening i keep getting lagspikes in Ranked.... Not even 20k players playing...
  13. It would surprise me when it would become available tomorrow.