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  1. But_Can_You_Meme

    Kaga = Piece of trash don't buy it

  2. But_Can_You_Meme

    A couple of questions about the 0.8.3 update.

    I don't think the Nelson will. These changes appear to be Tier 8 and up. I haven't seen anything mentioned about the Vanguard but as it's so new to the game i can't see them changing anything about it yet...
  3. But_Can_You_Meme

    A couple of questions about the 0.8.3 update.

    Monarch, Lion and Conq are all getting the Cit raised yea. I've only seen the Conq with the buffed heal so far but i assume the Monarch and Lion will get the same. Seems WG want them punished for braosides but able to tank fire and floods better. I forgot to mention, the heal has been adjusted aswell. Instead of healing 10% citidel damage and 50% pen damage. They have raised it to 50% of cit damage can be repaired and 75% or 80% of full pen damage IIRC Edit: Found a link for you: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-cvs-georgia-monarch-conqueror-edec87929837
  4. But_Can_You_Meme

    A couple of questions about the 0.8.3 update.

    They are reducing the cooldown time back to pre-nerf... They are raising the citidel aswell i should note. It's not a complete buff so to say. But any competent player can avoid the cits (for the most part) and just gain the heal buff Edit: I should add that this is in test and WIP last time i heard
  5. But_Can_You_Meme

    How to have an enjoyable game?

    Get to Tier 10 Always be top tier Repeat as suggested above
  6. But_Can_You_Meme

    A couple of questions about the 0.8.3 update.

    Conqueror and Lion are both strong enough. Amazing AP AND HE. Amazing concealment. Amazing heal. About to get a huge buff with the heal changes. It doesn't need any more consumables. Even a hamster crab crawling across a keyboard can be effective in that broken ship
  7. But_Can_You_Meme

    Fed up with paper/blueprint BS

    I just had a mini orgasm thinking of all the typical BB's going broadside to launch torps Then i realised loads of them would still be doing it from 20km range and behind teammates Then i realised half of them would be on my team Yea, no...
  8. But_Can_You_Meme

    Problems with CV's and are they OP in some circumstances?

    I would like to expland on this with one point. If the CV is attacking with rockets, turning in may help. However, when i play CV i've adjusted for this and it means you line up your DD in my reticle perfectly allowing me min 5k volley's. On the other, if i approach with my rockets and you turn full broadside to my planes, i would be lucky to land 1-2 rockets as you would be across the reticle instead of lined up with it length ways Edit: I could say the same for DB's, but i've found they're so accurate, it doesn't really matter what the DD does to avoid them....
  9. But_Can_You_Meme

    [Question] How long will the ship discount last?

    Ok, another question popped in my head as i was reading this. I'll use the OP Fred as the example to make it simpler. Fred wants to sell his ships. If his clan would allow it, am i right in thinking he could leave the clan, sell his ships without the discount effecting the price, then rejoin the clan a few days later when the option returns? I realise his oil contribution to the clan would be reset. It's just a theoretical question i'm curious about...
  10. But_Can_You_Meme

    T8 Kaga

    This Some people can't be helped though. What's the saying, ''You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink'
  11. But_Can_You_Meme

    too much planes and radar against DD.....

    I had the Kaga and Saipan before the rework. Sold the Saipan for the doubloons once i tested it in the new form but i kept the Kaga. Ironically, as the Kaga can handle T10 due to pure plane numbers, it seems to farm salt better in said MM
  12. But_Can_You_Meme

    too much planes and radar against DD.....

    This is the mentality that i'm currently using to judge any new premium ships. Does it have AA that can defend it- Yes - Possible purchase No - Won't even consider it Edit: I just realised the CV rework has literally stopped me buying a lot of the premium ships WG will release in future as most won't have great AA. Bad business decision from WG but i won't complain at having more cash to buy other games
  13. But_Can_You_Meme

    T8 Kaga

    There's a saying. Something about pots, kettles and the colour black On a more serious note. You were factually wrong in your initial post. When people pointed this out to you, you became toxic and defensive. Did you come to the forums genuinely wanting to learn? If so, a more humble attitude would have gotten you a lot further... If you came purely to rant, are you surprised your attitude was likewise returned? Especially given that you were wrong...
  14. But_Can_You_Meme

    T8 Kaga

    *Spoken as David Attenborough* What we have here ladies and gentlemen, is a potato in it's natural state of mind. See how it deflects all points and observances given. Observe how he simultaneously plays the victim whilst showing an egocentric attitude of always knowing best. Now watch as he returns to his lair to congratulate himself at his successful voyage into the forums and his slaying of the toxic advise givers...
  15. But_Can_You_Meme

    T8 Kaga

    In the time it took you to create this whinge thread and reply a few times you could have watched a CV/Kaga tutorial on Youtube and gained some valuable insight/tactics and tips. Instead you created this whinge thread and learned nothing except to have it pointed out that you are terrible in cv's and that the Kaga tier for tier, is one of the stronger CV's in the game currently. If you genuinely want to learn and improve, look at yourself before pointing the finger