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  1. But_Can_You_Meme

    British Cruisers: Obtain Cruiser London

    Ok so i have 2 choices from what i can see. 1) Take part in the event. Play on unbalanced teams against unbalanced ships whilst being annoyed by CV's in 7 minute roflstomp battles that are not fun whether i win or lose. In return i get a bad ship (my opinion) at tier 6 (a tier i don't play) that i will never use and some other rewards that are trash tier. 2) Continue playing other games for now and enjoying my free time. Oh boy. That's a really tough one
  2. But_Can_You_Meme

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    I've finished grinding the lines so i sold all the ships below tier 8. Only one's i have there a my premiums but i'm bored of them and the tier is not for me. All the ships i ''enjoy'' are tier 9's and 10's so i'm out of luck. I have to put up with Kremlins and Smolensk spam. I'm currently using my only other option: Playing other games
  3. But_Can_You_Meme

    About those operations we are missing and a suggestion.

    I was never a fan of the Ops but i think they need some kind of options and modes adding to vary things up for the people that want them. The game is extremely boring and repetitive atm. On one of the CC's Twitch Streams, it was suggested that WG only cares about random battles and the research bureau for now. Which is hilarious as randoms are an unbalanced mess of roflstomp massacres and the RB is a vile idea
  4. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    The bad DD player will always be bad. They must be too stupid to improve i guess lol
  5. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    BTW for those who think i'm anti CV and just crying. I own all the tier 10's. I'm not a huge fan but i enjoy playing easy mode every now and then and trolling the helpless DD's. The salt CV's bring can be fun in itself lol
  6. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    You may be a good DD. I'm not too bad myself. But players are leaving the game in droves and new players don't stick around. Ask them why. CV's is a large part of the reason. CV's are a broken mechanic (i play them one handed when i'm eating) and actively driving players away. If you don't care, no probs. WG do though as they already beg the playerbase to bring more players.
  7. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    So because it doesn't effect you it's not an issue. Ok thanks for that.
  8. But_Can_You_Meme

    WG mocks it's own community.

    Are you a bad DD player? Are you an average DD player? Are you a new DD player? Are you struggling in your DD to deal with CV's? Apparently CV's are fine. It's your fault and you'll never learn anyway so WG couldn't give a crap about you...
  9. But_Can_You_Meme

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    I despise mid tiers and low tiers. Partly due to there being more CV's and ''noob players'' still learning. But mainly because i don't like any of the ships.
  10. But_Can_You_Meme

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    Ok i just ran into a huge issue with completing these missions WG. For those that are fans, i have no qualms. I have no interest to do them though. I activated the missions as they are fairly simple and it's free ships i can sell for a credit bump. BUT, I don't want to play your game at this moment in time and you have no reason or content for me to bother. Between OP ships like Kremlin, Unbalanced teams and Smolensk HE spam, i'm just not in the mood for a bad gaming experience. I would have to spoil my free time by playing this instead of a better game. I have finished grinding the tier 10's i wanted but it's repetitive and stale now and i refuse to use your cancerous research bureau so will miss a whole chunk of current and new content. The new UK ships you have coming are horrid. I despise the Albemarle and hold no interest in the line even as a Brit myself. Your game literally has nothing of interest or value to keep me as a paying or even playing customer and your future content is either inaccessible to me (RB) or just not of interest. I'll still play from time to time, you have little competition after all. But until you sort out your priorities, i can't see you having anything worth staying for. Which is a damn shame...
  11. But_Can_You_Meme

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    WG have done an event specifically for the Weebs that at the same time pisses of the Weebs When you can't even get cartoon ships correct WG you have serious issue's
  12. But_Can_You_Meme

    Request PM with my ToS breaking language...

    Feel free to contact google with your issue. I googled it, i double checked. Mongoloids are a grouping of people from the area traditionally inhabited by the Mongols. I mean, if you two know an insult based around that, that's not my issue is it
  13. But_Can_You_Meme

    Request PM with my ToS breaking language...

    I solved the issue. I stopped playing WOWS as my main game. I'll just play it occasionally with my friends now. WG want toxic gameplay, i don't. Plenty of other games on the market to play instead where the dev's focus on the gameplay and not that chat I had to google what a mongoloid is. ''Mongoloid is a grouping of various people indigenous to East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, North Asia, Polynesia, and the Americas. It is one of the traditional three races first introduced in the 1780s by members of the Göttingen School of History, the other two groups being Caucasoid and Negroid.'' Why the hell would i use that in a battle? Let me guess DB2212. It's a word you use as a racial insult so assumed i do? Sounds a extremely racist but if that's what you are, fair enough
  14. But_Can_You_Meme

    [RESULTS] Double Recruitment Points

    I wasn't insulting to the WG employee's as most are not involved in decision making, just WG in general. Insulting actual individuals is against the rules. Also, nothing i stated is a lie or inaccurate. So again, no rules broken.
  15. But_Can_You_Meme

    World of Warships: 2019 Results

    That video should be titled ''WOWS 2019 Obituary'' WG are so detached from their playerbase they actually think that video is positive... Let that sink in...