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  1. RogueCheddar

    OCTO International is recruiting!

    Sent you an in game message.
  2. RogueCheddar

    [KES] Killer Elite Squed

    Are you guys still recruiting? My clan has broken up and I'm looking for a clan that has a sense of humour, is competitive but not too try-hard for CW and divs....
  3. Are you guys still recruiting? My current clan is breaking up and I am looking for some kindred souls for clan battles and divving... I was blind and now I can see!!!!!!
  4. Hey, So I am and American looking for an English speaking clan for casual div's and clan battles. I have over 3600 games and a 53% win rate. Several CW - worthy ships as well as other tier 8-10 ships. I also have accounts on the NA server with even more battles but don't often get to plan clan wars there because I mostly play week days during the day (I have family obligations during the evenings). Looking for a clan that takes CW seriously - but no too seriously! That is I don't want teams that just yolo in and get killed and remain stuck in Squall league, but at the same time, I don't want a clan that thinks getting to Hurricane or KOTS is the be-all and end-all in life. And I don't want a clan that demands one always logs into chat when he plays because I also like to play solo. High levels of a sarcastic sense of humour are also preferable! I use discord but can download Team Speak if that suits.