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  1. Angloborn

    Coming back after 4 months in Canada

    Ahoy Captains! So After spending 4 months abroad in Canada, I'm back in Europe and I will start playing the game again. I wanted to maximize the rewards of coming back so my question is if there is anything besides the refer a friend program I should be aware of? Cheers everybody! Angloborn
  2. Angloborn

    Azur Lane - collaboration part 2

    So is the collection temporary or infinite like the American cruiser one?
  3. Ahoy captains! So I've been playing the Space Assault mode and I quite like it. I noticed one thing though. In order to get the Annihilator achievment you need to destroy 2 generators and the defender's station. I'm happily trying to get the achievment but either my team fails to make a push or the enemy team dies before we can destroy the station. I was wondering if anyone's been able to destroy the station and how did you manage to do it before the enemy team dies? Happy hunting! Angloborn
  4. Angloborn

    Please help me choose a new line to grind to tier 10

    Just a little update to finish this post. Got my Colorado and already have my kraken in it even though the ship is still stock ^^ Thanks captains to help me choose a new line!
  5. Angloborn

    Please help me choose a new line to grind to tier 10

    I think Im a bit drawn to the monty line! Halfway on the New Mexico now. I'll keep my eye on the Japanese cruisers and the Germans for if I ever get a premium for those factions though. Any advise to how to get through the slow ships without too much frustration?
  6. Angloborn

    Please help me choose a new line to grind to tier 10

    Thanks for the replies so far! I do want something different but I do want to be able to contribute to the team. Not much of as sniper lobbing shells at max range. I do like accuracy though. For cruisers I set my eyes on the the Japanese but with the Aoba I'm not doing that much damage. Does that change at higher tiers? Don't have a premium for these guys though. Also thinking of the US CA line but I already have the Salem, basicly Des Moines. That Salem really is a perk retraining captains though so I was thinking maybe the US dds or BB's. The BB line is slow though but they do strike hard. Are they fun at higher tiers?
  7. Dear fellow captains Recently I finished my grind of the British cruiser line and got myself a Minotaur! I loved the line for it's stealth, manouverability and the ability to pack a punch to both bbs and dds with my guns and situational torps and Im looking for a new line to grind to tier 10. However, I'm in doubt if I should focus one of the other classes to tier 10 or pick another cruiser. So far I've got most lines to at least tier 5/6 and a few at t7. As premiums I've got the USS Salem, Nelson and Aigle which is nice for captain training. I was wondering what my fellow captains would grind next? I primarily play random battles and played ranked with my Neptune what I quite liked ^^ My playstyle is quite aggressive being close to the action and I prefer raw AP damage over setting ships on fire. I'd love to hear what y'all think! All the best and good hunting! Angloborn