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  1. xciuly

    HALL OF FAME for Puerto Rico

    Maybe the Hall of Fame for PR directives is the newest anti cheating system from WG - you get in it, you're automatically banned for botting or sharing the account.
  2. Inca mai sunt 4 sesiuni de CB din sezonul asta. Majoritatea ne-am luat deja otelul si timpul premium asa ca cei intrati acum au loc in echipa ca sa le ia si ei. ******************************************************** Four more CB sessions this season. Most of us already got the steel and premium time so those who join now will have a place in the team to earn them also.
  3. [D_RO] recruteaza jucatori vorbitori de romana interesati sa joace in Clan Battles. Ce dorim: Sa putem juca constant cu doua echipe la CB. Care sunt cerintele pentru recrut: 1. Sa vrea sa joace in echipa si pentru echipa. Trebuie sa inteleaga ca la CB importanta este victoria, nu damage-ul sau sa ramana ultimul supravietuitor. 2. Sa incerce sa aiba un comportament ok fata de coechipieri (si adversari). Cu totii mai avem momente de frustrare dar incercam sa ne controlam (nu reusim intotdeauna). 3. Sa joace in Clan Battles cel putin de 2 ori pe saptamana in sezon (evident, cu totii avem si concedii). In off season sa joace in divizii de tier X pentru antrenament (cateva meciuri pe saptamana). 4. Sa poata folosi Discord (chiar daca il folosesc fara microfon, doar pentru a asculta comenzile capitanilor de echipa). Uneori limbajul pe discord este mai colorat, asa ca este de preferat sa aveti 18+ , n-am vrea sa avem probleme cu parintii vostrii . Majoritatea membrilor clanului au 30+. 5. Nave de tier X (cel putin una din fiecare categorie): BB - Kremlin, Yamato, Montana; Cruiser - Des Moines, Moskva, Henry IV, Zao; DD - Shimakaze, Daring, Gearing, Kleber. Navele premium Stalingrad, Smolensk sau Somers sunt bune la categoria lor (fiind OP ). Daca esti jucator decent de CV de tier X esti binevenit (probabil ca in 1-2 sezoane WG o sa le bage si la CB). 6. Cand joaca la CB, sa aiba pe nava tot timpul camuflaje, steaguri (pentru lupta) si consumabile premium. Ce oferim: 1. In timpul CB-ului, avem o echipa in fiecare din cele 4 zile pe saptamana si in general jucam toate cele 4 ore disponibile (daca avem o zi foarte proasta iesim mai repede uneori). Acum incercam sa sustinem si o a doua echipa in aceleasi conditii. Uneori reusim, alte ori nu (mai ales in formatul de 8 jucatori). 2. In momentul de fata in CB ajungem fara probleme in Storm League si ne mentinem acolo. Sezonul asta incercam sa ajungem in Typhoon League. 3. Avem destui jucatori cu experienta in CB si ne descurcam onorabil (evident, incercam sa ne imbunatatim performantele). Daca nu ai jucat prea mult in CB, poti invata destule la noi in clan. 4. Cei mai buni jucatori de CB vor avea prioritate la Alpha team, indiferent de vechimea in clan. 5. Incercam sa jucam astfel incat toti cei interesati de CB sa joace si sa castige otel si premium time. Daca exista mai multi membrii online decat locuri in echipa se joaca pe rand. 6. Avem bonusurile de la Naval Base construite la maxim, cu exceptia nivelului 3 la carbune si otel (nu pentru mult timp). Daca sunteti interesati aplicati direct sau contactati-ma pe mine aici sau in joc pentru intrebari. Multumesc. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************** [D_RO] recruits Romanian speaking players interested to play in Clan Battles. What we want: To be able to constantly play in CB with two teams. What are the recruit requirements: 1. To want to play for and with the team. They must understand that at CB the victory is important, not the damage dealt or to be the last remaining survivor. 2. To try to have an OK behavior towards team players (and adversaries). We all have our frustration moments but we are trying to manage them (we don't always succeed). 3. To play in Clan Battles at least twice a week during season (obviously, we all also go on vacations). In off season to play tier X divisions for training (a couple of games per week). 4. To be able to use Discord (even without a mike, just so you can listen to the team captain orders). Sometimes the language is not child friendly, so we would prefer for you to be over 18 years old, so that we don't get in trouble with your parents.. Most of the clan members are 30+. 5. Tier X Ships (at least one per category): BB - Kremlin, Yamato, Montana; Cruiser - Des Moines, Moskva, Henry IV, Zao; DD - Shimakaze, Daring, Gearing, Kleber. Premium ships Stalingrad, Smolensk or Somers are good for their respective category (being OP ). If you are a decent tier X CV player you are welcome (in 1-2 seasons WG will probably put them in CB). 6. When playing CB, your ship must always be equipped with camouflage, combat flags and premium consumables. What do we offer: 1. During CB, we have a team for each of the 4 days per week and we usually play all 4 hours available (if we have a very bad day we sometimes cut it short) . At the moment we are trying to support a second team to do the same. Sometimes we achieve that, sometimes not (especially in the 8 players format). 2.Right now we reach and hold in the Storm League easily . This season we are trying to reach the Typhoon League. 3. We have some CB experienced players and we are doing OK (obviously, we are constantly trying to improve our performances). If you don't have much experience in CB you can learn a great deal with us. 4. The best CB players will have priority in the Alpha team, regardless of their seniority in the clan. 5. We are trying to do so that everybody interested in CB plays in it and can earn steel and premium time.If there are more online members than seats in the teams, we'll take turns. 6. All the Naval Base bonuses are build to maximum, except for the level 3 coal and steel (but not for long). If you are interested apply directly or contact me here or in game if you have any questions. Thank you.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOZ2gv_ZGomWNcQU8BBfdQ Toptier has great CV videos, lately he also explains why he does what.
  5. xciuly

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Just played a game in it. Only 4 players didn't have Mykasa (I'm sure they had a great time). Managed 1 hit out of 6-7 tries with main guns, got detonated :))
  6. xciuly

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    You get the prize nonetheless. But a tier 2 rental, really?
  7. xciuly


    Please check if the rewards weren't given already, but they are the ones for the new directives instead of the french tokens. It might be just a coincidence (but a strange one), when I started Wows today I got 1 SC and 3 gift containers. And that is precisely the prizes for the 5% for the current directives. And it so happens that i was in the 5% hall of fame of the last directives.
  8. xciuly


    I think they switched - intentionally or not - the rewards and we got the ones for the new directives. I was in the 5% and got a SC and 3 gift ones - the gifts listed in the update article.
  9. xciuly