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    Changes to promote active gameplay

    This is not my experience... I rarely see people using the border ... but I do see a lot of BBs staying at range because "23 km range dude!" (I changed the usual profanity to dude in this quote ) or Cruisers sitting still in smoke, even when no one is spotting for them ... Stats are meaningless ... if anything they have a negative effect on the game, since some people still joins a game, complains about teammates and then sits passive ... The only IMO way to combat this is by introducing mechanics that influence stats of passive players in a negative way so that their "stats" takes a dive ... and if a reduced XP gain (or none at all since you can both be at range and sit still at the same time) works, you could add that if a person have had their XP modified negatively for 80% of the time they were alive in the match, then it will count as a loss?
  2. SolitudeFSH

    Changes to promote active gameplay

    I would have liked to have posted this in Gameplay discussion, but it seems that 4000+ battles aren't enough to post there. I think this game is awesome and fun, but there is a cancer inside it and that is that people get a bit to hung up on stats and winning. This has the effect that people would rather sit still in a cloud of smoke at and fire at the enemy and not go for the objective. Or a BB staying at max range while his teammates are being focused. I think this form of passive gameplay boils down to peoples obsession with stats. And the only way I see to combat this is to lower gained XP for players with passive play styles. What I would propose is a change that would only change the amount of XP you earn in battle. No mechanics would be changed, and people could still play as they wanted to. But if they keep at max range or sit still then their XP gain would be slow. I suggest that XP earned from damage and kills should be modified depending on your distance to nearest visible target and the speed you had when firing. And I mad a nice graphic that I hope explains what I mean, you can see it if you press the thumbnail. Am I totally of or is this something good?