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  1. MrBogi

    Ok, How to smaland?

    Hello sir, I have noticed u need to active your windows, i already have contacted local authorities, no need to panic
  2. MrBogi

    Ok, How to smaland?

    Smaland can be anything u want, from sweaty dd bully to dmg farmer (hybrid build can also work) it depends what u want to do and then choose the correct build, from a player like me that barely plays dd i played it hybrid (some team play, some farm) and it worked; only thing i can say, dont try to be a hero at the start of the game, rest is common sense
  3. MrBogi

    General CV related discussions.

    3 man div bad; go back to playing solo rhein u pepega @ObiWankov
  4. MrBogi

    Looking for a clan

    Thank you everyone for posting; Ill start trial in a clan, but will keep in touch with you for future :)
  5. MrBogi

    Looking for a clan

    Looking for a semi decent clan with with steel and coal buildings,; to farm steel in cb and div; expierienced player with irregular play schedule; no super tryhard clans (for now :) stat
  6. MrBogi

    MrBogi on twitch

    Hello everynyan, if you are looking for funny streams from a rather decent player drop by: https://www.twitch.tv/bogimrbogi Recently i got affiliated and will be getting some cool emotes soon ;)
  7. MrBogi

    Des memes

    I shall compensate lack of video editing expierience with my skill ;)
  8. MrBogi

    Des memes

  9. Im looking for a clan, that plays clan wars and gets to (at least) typhoon league, in order to improve my cw skill, meet new friends and hopefully play in friendly atmosphere. As for my expierience in wows i should just say i like anime. If u r interested message me in game https://wows-numbers.com/pl/player/509616061,MrBogi/
  10. https://youtu.be/hvCj27KPIhs interesting game of smashing some potatoes at weekends (3vs8 - no problem for kamikaze)
  11. WG invested much resources into a part of the game (class) which most of players (especially those who have played many games, over many years) dislike and would rather go without it. Consider the fact that at the launch of the update hakuryu and midway were overpowered as hell (at least we got some spicy memes), that the playerbase hated them even more. Now ofc they are nerfed, but the bitter taste stayed with the players. Other important issue is, that in some specific ships, carriers affect your gamestlye crucially and u have to adjust (or u get shrecked), which is ofc not always as "fun and engaging" as it would be without cv in the game. Thus the hate towards players that play them. I don't think that it can be ever changed. Just look at examples of "cancer" ships, that when played correctly are really annoying (khaba, conqueror etc). Carriers were always hated cuz of their position and i don't think that way of thing will be changed soon, but u never know, evertyhing is possible :)