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  1. KnightObilic

    General feedback

    Wouldn't it be funny if I had Carrier operations in Pacific during WWII as my graduation paper at the Naval academy? Well not me, but my brother's and I read the books he used several times. CV captain was not micromanaging because he had Carrier Battle group Commander as his boss, as well as ship navigations, FOP (flight operations) and DOP (deck operations) , as well as CVGC(Carrier Air group commander) as his subordinates. But all in all CVBGC, FOP and CVGC were micromanaging sending out recon flights in flight command over a theatre map (much like old CV map ) and wing sorties (much like old CV mechanics) and DoP were refuling, rearming planes, and managing takoffs and landings So YES CVBGC (Carrier Battle group Commander) had in abbreviated form to manage his CV(s) like we did in the game previously and not any of this arcade sh@t we have now
  2. KnightObilic

    General feedback

    Well some of us a re from the beginning in this game and have noticed a slow but steady decline in quality (with some notable improvements like stealth fire removal and....and...well.....ummmm.....yeah stealth fire removal and khm,khm). The game went downhill from Closed beta onwards. While I agree the developers and producers do not have to cater for the meta (per definition meta is someone that evolves within game constraints), their job is not to make blatant mistakes, spit on players and devalue the money they have spent in game. WG WOWs developers have made this time and time again, culminating in this 0.8.0 patch that actually forces paying customers to alpha test the mess they made, after being repeatedly told by PTS players, that it will be un unmitigated and horrible disaster. Additionally they introduced ridiculous bugs (fixing gun bloom bug, hahahaha what a joke - a ship going breaking line of sight must become invisible, there is no mechanics that can keep it spotted behind island), and made game unplayable for paid ships (DDs, Atlanta, Flint, Sims, Kaga...just to mention some. Aside they told us they will never nerf a premium ship.....hahahahaha again) CV in their previous RTS state are the true way CVs functioned in real life. No CV captain doubled as flight operations officer nor flight wing commander, or even flight deck officer. Additionally only a braindead vodka infused beggar would not think of the balance of the game and possible exploits (took Flamu, iChase and El2zer whole of 1 day to find them on PTS, not to mention live server) let alone people in charge of game balance - if they care about the game. What I see in play here are systematic nerfs of premium ships in order to make them obsolete and open way for new premiums, signals, captains and other monetized rubbish that will counter the "new" CV play, and the usual WG business model - we don't care about long staying playerbase, getting new CV players is more important, and what better way there is than to introduce omnipotent CVs (objectively if you struggle in CV's past Tier 4, you should take a job as crossing guard) This is plain bad, and I object because I cared for the game from the first day of testing until today. This sh@t must be removed from the game, re-worked and then tested for 6 months before rearing it's head again on live. No BS AA premiums may appear untill then. Hell even the devil's own spawn in EA will only monetize cosmetics in upcoming Anthem
  3. KnightObilic

    New CVs

    Inb4 new unique captains are introduced that have manual aa skill, and obviously premium DDs that are AA specced (AA rng hitchance with the formula AA_Hitchance=0.80+RNG(0<->0.20)) with only Admiral editions Oh and Azuma that can snipe at 18km so you can blob against CV as much as you like, and still get punished For ones like the WG troll with german navy flag - it's how you "manipulate RNG" (previously called "fixed RNG" or "Cheat RNG") to have bigger initial chance It is very clear how this fiasco will be monetized to WG benefit, as it will never happen that they actually fix the mistake
  4. KnightObilic

    New CVs

    It is a change - a change for worse. For CV players, for DD players, for CA/CL players, and to the game as a whole - meta has been pushed towards bunching up of the ships, DDs included. Scouting duties are now performed by jet planes, instead of DDs. Capping is impossible with more than 1 cv in game, and unlimited planes is an incomprihensible decision. So DDs will have to camp with their AA support, and not able to perform their duties, and that AA support is nerfed with (again) undefendable change in AA coverage that nerfed a lot of cruisers. If you wand feedback and recommendations: - revert/remove CV until the change is better concieved - remove unlimited squads - revert AA changes (non overlapping auras). Flak can be kept in. AA tracers in smoke should be removed, as they allow CV players to precisely drop DDs in smoke One of the options would be that CV cannot fire rockets at DDs (or remove rockets totally), but main changes should be limiting CV to 1 and limiting number of squads
  5. KnightObilic

    General feedback

    The horrible game de-balancing, definitely not tested with DD gameplay, horrible decision to give CVs unlimited planes, horrible, untested effect on game disabling dd and Cruiser main roles, nerfing the dedicated cruiser lines (atlanta, flint), nonconsistent stats, overly complicated AA management and stats. Forced camping of many ships to cover each other, permaspotting of caps, without any penalty for CVs (loss of squads), need for total re-spec for AA cruisers. So the theme is constant: - Horrible - Not enough tested, - Terrible - destroyed game balance - destroyed rock-paper-scissors game balance - destroyed roles for DDs and basically forced them to camp in the back or torp from 20km 2 words - horrible(patch) and terrible (game de-balancing) Please revert untill you re-balance the patch, limit number of squads, and think over the whole AA fisco
  6. KnightObilic

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    Easy solution is remove the unlimited number of planes. So CV can permaspot DD but after losing 29 planes, will think better than to hover over it
  7. so self explanatory: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/561634-mm-patent-updatedrenewed-in-2017-but-they-dont-use-itsure/ https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam's_razor If they patented and renewed the patent for rigged matchmaking the simple answer is because they use it. Convoluted answer would be they invented it, patented, included and circumvented in their MM engine.
  8. Well WG patented it, and Occam's razor tells us if it walks and talks like a duck it probably is a duck
  9. OP, try this - get a winning day (55%+) of wins. - never play the next day (in hours less than 24-30h) - play the day or 2 after the winning day - win (as you will not get the "adjusted" MM that starts putting better % players on Red team to compensate for your short term win%, it resets after 24-30h) if you are that good player that you believe Optionally - get in balanced Divisions (so not 2 BBs, 2 CL/CA, 2 BB, but mixed)
  10. KnightObilic

    Noob protection

    2 mechanics are at play - both are in game. Urban legends time, but I think it was confirmed that WG can modify some things to keep bad players in game so (just for correctness it's "probability" that something will happen, and RNG is the mechanics/tool used to calculate that probability. I'll keep calling it RNG for short) Number 1: RNG - rng is a random probability that something will happen (0.00 not happening to 1.00 surely happening). However with a simple modifier RNG can be severely influenced. probability of overpen = RNG (so can be anything between 0.00 and 1.00). Modify it like this -> overpen = 0.50+RNG (0.00-0.50) this means you start with 50% chance for overpen On the other hand if player win%<(50%) overpen=RNG(0.00 - 0.50) meaning bad players can get less overpen chance with just 1 small modifier. That modifier can be used on any probability calculated with RNG, and (tinfoil hat on) since it was sometime 2 years ago actually stated the RNG factor is calculated in the begining of the match - there is totally plausible explanation how someone can get "bad matches, cannot hit crap, everything pens, misses, no citadels" and others. Number 2: Differrent shell trajectories Even when firing full salvos there is a delay before 1st and last gun firing (can be heard in audio even) Every shell trajectory is calculated at the time of leaving the barrel (+ Sigma, aim assist compensation and (rigged) RNG applied). So last shell out of the gun may have a different trajectory to the first ones
  11. Moskwa new cammo is a must have, to sad it's probably only for April 1st event
  12. KnightObilic

    The middle of 2 Brothers again

    Funny thing though, Flambass only showcases his wins on YT, but keep looking at OMNI streamers on Twitch and you can see him owned in that middle channel so hard so many times I wonder how he can sit down on the chair
  13. KnightObilic

    [Ship Review] Kelorn on Asashio [WiP]

    They will probably test it then park it like other good one - the T-61
  14. KnightObilic

    If WG bias premiums, game will need overhaul

    Topic is pretty simple - do you need premium ships to progress in the game? Well no, until Tix and then only to earn money to buy Tx Does owning a premium ship makes your win % better ....um generally no, quite the opposite as inexperienced players in premium ships seriously diminish their team performance. Does WG need to sell premiums to keep the f2p model working - well duh. It's not that P2O (pay to own) ships are like Scorpion G in WOT - giving noobs P2K (pay to kill) security