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  1. BraveExpress

    ST 0.10.11, New ships (DB 243)

    Hey, there's the HMS Dido that should have been announced before the fantasy Pan Asian one, cheers. With 5 twin dual purpose 133mm guns it should have some pretty good AA right? "AA defense short-range: continuous damage per second - 95, hit probability - 85 %, action zone - 2.0 km;AA defense mid-range: continuous damage per second - 63, hit probability - 90 %, action zone - 2.5 km;AA defense long-range: continuous damage per second - 63, hit probability - 90 %, action zone - 5.2 km;Number of explosions in a salvo - 2, damage within an explosion - 1,260, action zone 3.5 - 5.2 km." Oh. Guess not.
  2. BraveExpress

    ST 0.10.10, superships characteristics. (DB 231)

    Do Yamagiri's torpedoes reload separately? E.g. can you fire all 3 launchers of one type, then swap to the other type and immediately fire all 3 launchers again? The unique feature of Conde, Annapolis, and "Zorkiy" will be: "Alternative firing mode: Burst Fire". In this mode, each individual turret automatically fires off several shells with a short interval between salvos and then goes on a long reload. When the mode is activated, the characteristics of the guns or shells change depending on the ship. How does this work exactly, do you press the activation and a single turret goes into the rapid mode, then you can press again and another turret goes into rapid? Can you have all turrets going rapid at once by continually activating?
  3. BraveExpress

    Update 0.10.9 - Interface Changes

    What I like: The overall increase in information when pressing H, and when skills activate. With the timers always shown setting, things are OK. What I dislike: The H menu completely overlaying the game, it's jarring and forces you to re-orient yourself each time it opens and closes. There is also a massive amount of wasted space, there is no need at all for the H menu to do this. All the information could easily be put into boxes as per previous h menu like I've outlined here, without having to overlay the rest of the game and get in the way of gameplay. Since there is an option for showing timers or not, perhaps there can also be an option like this to make it more like previous menu.
  4. BraveExpress

    Waterline, superships feedback (DB 227)

    I figured that might be the case, thanks for answering though. If "TXI" is going to be implemented with magic powers no matter what, I'd prefer if the effects of the activatables are not a massive increase over that ships normal power, seeing as they don't seem to be limited in charges like consumables are, but are similar in effect (reload booster, accuracy buff consumable in previous events etc...). In fact why not just make these fire adjustment special powers into consumables, since they are going to be held until activation now anyway? None of the new supers have anything like the fire adjustment mechanic. Also I wonder, will TX and lowerships generate additional XP for attacking these "TXI" ships in the same way that lower tiers get more xp for attacking higher tiers? Since WG has determined that the superships don't fit at TX
  5. I think Marceau might be a little more manoeuvrable than GK. That aside, it's nice to see some motivation behind the choices, and glad to see that we should be getting graphical info on how the DC's will launch. Perhaps we could also have some graphical representation of when torpedo homing is active or not? Like the triangle over the torp is changed when homing? So as to make the above homing cut-off distances clear when in-game. "If the class' popularity is lower, it will indicate that players interested in submarines do not like their mechanics, and we will look into how we can improve them." I wonder at the % of players that ARE interested in playing subs? And at what kind of players they are, such as long term players, or ones that stay only a short while then leave?
  6. BraveExpress

    Waterline, superships feedback (DB 227)

    Out of my clan the only reason people played the Grand Battle mode was to take advantage of the credit reward in the armoury, or to use DDs to punish people for playing those derpy things. So the reason they played that mode, wasn't that they enjoyed the superships themselves... "We decided that super ships and their mechanics, given the interest in them, may well become a full-fledged part of the game." Any WG staff able to elaborate on what the interest in superships is? There were surveys done at the time, any chance of releasing some results from that, like percentages of people who enjoyed grand battles and why? From what I can tell in this thread there is only 1 person who is positive, who just said they were glad to see them coming back and vanished into the ether, a few are mostly ambivalent, and majority are negative.
  7. Why is there a fantasy Pan-Asian Dido class before a real RN Dido?
  8. BraveExpress

    Dido class as tier VI Pan Asian cruiser

    Yeah, not having a RN Dido class announced before this line is a disgrace in my eyes. It's like, the only new model in the lineup, the rest are copy paste and turret swaps. Speculation, but I guess this is what happens when new lines come out more often, some become much lower effort to keep up the pace of releases...
  9. BraveExpress

    Public Test 0.10.9 - Interface Changes

    Please keep the fire/flooding/incap timers in seconds visible in the main battle screen without pressing H, I want to see these timers in seconds, not bars, and not to have to press H to see the exact time.
  10. BraveExpress

    Update 0.10.8: World of Warships Anniversary

    Will Chkalov go in the armoury as a normal doubloon ship once the bundles are over?
  11. BraveExpress

    ST 0.10.9, new ships (DB 199)

    4x4 14 inch RN BB is a nice idea, but please consider increasing the reload time for a better sigma, there's no point in 16 barrels if most of them just miss. it was mentioned on stream that you would want to go close to counteract the bad sigma, but with "less-than-ideal armor", and if the citadel and firing angles are anything like vanguard, going close will be a death sentence. The concept for the ship seems to be at odds with itself.
  12. BraveExpress

    Missouri event and economics

    Increasing the multiplier doesn't address the stacking issue. The issue with that right now seems to be that it doesn't stack the way it used to, not that the multiplier is too low. Why is the economy different than before, when WG has committed to it being the same? WG has the knowledge of the previous version, why was it not implemented correctly? [https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/243391-missouri-credit-earning-fixed/?do=findComment&comment=5550938] Thanks for your time on this, I know things can get pretty toxic for the community guys.
  13. BraveExpress

    Missouri event and economics

    Increasing the mission bonus from 17% to 20% doesn't seem to address the stacking issue. How can it be so hard for you to implement this? Just make it the same as it was already -_-
  14. Couldn't this whole thing just be avoided by putting the Dutch cruisers into the Pan-European tree? Which other nation even has enough cruisers that could make up a pan-EU cruiser tree? And you could get a DD split for dutch DDs. Make it a proper Pan-EU tree instead of just mostly sweden plus a few unique premiums. What even is the motivation for having Dutch be separate in the first place?
  15. BraveExpress

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Does this mean that there are only 5000 winners across all servers, or that there are 5000 winners for each server? Numbers are regarding the coal auction, but it would apply to the others too.