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  1. Base XP without modifiers. It's not that hard.
  2. Well thank you very much then :P Now I will play like crap because I think I'm better than I really am haha.
  3. Exceptional is an overstatement, I am nearly at 55% and I think i have a max of 20-30 games in division in like 6000+ battles. I don't consider myself exceptional.
  4. I once held a cap for 8 minutes and my team didn't give a rat's [edited], so ofc I died and got crap xp.
  5. Played a Haku, won, 130k dmg (crap for tier 10), lost 50k. Get used to it lol.
  6. constructive

    I loved SF. I coped with it while grinding a BB line and didn't whine like a [edited].
  7. If Gearing is trash for tier 10 then I demand Shima gets downtiered to like 7 lol XD
  8. Don't overreact. Shima is a decent ship actually. I grinded the whole line without premium and I don't feel "lied to" when I got to (any of my) tier X. If you want the captain retrained quick, 4-5 euros for insta-retrain ain't that much really..
  9. Idk, I grinded to Haku and now I'm at Ranger (RANGER !) and don't have a problem vs IJN CV. Only problems are vs Saipan because OP af.
  10. Hahahahhahahaha. No. This is somewhat true though..
  11. Met @Kittykami again today after a while.. last seen in Ranked :P Too bad we lost though..
  12. Hooly crap. And I was wondering yesterday when I played some tier 5 and met some 'takas, why they weren't firing at me. Guess they were just reloading lol.
  13. Wait, what ? It's been a looooong time since I grinded the 'taka, are you sure it's not something like 12 ?
  14. Why is there no point ? I really enjoyed grinding all the way to Hakuryu and I plan to get to Midway too; I'm a bit lazy as I'm at Ranger so..yea..