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  1. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    No, nothing is fine. It's the most frustrating season by far. Stuck at 4 for a week now, I'm sick of doing my job as a DD, only to watch my team die around me or have 0 support. Or witness stupid decisions like split between caps or go C on that map where A and B are in the same spot.. held them for 10 friggin minutes but of course team wanted to go C so they went C and died one by one. I don't know why I'm still playing this circus of a game.
  2. I love 'em. Would ditch the stupid santa crap from them; the Benson one is really cool.
  3. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    but but but but.. muh fire chance !
  4. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    I made it work in the few (17) battles I played till rank 10. But without RPF, no need for that honestly.
  5. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Then we play different games I guess.
  6. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Nope, you have a position where you can sit comfortably. If somebody flanks, he is focused by 6 ships.
  7. Ranked Season T8 Ships

    Akizuki with full cap'n probably, I can make it work very well in randoms. If not, then Benson with full cap'n.
  8. Fastest ship?

    What do you mean 33 ? I get 40+ without engine boost if I remember correctly. I think I got to 48 with engine boost and flag in a Minsk.
  9. Asashio. Yet a new Destroyer :)

    Also, fun fact, they were the first to have hydr- I meeaaan Sonar. *wink, wink*
  10. Asashio. Yet a new Destroyer :)

    It's not, it precedes it. It's a development of the Shiratsuyu class.
  11. Z-52 with hydro special upgrade; it just..works.
  12. Well apparently my torps have 100 km range :))
  13. Racism in clans and wows?!

    It's the internet and, thankfully, it's - still - free.
  14. My strategy against Saipan in a Ranger is just wait for most of his planes to die, with the occasional strafe; nothing else I can do really.
  15. Ocean

    It's the best map, git gud.