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  1. Idk.. git gud ? XD
  2. Of course they focused me, I never claimed I finished the game with full hp :P Usually in the ballpark of 1500-2000 hp, but with 2 other dd kills.
  3. I'm no unicum either, at least I don't feel like one; bad concealment and bad torps mean nothing when your main job is to kill enemy dds and set ppl on fire, both of which require you to be spotted :P
  4. Rank 1 in Farra only. It's a great ship if you're not afraid and have a bit of wasd skills. Anshan is the only one that's better imho, but I'm not playing premium ships so idk, I'm just saying that one was the only one that I was afraid of in the Farra. PS: 90% carried hard, being top xp.
  5. Hey KittyKami, told you we'll meet on the forums :)) We were in the same team once, gg on that one.
  6. It's done. Farragut only, Negativvv :D Surprised I've even made it, I skipped 2 weeks due to holiday.
  7. Same. Need 7 wins. I think we met today.
  8. Rank 4. Nothing changed, Farra still works.
  9. Well I ranked out last season in Mahan so I guess you see a pattern here :P
  10. I'm only rank 6 with about 40 games because WG thought it was a good idea to place the season in the middle of summer when people usually go on vacations and stuff. I only played Farragut and sorry Negativvv, but it's a damn good DD to play for ranked, I rarely end up anywhere below first place. Also I rarely NOT fire my guns at anything. Don't get me wrong, that usually means other DDs mainly, but if there are no cruisers around, the BBs are too far to accurately hit me.
  11. Because I only played 7 battles and only rank 10. Ain't got much time. Was rank 1 last season.
  12. First 3 battles, first 3 wins. 2-3-4 kills. Rank 12. Will settle with this for now, there're too many potatoes.
  13. IX to X is too much imho. I got over the fact that it costs an arm and a leg, but being forced to play them tier IXs too many games is a let-down.
  14. Maybe they can un-fold when you're out of planes or something.. or when all your planes are in the air and fold again when they return, idk.
  15. God yes, I agree completely. I got over the fact that pretty much all the ships move and react way too fast than they actually should, or that the battles are too short, etc, but what you propose should actually be easy to implement. Edit: World of Tanks is just silly, no offense, I don't get how people play that.