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  1. I don't think you can do that; it's their platform, you are leasing (basically) their game, infrastructure, etc, they can revoke your access, you do not have the right to access their stuff, it's a given privilege.
  2. blanc091

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    Hahah, nice. I've sunk more than 30k into an Nissan 200 SX S13, so I guess MPG is not a... concern haha.
  3. blanc091

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    Sorry if this is inappropriate, but can I ask you what car do you sink your money in :) ?
  4. blanc091

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Call me crazy, but I would like all these implemented lol
  5. blanc091

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    WG said lots of things which turned out to be false.
  6. blanc091

    What's with the DD meta these days?

    You don't get to choose sometimes. Here's what I mean:
  7. blanc091

    What's with the DD meta these days?

    Not really. I've been playing the Shima exclusively as of late, and I got to the point where I don't care about any other DD. Sure, I go from 100 to 30% if I'm lucky when meeting what you mentioned, but I don't die. Usually I either die at the start by some misfortune or a stupid mistake, or later by being cocky.. basically either I end up with 2000 dmg or 200.000.
  8. blanc091

    The problem with Seal Clubbers

    Nobody stays enough at tier 1-3 in order to care.
  9. blanc091

    Petition to remove storm

    You kidding ? I love storms in my DD; except radars in storm which is f-ed up.
  10. Did not bother with ranked at all for 2 seasons now. Got Flint, that's it.
  11. blanc091

    Leaked Images For Two New IJN Destroyers!

    Yes please, esp the tier X !
  12. blanc091

    Ships that need a buff

    Got to rank 1 in Mahan.
  13. blanc091

    stuck on island

    I was stuck for 10 mins once.. IN RANKED.
  14. blanc091

    Cyclonic iritation

    I LOVE cyclones, WG pls no change. Edit: maybe remove radar's ability to see more than 8 km during cyclone.
  15. blanc091

    Japanesse High Tier destroyers? A lost case

    Akizuki: awesome Shima: almost awesome, will see post-buff Yuugumo: awesome Kagero: hard, but awesome Sorry mate.