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  1. Cyclonic iritation

    I LOVE cyclones, WG pls no change. Edit: maybe remove radar's ability to see more than 8 km during cyclone.
  2. Japanesse High Tier destroyers? A lost case

    Akizuki: awesome Shima: almost awesome, will see post-buff Yuugumo: awesome Kagero: hard, but awesome Sorry mate.
  3. Segal's departing

    So the new cap keeps the special skills ?
  4. I got a mission from the first container from the mission haha.
  5. Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    I've been playing the Flint like crazy for the last few days hehe. But mostly because it's new to me and also to get a decent captain going on it.
  6. Tell me the Ibuki is not EDIT.

    It's been a while since I played it (2 years ago or more), but loved the Mogami with those godly pre-nerf 19km-range 155s and pretty much hated the Ibuki grind, only to get to the Zao and love that one.
  7. Ok, you are correct, I was a moron in the sense that I was pressing the left button, the one that filters ships by tier and nation and stuff.
  8. Before, just after we got it. Played a couple of battles and left it to port.
  9. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Yea, I finished earlier today. :)
  10. Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    Ahem, that was me in the Akizuki haha. We met a couple of times.
  11. No, there is no filter present :| I 100% remember playing the Takao.
  12. Sorry for asking here, but I can't find my ARP ships anymore, no matter what Port I use, where the hell are they ?
  13. Same here. Waiting for the Flint and that's that, I can't be bothered any more unless MM takes hydro/radar into account. Not to mention the less and less rewards every season.
  14. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    LoYang in randoms, no problem. In ranked, either you don't put yourself in the position to be spotted by that hydro (ideal), you flee and take some damage in the process (meh) or rush him and you both die (not fun). If I had to rush one in my Aki, I usually killed him due to godlike gunz and health, but end up with like 2000 hp left due to all the focus fire.