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  1. General_Iroh

    Strongest AA for its tier

    I think that focusing on AA has its own fun gamestyle. I for example really like paying attention to my AA range and effectiveness while considering which of my allies requires the most AA support at a certain point in time, and patrolling near them. I also feel like now with the nerf, that gamestyle has really been crushed.
  2. General_Iroh

    Old Port Music

    So I haven't played the game in a bit. When it was new, there was this song when you had a victory: Since every port now has a different (sub-)soundtrack, I'd like to know if ANY of the existing ports still offers that music, and which one it is, if any of you knows. Thank you :) NEVERMIND: It's Philippines!
  3. General_Iroh

    Strongest AA for its tier

    Damn. I haven't played WoWS in quite a while, I just heard some rumors about AA being nerfed, but I didn't know it for sure yet. Ugh.
  4. General_Iroh

    Strongest AA for its tier

    Hey guys! I've been trying to figure out which cruiser has the strongest AA for its tier, overall. Any ideas? Like the most overpowered AA in the whole game when you consider the rest of its tier? Thank you~
  5. General_Iroh

    New Victory Port Music [Poll]

    Alright, so as most of you probably know, the music that plays after a victory when you are in the port (I think it was premium only), has been replaced with some other music in a recent update. Personally, I have absolutely LOVED the old Victory Port music ( ), and it was a major part of the game that kept me wanting to play more. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. The new music doesn't really motivate me to click on "Battle" and play another round. It's absolutely no comparison to the old one, and is, in my eyes, a step back. It's nowhere as cool and encouraging.I have asked around to some of my colleagues, and they just confirm what I've said. For statistical purposes, I have added a poll to see what you guys think about this matter. With this thread, I'd like to ask (firstly), why the music was changed in the first place. Secondly, I'd kindly like to ask WG to re-think their decision here, encouraged by the (hopefully in favor of this matter) results of the poll. And last of all, if there are supporters with that kind of knowledge, I'd like to know if there is a way to replace the music just for me, so that I can have the old sounds back. It can't be too difficult, right? R- right?
  6. General_Iroh

    [Music] pre-0.5.5/0.5.6 "Victory" themes in port?

    Bring the old music back! It was sooo epic, and now we got this cr*p... god, how I miss the old tracks.. how could anyone have complained about them?
  7. General_Iroh

    Ship Horns - Yes, another thread about it

    That is exactly why I have offered more than one solution to problems like these. If you think that, despite the option of muting ships, it will get annoying because of course, every guy in this game is a troll who wants to spam stuff (Let me just mention the spoken battle chat messages here. I rarely ever see someone spamming them, and there isn't even an option to mute players), there could be an option for you to either disable the horn system, or to adjust the volume of horns, which you could then turn to 0 because apparently you are afraid of getting headaches. This way, you would never have to deal with any troll misusing the system, whatsoever. I and all the others who would like to see horns would be happy, and you would be too, because there is no way you can complain about it if you don't hear it. Problem solved?
  8. General_Iroh

    Ship Horns - Yes, another thread about it

    Why would I even care if I still crash into him, or he into me? You can't make it worse than it is right now. With this system, you would add a possibility for him to notice his mistake (or yours), and turn away, and even that possibility is worth it, beside the obvious comparison to real life ships. And I have no idea who would just honk and keep sailing towards a ship, there is no illusion of security, of course it demands a certain degree of brain in a players head, as with everything that you introduce to a game. And as I said, it is not only about that "warning" purpose, but about the things I mentioned above - why I want to see them in the game in the first place.
  9. General_Iroh

    Ship Horns - Yes, another thread about it

    What's the point of displaying marks of excellence on tanks in WoT battles if everyone can just disable them? 1. It is for your own satisfaction, call it "pride", and joy - fun 2. Not everyone has them disabled, as we all know, therefore it is even more fun to have them There are good things and bad things about everything you introduce, not everyone will be happy. But with this solution, there is no-one who can complain about it annoying him. They don't only bring joy and make the game more interesting, they can also serve their original purpose - to warn other ships. How often does it happen that you crash into someone, or nearly do it, or someone else crashes into you? If you still call them useless even though they can serve this purpose, why not dismount horns from real ships? I mean, what's the point? Come on now. Just let it happen, and turn them off if you are that concerned about it.
  10. General_Iroh

    Ship Horns - Yes, another thread about it

    Now, I know that there have been tons of threads about the suggestion to introduce ship horns to WoWS, and most of them have been closed with a short "Use the search" / "No horns" which is absolutely ridiculous. Even if you really don't want to put horns into the game, I at least expect a detailed reason for this, after there have been discussions on this to light up the pro and the contra. I, for one, think that to not introduce horns is a massively wasted opportunity. Each time I log into the game and hear those horns whistling in the distance, I can't stop but think about how cool it would be to see the ability to use them in the actual battles. I understand that you have already tried this in WoT, but it turned out to be used more for trolling than for the actual use of them. Still, imo, there is a big difference between WoT and WoWS: the size of the maps. In this game, we're on the open sea, and the maps are just gigantic at higher tiers. Situations in which there are tons of ships in one area are not that likely to happen. Of course, there would be people trying to abuse it, like with the current system of spoken battle chat messages. But there, you decided to keep that system in place, despite the possiblity of trolls. And I can tell you, the positive effects on the players through the horn system would be higher than the negative effects. Think about it. There are so, so many ways to counter the trolls in this matter. I would suggest the possibility for players to turn off the whole horn system, to adjust the volume of horns, or to even mute "ships" so that you cannot hear their horn. This way, not only the (large number of) players who really strive to see the system in the game would be satisfied, but also the players who think critical about it. One may think, why do it only in WoWS then, and not in WoT, where you could apply the same method? Why is it so important in this game? Because ships. Do I have to add more to that? Horns belong to ships like nothing else. Just listen to a real fog horn, and dance in pleasure. You don't have to use the system. You don't have to let anyone annoy you, if it should happen. The amount of joy and fun I and so many others would get when using the horns, would be incredible. Personally, I think I would spend way more time with this game. Call me a nerd, but it is that glorious to have horns. Re-think about this matter, and don't just throw it into the trashbin without a second thought. It would be a wasted opportunity. Seriously. Oh and guys, please feel free to add other suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Just keep away with that "No, because trolls". I suggested more than enough that would nullify any troll effectiveness.