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  1. TheBoan

    Recent decline.

    The game is going to the wall now after the introduction of patch 6.3. Base players are leaving in droves and not many newcomers are staying very long so sort it or you will have a lame duck WG .......This was predicted and its your commerce at the end of the day ......sort it or lose out on revenue ......very simple to fix ....put me in charge
  2. I would love to join a competitive clan aspect .......what do you need from me? a thorough interview would be great I was a training commander ( not much training going on as usual), although we had some good players. would like to get my skills up with good players now, fed up with training players that leave! I would love to join a competitive clan aspect .......what do you need from me? a thorough interview would be great
  3. TheBoan

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Stability

    Multiple bugs in all aspects of the Main menu mainly in the settings where changing is often an issue and some settings seem to be conflicting with others and resetting themselves to default. Apart from the serious issues you have with the last patches game mechanics (have noticed your EU server attendance has dropped by around 20-30% and falling) there are numerous accounts of screen anomalies such as: 1. The in-game timer in the center of the screen. 2. Failure to switch to the Binocular mode when attempting to maneuver. 3. Failure to select anything in port screen on many occasions. 4. Ships in game grounding and not able to maneuver forward or backward. Unfortunately, there are so many bugs that I have only just started to list them so can advise in a day or two if approached. Game crashes have increased significantly and to be honest most of the new mechanics have made playing most nations mid-high tier DDs CAs and CVs dull, boring and frustrating. TheBoan (Beta Tester)
  4. TheBoan

    Event Calendar December - Feedback

    Fairly challenging but reasonably achievable although the same old port slot again seems like a dull completion prize ! At least this sort of challenge keeps everyone on their toes although we are getting a little sick of the kill stealing thats rife through the game :/
  5. TheBoan

    0.5.3 Bugs And Performance Feedback

    Tried the patch update.....epic fail.....went for full install at 10;00hrs this morning and 3 epic fails......always the same after patch release so see ya next week .......will not be renewing my prem account before next patch !
  6. TheBoan

    Control key issue, please help :)

    Yes, this has worked well and I can now use the ctrl key effectively as well as my usual in game controls ..........thanks for the reply Marc Maybe WG should sticky a complete controls and setting tutorial for new players !
  7. TheBoan

    Control key issue, please help :)

    Yes Marc, I have utilised some of the in game controls to suit my play style, however I have deleted preferences and am about to test this. Will let you know if it works !
  8. TheBoan

    Control key issue, please help :)

    During game play I can not select highlighted targets for my secondary batteries or AA. I have tested the controls settings and have found that this can not be changed. When pressing the "ctrl" key, the mouse pointer should appear on screen and this is not happening ?????? any suggestions guys and girls !!!???