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  1. Icoleman

    How people view us

    Glad you guys liked it. :teethhappy:
  2. Icoleman

    Flugzeugträger B

    Jann336, on 28 September 2013 - 12:24 PM, said: Flugzeugträger B translated means, Aircraft carrier B. German is not in the word. But nice Post! I know that. I put the parenthesis there to inform it was the German carrier project B, not to translate the word.
  3. Icoleman

    Flugzeugträger B

    Would be nice if you gave me credit on MY article I wrote on the NA forum. :(
  4. Icoleman

    ORP Piorun - Destroyer from Poland

    They look more beautiful each time I see them.
  5. Icoleman

    The German Navy until 1989