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  1. If people actually read some topics they would know.. Some sailors pick only for example the bad reviews only to comment on them. One question more about it why not buying it with free xp. now new players who doesn't even know how to shoot buy the Alaska and getting in high tier ... Don't understand the choice, for more experienced gamers this would be frustrating. so for the veteran Captains keep you head cool ;-)
  2. Sinoya


    Maybe it worked better if they the old cv's are back and did less damage on those torps and reduces spotting range it would be better then nerfing and finetuning this rework. Buts its only my opinion, because they never gonna change it now because too many people worked on this rework. We better deal with it, and try to comment with good arguments so WG can use those comments to make a better gameplay. Dont kill me after my comment but its not working if we keep on blaming WG try to fix it is a better solution.
  3. Sinoya

    -DOG recruiting

    Ahoy there sailors, Were a dutch fun clan with a lot of English speaking people. Were trying to recruit some sailors but sometimes its harder then someone thinks, so if in game doesn't works were gonna try it here. The clan is rather an old clan but we didn't do much for it so its time for the next step. What are we looking for: You need to have fun in the game that's for sure, so i guess recruiting here is a good idea ;-) Yeah im starting about stats sorry were looking for an win rate above 49% because i really think that's average. You need at least one or 2 tier 10 ships who can actually use in clan battle, mostly you all have i think.. Were playing all types of battles, i don't think we play co-op that much tho For clan battles were also looking for people who can lead a team, or has the insight to lead.. and above all that who enjoys leading a team. Really don't know what to tell now but if this is something you're looking for then give me a message or apply to the clan -DOG Well hope to speak to you and that you will join us ! Happy gaming!
  4. Sinoya

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Could be worse i guess, glad that they even choose to compensate... sometimes developers chooses not to...