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  1. Edited,dirty trick clan.

    Because this one is more epic (although it's a close call ) Also.... Yay! Greatest thread of the forum is back alive
  2. Well, I really think that's a nice move from WG. The duration should be long enough to be completable for everybody who currently has Cleveland. Of course, a free respec for everybody would be even better, but this way of 'proving' you already had Cleveland is the next best thing, and I find it really fair. So well done WG
  3. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    MrConway, I'm gonna chime in here too. Now, I fully agree with what @MrFingers and @cro_pwr have said so far, so I sincerely hope you guys read it and try to act on it. There is however one small thing I'd like to add to what they already said: Yes, I enjoy playing Warships. Yes, I have fun playing the game. But there are more games that I enjoy playing. There are more games that give me fun. And the message you're sending here is the following: "if you enjoy other games too, just go play them. You'll still have a good time, AND in addition you'll get some free stuff in Warships for when you do come back" I have no problems whatsoever with 'come back to the game gifts'. I do have a problem with the value of the gifts. Don't give away these high tier premium ships. The offer @4bombs had is a good example. Leave out the two ships, maybe increase the Free XP to 200k and make it 150 of eacht flag instead of the ships and it would be perfect. A nice gift for a returning player to speed up the new grind, but still less than what a normal player could have gathered during those x months the 'veteran' didn't play.
  4. Port chat ever going to get fixed?

    I'm sorry, but that doesn't make any sense. It's been like this since the early beta days (maybe even longer, but I wouldn't know as I only joined in Closed Beta). You're really telling us during all those years there was never time to address this? And that's especially dubious since apparently there was time to screw up the division ready/not ready interface and chat. I have to agree with @Juanx above.... if you're honest about this beining a sore point for you, then you would've found some time to fix it during all those past years.
  5. Collectors club

    Guys, read the thread before posting. Especially when conjuring up a thread long lost to the ancient times. The Collector's Club is no more.
  6. It is impossible to buy signal flags for credits. I would recommend unchecking that box, as it WILL resupply the flags for DOUBLOONS if you happen to run out. And yes, I do agree the wording is bad. It should say doubloons as credits and doubloons are both 'in-game' currency.
  7. Port chat ever going to get fixed?

    I agree. And I think you should try to summon some WG peeps.... @Tuccy, @MrConway, @Sub_Octavian
  8. May I present "Asashio" king? :-)

    Yeah, but that's because you're modest
  9. Haha yeah I got killed waaaay too early. Citadelled to death form 75% hp by a Myoko And we were so close that game
  10. So they're changing the name of Schiffmann. Either that, or we're getting 3 German commanders all of a sudden.
  11. Those are the best beers! One of the good things about Belgium
  12. Exept for cruisers, no, there is no difference between Asashio torps and Pan Asian torps. For battleships, both will have the triangle with a line above it. For destroyers, both will be indicated by a dot (and sometimes the bugged torp alarm sound). Only cruisers will see a difference. They'll see Asashio torps as a dot (they can't hit cruisers), but they will see regular Pan Asia torps as the triangle with line (as they can hit cruisers). And of course normal torps are indicated as triangles for everybody. Edit: and of course just after writing that I remembered Wilkatis made a schematic for this. So here's the quote: Left is what all regular torps look like to everybody. Middle is what Pan Asia deep water torps look like for battleships and cruisers, and what Asashio torps look like for battleships and carriers only. Richt is what Pan Asia deep water torps look like for destroyers only, and what Asashio torps look like for cruisers and destroyers.
  13. Lol that second pic Were they mating?
  14. I tell you that I do, and I don't see a reason why I would lie about that. In fact, in my line of work people tend to get lynched for lying. Either by colleagues or by the authorities But believe what you want. I think the fact that you make posts completely unrelated to the thread and I don't proves my point enough. Like I already said, if you don't know what's going on in a thread, it's better not to post at all. It saves you from embarressing yourself.
  15. New pink/orange names seem VERY sensitive..

    I think for this one you might want to contact support. WG won't remove the penalty (don't think they can), but they might improve the system for it.