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  1. Bellegar

    haha very funni tweet wgee

    Gotta love this reasoning. "Yeah we made some changes that were so bad that we'll fix them. But before we do that, we're gonna focus on fixing individual ships affected by the (to be fixed) changes we made. So yeah, all other ships will have to struggle with the unfixed changes for another four months"
  2. Bellegar

    Vaccine or Murphys Law

    There is no such thing as an AA spec Also this thread is
  3. Very interested what WG has to say about this....
  4. Bellegar

    PSA: Commander skills - opt-in skill reset

    Nice, so I'm not the only person to play those two in reverse order I played AC 2 when it came out, wasn't impressed and never touched them again. Played Odyssey because a friend recommended it, loved the 'proper' RPG elements and decided to buy Origins afterwards. Currently finalising Origins, and waiting for my new pc (which will arrive when Nvidia sacrifices enough virgins to the gods to poop out a proper number of 3080s) after which I'll play Valhalla. Meanwhile I've only played WOWS the least amount of time possible to collect the free Santa Crates from T10 ships. I have to admit I expected to miss the game more, I find it quite easy to just forget about it....
  5. Bellegar

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Sadly no luck for me (as usual), but congrats to all winners! And of course a massive thank you to @lup3s and all generous donators.
  6. Bellegar

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Happy new year everybody! May 2021 bring you more success and happiness than 2020. And while we patiently wait for mr @lup3s to run his magic program, could we please consider we lost a great internet entity today.... Rest in peace Flash, you made the young internet so much more bearable. You served the internet well, may your memes never be forgotten, and may your legacy live on through the heroes of the Internet Archive
  7. Bellegar

    Happy new year to WG.....

    People actually did what the quest asked of them?
  8. Gents, a question for the more informed than me. When do you need to be Bronze rank 1 for the reward flag? Do you need to be Bronze rank 1 in the last sprint, or will the system 'remember' you made it in an earlier sprint and credit you with the flag regardless? The first would be stupid, should clearly be the last. But with WG I'm not gonna assume anything based on common sense or common courtesy I mainly played ranked for the commemorative flag, and used it as the main source of signals. With signals gone, I still want the commemorative flag. Yes, I like looking at pretty cloth while playing my ships
  9. Bellegar

    Christmas Campaigns

    While true, that doesn't make it the move any less scummy.
  10. Bellegar

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    But... but... desire and want are very different things! Sorry, I'll stop and go back in hibernation now
  11. Bellegar


    My job title System Engineer in an aerospace Design Organisation, responsible for designing (modifications to) aircraft systems. Also props to @Execute0rder66 for giving a proper answer, so I don't have to feel bad for giving a trolly one
  12. Bellegar

    0.9.12 New Year's Campaigns Guide

    Have you eaten too much chili? Maybe a katheter is a solution for you?
  13. Bellegar

    Great Patch

    But they are spoiling us
  14. Bellegar

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I don't have a Makarov yet, so I feel obliged to enter this lottery Thank you so much for hosting this again @lup3s There are two Christmas certainties in the world: WG has a massive f*ckup, and you host a Holidays Lottery. I feel like especially this year, we can use all the good vibes we can get. To all you lovely forumites out there: happy holidays, and remember, no matter what 2021 might bring, it can't possibly be worse than this year! Merry lockdown and happy vaccinations
  15. Because they are incompetent idiots who don't care for their customers. Their 'fix' for their own f*ckup is just another f*ckup. BTW, that is not aimed at the support minions personally, those are generally very helpful (speaking from personal experience in other cases). I'm talking about the guys pulling the strings and setting support procedures/processes.