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  1. Bellegar

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Oh boy, and another old timer and forum regular leaves Although I do understand, and I must admit I'm slowly moving more and more to that decision myself (again...) Bye @Blixies, was fun having you around, and we'll miss you May you find other games that bring you more joy! And do check in on these forums from time to time, just to have a laugh :)
  2. Bellegar

    Changes in the armory

    You want people to play the ships that you make, yet you create the Pay 2 Rico event so that only 1% (your own words) of the people can play the ship that you create? WG should really learn to at least be consistent with their lies.
  3. Don't bother, I've explained 3 times over the past week to him that disliking WG does not equal to disliking the game. That guy is so thick, he could win a headbang contest with an aircraft on a take-off roll.
  4. Also the "never T10 for money" stuff
  5. Which saddens me, as I (obviously) think you should (though this is probably the least important case in recent times to make a fuss about). But yeah, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. I know better than to argue and try to change your mind P.s. WG (probably in the form of Sub_Octavian, but I'm pretty sure I've also seen Conway and Crysantos say it at some point) has said on numerous occasions that Yamato's guns would be the biggest in the game. Usually it pops up in the occasional Q&A, or whenever somebody starts blabbering about H ships or Super Yamatos again. I'm too tired to search for links though, so feel free to take my memory with a grain of salt.
  6. Also there's Peter Molyneux. It's been more quiet recently, but he has spewed some weird sh1t half a decade ago. It was almost to the point of delusional. That cube thing he did was really something next level, if I remember correctly.
  7. I am playing something that brings me joy: WOWS. The game does not bring me any anger and disappointment (though the teammates often try...). WG does. I've said it before, but apparently I'll have to say it again: disliking WG =/= disliking WOWS
  8. EA is lucky WG isn't an American company, otherwise their crown of "worst American company" might have been in danger. But seriously, EA, Bethesda and Activision Blizzard are still worse than WG. Not necessarily on telling lies, but very well on being scumbags.
  9. I'm sorry to say this, as I usually hold you in high regard... but yes problem. Not because of the ship, that will be utterly useless compared to Yamato (more guns, same overmatch). The problem is that this is yet another lie by WG. We've all known for a few years now that Sub_Octavian was a liar, but lately everybody involved with WG seems capable of only telling lies...
  10. Subs, Legendary modules, Yamato guns biggest guns.... is there any promise WG hasn't broken? I mean, we all knew Sub_Octavian is a liar, but now even other statements prove to be lies.
  11. Bellegar

    So...I got the PR....

    @Greyshark, well? Where's the quote to validate your statement?
  12. Bellegar

    What the PR PR fiasco cost wargaming?

    Which is exactly why you should stop paying WG, because otherwise you just reward them for their lies and scams.
  13. Bellegar

    So...I got the PR....

    Quote me where I said this. I'll even give you another option to wiggle out of that accusation... quote me where I verbally abused players for this.
  14. Bellegar

    So...I got the PR....

    Maybe the fact that we enjoy playing this game? Why can people never understand that hating WG =/= hating WOWS
  15. Bellegar

    So...I got the PR....

    Completely different concept. The Tirpitz was, even when first released, a fair deal. You can argue it was way too expensive, but it was fair. WG was honest in saying, "you want this ship? You pay us x amount of money". The Puerto Rico is not fair. WG is luring you into a spending trap using the most ambiguous building mechanics possible. And cherry on top: when confronted, they actively lied to you, me, and everybody else. The difference: buying Tirpitz shows you want that ship and the price was justified for you. Buying Puerto Rico, for whatever price you paid for it, also shows that you approve of this sharade. Every cent WG gets over Puerto Rico, gives them more incentive to repeat this scam. And that's completely on the people that gave them that cent. Buying Puerto Rico also shows that you do not mind being blatantly lied to.