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  1. Well something like that did happen in the past with other shitstorms. Those shitstorms were exponentially bigger though, so yeah I'm not expecting much
  2. Bellegar

    Why run at the end?

    For me 3 reasons: - staying alive and kiting means more salvos, means more damage, means more credits and xp - farming Dreadnaught/Fireproof achievements for campaigns - sometimes we still hold 1 cap (equals point income) and enemy team is too stupid to cap our base and win, instead they chase and lose on points Never underestimate the stupidity of the "no cap kill all" brigade
  3. Still waiting for any official statement regarding this @Crysantos, @MrConway, @Sub_Octavian
  4. Bellegar

    Recommend me a Battleship line

    Izumo is a turd. I would rather grind Yamato in Amagi than play that abomination. Yes the buffs helped (played it before and after), but it's still a very weird ship that doesn't fit the line it sits in and is difficult to make work properly. On topic, I have to agree with the general concensus that US or Rashan ships are the best 'teacher'. I'd say US line, since their speed means overextending is impossible, they're decent to angle so it teaches that, and the generally good AA means you can get used to them in general peacefulness without too much trouble from CVs
  5. Bellegar

    Talking Ship, A.K.A. teach us, Wargaming!

    But PLEASE don't have a German pronounce French names. It will not end well To be fair, Dutch people generally have a good 'feel' for other languages in the way words/names are pronounced. Probably a case of flexible or even genetically enhanced tongues or something And it's just a necessity because nobody in the world understands the gibberish that's called Dutch (well except for half of the Belgians and half of the South Africans)
  6. Bellegar

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    Oh don't worry, I don't hold the managers of WG in high regard. I still remember that glorious apology letter from a certain Markus Schill a few Christmases ago But if we have ever learned one thing about WG, it is that they are driven by money. So given that they are driven by money, they will understand that Ships must be healthy to carry the dead weight of Tanks, until the manage to revive Tanks again. In other words, the resurrection of Tanks will be the deathblow to Ships on the monetisation levels. And if they ever decide to give premium ammo to Ships.... well... I guess I can finally get around to playing Anno 1800 again
  7. Bellegar

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    To be honest, I think that's why they won't do it. They won't be stupid enough to kill both games at the same time. They need Ships to do well until they get their crap together again in Tanks. IF they ever get their crap together again in Tanks
  8. Bellegar

    Upcoming Battleship buff

    Even WG isn't that stupid. The day they bring premium ammo to Ships, is the day that Ships dies. Simple as that. There are simply too many people that fled Tanks because of just that mechanic.
  9. Doesn't matter. Friesland is Free XP, so no complaining or they might change their minds
  10. Bellegar

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Aren't you Flemish? That doesn't count as foreign speaking
  11. Not that I intend to buy the bundle (haven't lost my sanity yet), but how is Texas' AA holding up after the rework? Still good, or did it get nerfed heavily?
  12. Bellegar

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Oh dear, I honestly did not know that But in my defense, I'm from the complete opposite side of the country I would love to see a foreign speaking person try to pronounce pompleblêd Still want that flag though.
  13. Bellegar

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    For those not following iChase, but still interested in the ship... gameplay and commentary/preview by iChase: My personal opinion: all coal, steel, Free XP and doubloon expenses are on hold until they announce how we can buy this. I must have this thing <3 No not only because I'm Dutch, I also honestly think it's a very interesing and different design/concept in the game Edit: and yes, I totally want the Friesland flag with the cute little hearts on it on my ship. @MrConway, @Crysantos make it happen!
  14. My guess is Gamescom (end of August) And it's Dutch!! Although that only means I am completely biased
  15. Bellegar

    Current Sprint Season

    You know that. I know that. All decent players know that. What matters though, is that the plebs don't know that I had a Hood shoot HE at me. A HOOD!