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  1. I've switched to Resources (occasionally still pick signals out of habit.... yes muscle memory is a thing for me ) The other stuff in the resources container is actually useful (no more ramming flags ), and the coal is stockpiling for Salem.
  2. What?! "SkybuckFlying" and "played very well" in the same sentence? Oh dear, and I thought I had seen it all
  3. What's even worse was that said Moskva said over discord "I can't show broadside to that Des Moines, he will rape me". Somebody else said he would be fine, so he pushed anyway and well... you noticed how it ended But I liked that little clusterf*ck over there. So many ships so close to eachother was fun
  4. Met @Allied_Winter and his clan in a clan battle earlier tonight. We won (yay!), but you guys gave me a good run for my money (if you don't remember the game, it was the game on Tears of the Cruiser where you in a Des Moines and a Moskva rushed the south cap against me in my Monty)
  5. Did you spend if after the event started? Or on the night before? Because that might explain it. Otherwise, I would guess it's ticket time for you
  6. Oh yes I do (in fact, by now it might be so long ago that you may have no idea what I'm talking about...) But I also have enough honour to admit that things have definately improved in that regard I never thought I would ever say this to you, but I fully agree with you on this one! I mean, guys wtf. You are about to spend ~80 euros worth of doubloons. How the is that not a reason to make perfectly sure that what you're about to do is within the time frame of the event? I know WG (EU) has a habit of announcing events after they've started, but come on, that doesn't mean you can just assume that this will always be the case. You were able to click the button in advance, that's very handy as you won't have to remember to click it when the event starts. You can just go ingame and spend your doubloons. You guys can consider yourselves very lucky that WG was generous enough to still grant you the ship. I'm happy for you, but you didn't really deserve it. Next time you're about to spend 25k doubloons, make sure you read the event announcement properly ffs Of course I understand mistakes happen. I've often not read event announcements properly myself as well. But come on, you're spending €80 on this! How can you not check?! Edit: oh and btw, I do agree that WG should be more transparent in their 'credition times'. Yes it's too early for tickets as long as it's not Saturday yet, but I do think "Friday" is not enough of an estimation. And yes, I also agree that WG doesn't learn this, because we had the exact same discussion with GNB (amongst others).
  7. I agree, and that's why I think we should not request any nazi symbols in the game. Call me devil's advocate or a diplomat, but I believe it's about choosing your battles. Let WG have their political correctness with nazi symbolism and be satisfied with IGN symbolism. No, that isn't perfect, but at least it's better than what we have now. Negotiations are a matter of compromising, of giving and taking. And I really see this topic as negotiations between us, history buffs, and WG and their symbolism policies. However ok some of us might be with them (I'm perfectly fine with swastikas in game myself), nazi stuff is just that tiny bit more sensitive, at least in Europe. Obviously the average Asian will care much more about Japanese stuff, that's just logical. But I do believe there is still no reason to exclude the IGN flag from the game. There are no objections to that flag or the symbols on it (as is the case with the IJN flag, but as this topic is called "IGN flag", I think we should leave that aside. Again, a matter of choosing battles and progressing slowly with one issue at a time. I really am becoming a diplomat, aren't I... not bad huh, for a senseless engineer ). And who knows what may happen with pissing off countries. WG also thought Pan Asia DDs would be fine, but their "Taiwan is a nation" and "two Chinas" policies were very close to biting them in the @ss at that time. There were certainly enough people pissed off to get embassies involved, and WG had to release some very political statements just to save their skin.
  8. By promotion I mean exactly what I said, and what you describe. You are not allowed to promote mods including swastikas on the forums. That's why they removed them. You are allowed to use mods including swastikas in the game. And please, the fact that I know the rules does not mean I agree with them!
  9. Collectors club

    Could you search for it a bit? Pretty please? <3 It has to be somewhere.... I'm sure many people would be interested to have a good laugh
  10. Not true, they only banned the PROMOTION of mods with SWASTIKAS on their forums. IJN flags can still be promoted on the forums. You can still make a mod that gives swastikas in the game, you just can't promote it on the forums (or other WG owned stuff). However I fully agree that their double standards regarding symbols are just completely retarded. "let's ban some symbols that all nations officially agree are fine, but let's allow some symbols that are actually banned by law in some nations"
  11. It get's even weirder once you realise that the Rising Sun flag is not banned in any country in the world (that's right, even both Chinas and Koreas do not ban the Rising Sun flag), but the Hammer and Sickle flags and symbols are actually banned by law in quite a few eastern European countries. But that's a discussion for another thread. I've stated before that I think the IGN flag has a place in this game. I personally would also be fine with Nazi flags, but I could understand WG being hesitant about those, even after this change of policy by the Germans (well done Germans for being sensible )
  12. Collectors club

    I believe there was a list somewhere in a dark closed off section of the forums with the different meanings of all the different 'soon's. Like Tuccy soon, Sub_Octavian soon, soontm, MrConway soon and so on... back in those days probably Ectar soon as well @Tuccy, @MrConway, what happened to that list? Is it still available somewhere?
  13. No actually the door will be minimised to the task bar and continue to waste energy
  14. T-61 finally coming - and get it a week early!

    Please, choose not to repeat this experiment. And this is true! Everybody's been telling you this ship is stupidly OP. You do nothing for 10 months, and then you yell "yeah, we're so close to release we can't change anything". Well maybe you should have changed it as soon as people told you? And yes, I saw the new emojis. I love that crab