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  1. Bellegar

    Bonus Codes

    Yeah...nobody knows what that says. You might as well have pointed an arrow to Klingon or Elfish Hell, both would've probably made more sense. Also apologies to everybody for setting off all your thread notifications
  2. Bellegar

    Is it worth coming back ?

    I've now read the entire thread. I'm ignoring the discussion about specific mechanics on the last few pages as I just don't know. I've been away too long. But I did see something earlier that I want to comment on: Well so far I've seen a lot of respectable forumites saying "no". All the "yes" sayers are people that I either don't know, or know to not pay attention to their opinion. I mean no offence by this, it's just an observation that means the answer is "no" for me, as that's the only response I'm seeing from people I 'trust' (as far as you can actually trust people in an anonymous online community). Yes, you may call me an old fart for this, as most of those people have been around for as long as me. And as far as the game is concerned, I am an old fart. I still remember when different servers had different events with different rewards
  3. Bellegar

    Is it worth coming back ?

    I just stumbled upon this topic by chance after a hiatus of the forums (and an even longer hiatus of the game). Reading the first page was.... how to call it... interesting... I guess I know the answer to a similar question I had, though subs were still in the early testing stages before I stopped.
  4. Bellegar

    New Code.

    So generous that I haven't even launched the game since early last year. I can't yet fully let go of the game though. I still click the daily free arsenal thingy and lurk the forums on occasion. Plus enter all bonus codes, because free stuff ^^
  5. Well depending on the type of game you play (the more... euhm... adult type of game), they can also be fairly main NPCs giving great... satisfaction...
  6. Did you mean to say that? That is one hilarious typo!!
  7. Bellegar

    As it happened. An NA story.

    Sub_Octavian would approve
  8. Bellegar

    Worst tech tree ships on each tier

    Don't say that name!! It hurts! Oh how I longed for the beta test days where we had to grind Yamato in Amagi. Amagi was my most favorite ship in the game. Then came Izumo, a turd of such epic proportions it made the Trolorado and stock Fuso grinds feel as smooth and soft as honey. Disclaimer: I suffered the Izumo (there was not much playing!) just after release. I know it got buffed, but the past still haunts me and I cannot bring myself to rebuy that thing to try it again.
  9. Bellegar

    Holiday Lottery 2022 - Try your luck !

    I hereby do solemny swear that I, being of sound mind, wilfully and explicitly state that I want to enter the lottery. Let's see if I can finally win something after all these years And as always an even more explicit thank you to @lup3s for organising this lovely event year after year! This is the one and only true WOWS Christmas event Also massive thanks to all the generous prize donors, especially those of you who give something without even entering the lottery yourself!
  10. Bellegar


    Well there's this thread, that WG conveniently placed in the dark abyss of the forum called 'community area - other'
  11. Bellegar

    Have I missed the glory days of steel ships?

    Don't forget the accessability and lack of regulation for these 'games'... Governments should really come up with more strict rules against these online money traps. Thank god we're moving in that direction, but it's going so slow.
  12. Bellegar

    [12.6.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Thanks for that info, I missed WG's crusade at yet another historically accurate flag. Very sad, that's probably the mod I appreciated most.
  13. Bellegar

    [12.6.0] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Apologies if this was answered. I've been away from the game (and thus the modpack) for a while, and found this post through a forum search... Was there any news on the Panzerschiffer mod? Has it been or will it be updated? Would be a shame to see that one go, that was the best team list (+ carroussel) mod for me (I'm assuming WG banned mods with IJN flag, like they did with mods containing Kriegsmarine flags?)
  14. Bellegar

    Suspicious site - should I be worried...?

    Yeahhh... I don't think the people at McAfee qualify as "nice" If you're confused and curious what I mean by that, read up a bit on their founder John McAfee (wikipedia will do). Bit of a weirdo...
  15. Except I saw plenty shooters and (tactial) wargames there, both fantasy and realistic. Company of Heroes for example didn't seem to have any problems attracting a crowd... Plus the German army has had a propaganda/recruitment booth at Gamescom for years now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯