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  1. Bellegar

    You can all dry your tears - I'm back!

    Oh yeah, I heard something about him identifying ships as submarines
  2. As per title Seriously though... I played the first half of the Italian event, got Genova for free, got a massive burnout (from the game, nothing serious real life, though changing jobs didn't help time-wise), but I'm back on the forums now and curious what I missed. I know Captain Jingles is here for grabs, but I know nothing else. So, what did I miss? Ingame? On forums? Events, updates, other stuff, changes? Did we unban Skybuck already?
  3. Haven't bought it yet (I need the new directives for fresh tokens), but it's the 20th bundle for me Guess all my luck got spent getting the T5, T6 and T8 missions from just 6 containers I bought for doubloons I had lying around. Oh well, all the coal wasn't bad. Still plenty of coal ships I don't have yet.
  4. Bellegar

    Heads up: new T8 Cheshire and T8 Borodino announced

    Yeah, I expected this Borodino as well. Really disappointing that Mikasa remains alone Ah but you see, researching historical ships takes time (just look at how long it took them to implement anything Italian due to "archive stubbornness"). And after implementation, you get those people getting on forums talking "this and this is wrong with the ship model, change it please", which means more invested time that does not bring in any money. Pooping out fantasy ships faster than rabbits reproduce brings in much more money, so that's what WG does. They clearly aren't interested in the long term profits a healthy and balanced state of the game would bring. They just want to take as much money in as short a time as possible before the game inevetably dies.
  5. Have I gone blind? Where did all those news regarding the 1v1 ranked and that Russian fantasy come from? Why did I read nothing about it?
  6. Bellegar

    Erroneous information......

    This @NoobySkooby. Just send one ticket for all the ships you want restored and be done with it.
  7. Bellegar

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    I don't want a day night cycle, I want the old day port that they removed. Really, whats so hard... they already made the thing, why not give us both options?
  8. Bellegar

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    What I mean is that they removed the day time Zipangu port. Instead, we got that night port which is so dark you can't admire your ship (just like most other ports.... really, what's wrong with sunshine?)
  9. Bellegar

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    Aaah yes, the Zipangu day port Can't for the life of me figure out why they removed that. It was gorgeous.
  10. Bellegar

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    There's a mod/setting in Aslain's that does this for you, if you want. Basically it removes the limited amount of replays stored, so it will just keep everything, like before. I'm not sure, but I think it also gives the option to save them into a custom directory.
  11. Bellegar

    Planes get smokes now?

    You still play that thing? I went back to try the 2.0 thingy, but was bored again quickly. Like I said, I was one of them.
  12. Bellegar

    Planes get smokes now?

    Yeah, that was the original idea. Three games (Tanks, Planes and Battleships, as Ships was then called) integrated into one big battle. But that was a loooongg time ago. Planes was just barely released and they hadn't even started working on Ships yet. Only the idea was there. I feel old now
  13. Bellegar

    Planes get smokes now?

    I know, I was one of them I actually like the idea. I'd definately give it a shot.
  14. Bellegar

    Planes get smokes now?

    There is only 1 problem.... Good luck finding 5 World of Warplanes players
  15. Bellegar

    Wargaming - Please stop changing my port!

    Agreed, setting are MY business alone. WG has no business to mess around with my preferences. Get your filthy claws off of my port settings