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  1. Bellegar

    PSA: Bonus Code

    How long did these codes work? 10 minutes?
  2. Bellegar

    armor penetration of Warspite

    Yeah I also used full secondary build in the early days on Warpspite. But maybe Jingles did some timetravel and took manual secondaries with him from the future.... but just forgot to click on the ship to start firing I dunno, I don't have any other sensible explanation
  3. Bellegar

    armor penetration of Warspite

    Aaah yes, the days that nobody really knew what the was going on. The days that the US BB line didn't exist and we all thought Warspite had stupidly short range Good times, those good old days Edit: Omg look at this Jingles video from when Warspite was released! Just look at the state of the game at that time Nostalgia everywhere
  4. Bellegar

    Reports - useless

    No no no, you've got it all wrong. Clearly the OP is the only sane person here, all the rest of the world are idiots.
  5. Bellegar

    The Compliment Initiative

    My reports are mostly limited to afk people (not 1 minute, but usually still afk after I die since I notice only then. In general I give them 5 minutes to load into game) and people being holes in chat. I only really report people for bad play if they throw away the game while the entire team is screaming in chat what they have to do to win. On the other hand, I will always compliment forumites (if I notice them ), I always compliment DDs laying smoke for others, and I often compliment people being nice in chat or offering advice/help/whatever (we sometimes talk about balance, gameplay, who knows. A few days ago I made a Bismarck remark in my Hood, and ended up having a nice conversation with 2 enemies and 1 teammate (the Bismarck guy). I tend to compliment those people for good manners). And if I'm playing my secondary specced German BBs and just had a really cool brawl with an enemy, I often compliment them as well. Edit: I forgot to mention the people announcing sonar and radar usage in chat. I compliment them as well (and I also do it myself)
  6. Bellegar

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    Well, no to be honest. They acted quick to tell us they were right and we just sucked in the ship (at gamescom). When the shitstorm grew even bigger because of that, they were very quick to react and pull the ship from sales. But the actual rework (the proper fix) took ages. So yeah, they reacted fast in admitting that they screwed up (and you're right, they do deserve some credit there), but the actual remedy is what took them so long. And that's mainly what I meant. And now letting the cynic in me speak: I wouldn't bet on them not letting the playerbase suffer for months only to collect data. In the past I would, but they have completely lost my trust in that regard. For me it's best case scenario that they act fast and remove or revert it, but I don't think that will happen. I think it will be too much of admitting their failure to them to do that. But trust me, I never hoped to be so wrong! Probably the 12k games Hermelin player that finally moved to T2 after they took away AP shells from T1 ships
  7. Bellegar

    Is the tier 8 Monarch just rubbish ?

    Wait wut This is not about CVs?? I am disappointed
  8. Ah I see, didn't know that. Thanks
  9. Bellegar

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    You are right, that was indeed the intention of the rework. This also shows just how much of a complete failure this rework has become.
  10. Massively off-topic, but I missed something.... what changed to Texas with 0.7.12? Yeah, but the EU office is in Prague, so somebody there has to be available I mean, yeah of course it's holiday season and all. But it's the end of the first week in January, you're not going to tell me the entire EU office is deserted.
  11. Bellegar

    Bring bach old Zipangu port please.

    When has the lack of logical reasons ever prevented WG from implementing or changing something?
  12. Bellegar

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    No we can't. Not because I'm against change, but because of what they're doing: they are changing a live server with released status into an open beta test. I don't mind beta test, I was in Closed Beta Test for Warships, but I do mind being forced to play the beta test server (well, not forced, I could quit alltogether...), which for some weird reason they call live server, without alternative to play the 'real' game that has been released for over 2 (3?) years. Besided, we all know WG won't listen to feedback on the live server as well. At least not our feedback, since we're not Russian server. They'll probably say "we receive mostly positive feedback, so stfu grumpy EU forumites". In short, the process so far can be described as follows: Idea is posted -> community says "oh dear", but the general concensus seems to be "this has potential, let's wait for the test phases and see if it works" -> test phase started -> community says the core gameplay definately has some potential, but some things are off -> few more rounds of testing -> balance is completely broken, but it's more of an interface and mechanics test, so let's wait and see for now -> rework hits PTS -> balance is still nowhere to be found, some mechanics just don't work (automatic damage control, wut??) and they release an article where they admit they can't do their work properly ("we aren't finished, but we will push it to live server regardless and balance afterwards") -> update hits 'live server' -> data shows something (don't want to be doomsayer, so I won't predict what it will show) -> WG finally decides to balance things over the usual cause of several updates -> and at the end of 2019 we can finally go back to a balanced game again. Note that WG has proved that nowhere in this whole process they ever listened to the feedback they got from us, the community. And in particular the CV experts get ignored. Just finish the rework properly. Then push it back a month, polish it, put in on PTS and then release a properly done rework of the CVs and everybody will be reasonably happy. Of course balance won't be perfect just by closed testing phases, but it should be nowhere near as bad as it is now. This test iteration is utterly broken, but they want to push forward with it either way, for some unknown reason. Maybe they honestly believe they can't do anything wrong. Maybe they believe we're all idiots and they're right. Maybe they've gone to live under a rock and don't hear what we're saying. Maybe they don't care what we say. Maybe they want to kill the game. I don't konw. But I do know they're pushing an unfinished beta test into a "live server with a released game". I've played all public tests of the rework. I will also play my normal surface ships in 0.8.0 and try the carriers in 0.8.0. But if it's anything like it's now (and it most likely will, since there's almost no time left for proper changes, all the can do now is tweaking and that's just not enough) I will either move to Operations, Coop or quit and enjoy the shitstorm on the forums. And even if the devs agree that the rework failed (or let's be generous and call it just unbalanced), they're not known for their quick reaction times. They even announced publicly that the game will be unbalanced for several months. But we all know it will be much more. They've proven in the past that they need months just to collect their precious data. Then they need to come up with a solution, test it and eventually implement it. That's not doomsaying or being pessimistic, that's having the faith in WG they deserve: namely none. And I'm not saying this because I'm a cynic bastard (I am, but that has nothing to do with this statement), but I'm saying this because they themselves have proven this to be true.
  13. Bellegar

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    So many parodies of one guy's name Still, I miss the true "king of trolls" Skybuckflying and his little minion Acheron. Those were the days.... so sad they're gone now
  14. Bellegar

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    Just don't use his real name. Just call him dirty_dump (shamelessly ripped off a comment by @bushwacker001) and @Pikkozoikum should be able to deduce who we're talking about.
  15. Let's try to summon @Sub_Octavian, @Tuccy, @MrConway or @Crysantos and ask them directly. I'm really curious what they'll have to say about this.