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  1. Bellegar

    WG really? 7 hours is a very long time???

    All these people that played just yesterday got a promotion, but I - who hasn't played in ages - got nothing If I'm too inactive to be called inactive — what's the superlative of inactive — does that mean I'm dead?
  2. Bellegar

    New Codes

    I hesitate to articulate for fear that I might deviate from the true course of rectitude.
  3. Yesss tell us! Seriously though, I'm curious. We've both spent ages on these forums, and it always interests me what people will do next when they move on from the Ships team. Also apologies for the off topic.
  4. Really? I missed this, but given how long he's been here I'd consider that pretty big news. Do you know where he's going?
  5. Bellegar

    New Codes

    Interesting you'd say that... I'm pretty sure I activated at least some of these in March, but I decided to still try all of them just in case. Guess what, it accepted all of them I can't verify if they actually gave anything though.
  6. Bellegar

    Puerto Rico dockyard returns!

    I'd have to look it up to be sure (and I really can't be bothered), but I thought it was Sub_Octavian who said that about the whining? I seem to remember those two equally disgusting remarks were made by two different persons Yes please! It would make me incredibly happy to be given the opportunity to do that
  7. Bellegar

    Puerto Rico dockyard returns!

    So if WG are bringing back Puerto Rico, are WG also bringing back iEarlGrey?
  8. First of all, apologies for forgetting to include you in my little summoning ritual! Thank you for that answer, but I'm afraid that it only confirms what I suspected. I fully understand my example was an extreme (I typically use hyperboles to get my point across, you'll have to forgive me), but it does apply to other less extreme cases. The point I was trying to make is you can't just change a fixed value to a value that depends on battle performance and declare everything will be the same. That's impossible. Currently, we can vastly reduce repair costs. A T10 premium camo is -50%. There's a signal flag for another -10%. That's a fairly massive increase in credit earnings. A flat 50% increase to credits earned isn't going to cut it on a 200k game. As you will be aware, some people here are... sceptical... (and I'm being very generous here!) when WG says things like "we'll monitor and adjust in the future". I want to remain constructive, so I'll leave it at that, but the essence of my posts is that I'm not convinced WG will get that compensation right. And I'm not even touching the completely different can of worms Missouri with its special mission is going to be... (I have to both laugh and cry at the "it's technically impossible to give Missouri owners a permanent 'baked in' credit bonus, so you'll get a mission", while now every permanent camo'd ship is getting a permanent credit bonus 'baked in') I realise it's still very early, and I appreciate you yourself won't have a proper answer at this point that would satisfy me. But please consider that I'm just trying to voice my concern here. This is a massive change in the core mechanics of the game's economy, and WG seems to underestimate its implications. This bit is imperative, and cannot be stressed enough: "you can't just change a fixed value to a value that depends on battle performance and declare everything will be the same. That's impossible."
  9. Did you quit the game before it was over? That counts for the warning. And as far as I know, you'd have to do it multiple times before you get pink as well...
  10. You so cynical... it's almost like you're a long time player
  11. I just have two questions: 1. Why are we bothering with yet another temporary resource? Don't we already have enough of them in the game? 2. How will WG ensure that post battle repair costs will not increase? Example: I press battle, but have a crash to desktop and die before I did anything. I would earn 0 credits, but my 10% decreased repair cost would still eat 10k out of the usual 100k repair bill (numbers are fictional for argument's sake and ease of calculation). How will this work in the future? A 10% credit increase will do nothing to offset this extreme example, as I would still earn 0 credits, but now have to pay the full 100k repair bill. @Sehales @MrConway @Crysantos help pls
  12. Bellegar

    Things i wish i had known earlier

    Can we unban Skybuck already!?
  13. Actually, Sub_Octavian has (finally!) left WOWS. He is now unleashing his destruction skills on some other project within WG.
  14. Now that this thread is kindof solved, I don't have to feel bad for going off topic a bit... I have to ask this, am I the only one who is always hypnotised by @YabbaCoe's signature? I can look at that cute frog for ages
  15. Bellegar

    Bonus Codes

    For the followers of this thread: HPFEB22GIFTPACK Originally posted by @slugford