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  1. Bellegar

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I am probably a complete idiot.... But I can't seem to find the "test" client in my WG Center. I click on the "install additional game instance" just as explained in the tutorial. But then when I click on region I can only choose Europa, Asia, NA, CIS or PTS, there's no TST for me (or I'm blind). I realise it's probably just me doing something wrong, but I can't find what.... so any help?
  2. From the previous 2 years, I remember this being good fun, but extremely frustrating at times. Lot's of idiots not keeping up with Tranny or even going back to hunt down the few Zikasas that spawn at the back. But I had some good fun playing it the past years, so I'll definately be giving it a go again. (and no, not just because I'm a completionist and I NEED that achievement for 5-starring all three operations )
  3. I know That's why I said none of what I said in my previous post was helping you. I just chimed in to maybe clear up some of Blub's mystery. I haven't tried Narai myself yet, so I wouldn't know if I'm having that issue as well. Will try to remember to pay attention when I actually get around to playing the operation
  4. Bellegar

    New version of the ring

    Lol this thread But I will try to say something on topic. In my opinion it's.... weird (let's be nice here) to call something a "community event" with "community contributors" without letting the actual community do the voting. In short, I agree that this version is much, much worse than the last version.
  5. This might have to do with fat fingers. Pressing ctrl and shift at the same time will change the keyboard language (at least for Dutch keyboards) from US to Dutch. I don't think the letters change, but it will definately change the lay-out of the signs and punctuation and all that other stuff. At least I know I accidentally also press ctrl when I only need shift on occasion, so as I said, I blame fat fingers But none of that is helping the OP
  6. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming him for the necro. I agree that it's no sin to necro as long as the thread is still relevant and the necroing post is a useful one. It was more that I was b'tching at @1MajorKoenig for b*tching at @Earl_of_Northesk while it was a 9 month old post.
  7. I was going to post exactly this Instead, I'll just paste a necro meme
  8. Bellegar

    Climate change in WoWS

    Wut How is alcohol not gameplay related? I always drink either beer or whisky when I play warships
  9. Bellegar

    Climate change in WoWS

    Life is ALWAYS about alcohol Besides, mead is just a very nice drink!
  10. You realised you just dug your own grave regarding this discussion? You're seeing something means you perceive something. Which means it's as subjective as it gets. First of all, a human's memory is selective as hell. Ask two people to recall the same event (that they both experienced/witnessed at the same time) and you'll end up with two completely different stories. Second of all, your brain sees what it expects to see. Ever heard of optical illusions? Third of all, confirmation bias is real. Edit: Also, what the hell has jail got to do with this?
  11. I don't really need new maps that badly. But WG, PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, stop 'improving' existing maps so they become just variations of Mountain Range! Why does every single map nowadays have to be absolutely symmetrical? Why does every single map have to have a bunch of small islands in the same pattern as other, already existing, maps? I don't remember who it was, and where I saw it, but somebody here had a very nice 'tutorial on map making' picture. You're definately not alone. That version was the best. But it doesn't have a bunch of small islands in a vertical row, so it's bad and has to go If they keep going in this direction with map 'improvements', even Ocean will have a vertical row of islands at 1/3 of the map border
  12. Bellegar

    Dont understand how guiness work

    I was going to make this joke But there's so little alcohol in Guinness that you really need like 10 of them to get drunk Edit: but let's contribute something useful to the topic as well. I'll try to get as many Guinees as I can, but because I have to buy something anyway (you'd always need the two), I'll probably just buy the 10 pack for 90 cents and be a bit relaxed about getting the free Guinees. Gives a bit of breathing room at the end, as you can basically miss 8 Guinees over the time of the event.
  13. Bellegar

    British Camouflage, not very British!

    Yeah that thing is scary
  14. Bellegar

    I lost my game, and not to players...

    Even Dune? Even? Pay some respects sir! Dune was a great game! I still have nightmares with voices in my head saying "harvester destroyed"
  15. Bellegar

    You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    I did play WOT, but that was ages ago. At that time, they had the same policy in Tanks as what I was talking about. And the last bit, that's just very very true. That's the thing. You have current experience with Tanks, which makes you the man from the gulag. I have very, very old experience with Tanks (forgot most of it), and let's say CBT experience of Ships. That memory of the early days of Ships makes me the man from the French Alpes. Like I said, I'm just too old for WG's current business model. My 'oldness' makes me remember the 'good old times' of WOWs, and while many changes were good, their change in business model was not (in my opinion that is).