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  1. Haha thought something like that, when you only replied with 'wilco'
  2. Just saw @Troublemaker_CRO in his Hindenburg on my team. He was a bit bullied by our Missouri, but he came third on the scoreboard so I guess he had a good game. I had a good game in the Kurfürst as well, enemy ships just seemed to evaporate once we spotted them. Unfortunately for my campaign progress, Troublemaker kept me from being third on the board Just kidding..... love you Just like last time it was a pleasure playing with you
  3. It might have to be tweaked a little, but to be fair, every community event we get over here has a positive vote from me
  4. I have to agree with the OP. Having a league system where apparently the leages don't matter is bad design. Yes, in regular matches you get more points for winning and lose hardly anything for losing, but does that still mean it's fun? Doubtable. But, as @eliastion, already said, this is not the case for the progression games. You already need a 60% winrate over those 5 games to progress, it shouldn't be made any harder by throwing in a clan 2 leagues higher than you. If this happens, the league system is flawed. This MM should not be defended, especially for the progression games. I agree, there's much you can learn from going up against a better clan, but that should only happen in regular battles, where you're not punished for the expected loss. Fighting a clan 2 leagues higher in sometig as important as a progression match just proves the league system is badly implemented. Why have a league system if anybody can face anybody anyways? I know, I know.... "it's rare so it's okay". No it's not. World Wars are also rare. Does that make them okay too?
  5. Well in the past, they were hiding it a bit better. This time, they literally said this as they release a sister ship.
  6. Probably yes. The upcoming Campaign also rewards containers on the PTS, so if that carries over to live, there's plenty of those containers to collect.
  7. There are indeed a bit less BBs in games today (I had a game with only 1 BB per side ) due to the torp mission I guess. But I'm definately seeing more and more one sided landslide games lately
  8. Shell splashes

    I'll start by voting for the current splashes. The new ones feel too much sped up, like the game's playing on 1.25x speed. And I don't see the problem with the current splashes. Yes, view sometimes gets blocked, well then hold your fire for a second. It's not like your dpm will drop that much. Besides, if a target gets focussed down this much, I don't mind it having this teeny tiny advantage. With that magnitude of incoming fire, it deserves it.
  9. Shell splashes

    So now that we're testing faster shell splashes on the PTS, I thought it would be interesting to see how many of us forumites want the new or old splashes. WG seems to think a change is necessary due to negative feedback on the present splashes, but a lot of people in the PTS section are saying they prefer the old ones. So a poll, to see what's actually the general opinion on this. Share your reasoning below
  10. Yeah this was a very stupid part. I was struck with awe at what they were actually admitting. I mean WTF. You might as well scrap the concept of silver ships and make us pay for every ship we want to play if you keep the 'proper' ships for premiums. I also liked how defensive Evin got in chat when someone (I think it was @IsamuKondera) pointed out that there was a huge Imperial German Flag hanging on the wall, yet they can't seem to put it in game. "We don't care that Dice is having no legal trouble with the flag, we make our own decision yadda yadda yadda"
  11. Visual Effects

    Oh yeah that's right. I also love the new wave foam
  12. Visual Effects

    I really like the effects of the thunderstorm. This is exactly what Cyclones should look like. I don't like the 'nerfed' water splashes from shells. It was perfect the way it was. It looks really stupid now, all sped up. If they're in the way, just wait a sec before you shoot long reloading guns. Really, I don't see the need for change here. If anything, it gave a nice albeit very small advantage to a highly focussed down ship. What's wrong with that?
  13. Bug Reports

    Yes, if this is not a bug it's highly unwanted and needs to go, and it should be in the patch notes WG. If it is a bug, please fix it before live, it's very annoying, especially with fast moving planes
  14. General Feedback

    It's not only for AA, also for secondaries. Very annoying. Not sure if this is a but or an unwanted feature, but it needs to go asap. If you insist on keeping it, at least make it a toggle in the options (single or double click).
  15. [PT 0.7.2] Visual effects changes

    Fully agree with the OP. Looks amazing, and if there's so much fire incoming on a target, then it's only fair for focussed down ships to have that slight bit of advantage. People should start to be patient. "you can't always get what you want"