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  1. I did consider it. But in case of Kronsthat, after 300+ battles I would rate it as second to last cruiser in tier.9, only better than Ibuki, because it has Radar. And it is also is not really any good as a BB either. But it can fill both cruiser and BB roles when needed. Realistically it can fill those roles badly, but it can. It is allready less effective against DDs. But playerbase in randoms are not too smart. That makes double hatted ship like Kronsthat (and also Graf actually) fun do play. Kronstath is a ship that is not designed to be more effective against cruisers and BBs. It is flat out not. It is a ship that can fill both cruiser and BB role, with large reservations ( it needs opposition to be bad to do so). In case of equally skilled opposition, Kronstath can not match neither tier.9 cruisers, nor BB. Cant say anything about Stalingrad.
  2. There where no confusion I think. I am just saying, that Graf Spee, Kronsthat and Alaska (do not know mutch about the Stalingrad) should not be include in that list. Because they are very similar ships and they are still distinctly cruisers. In case of Kronstath and Alaska, 305. mm guns sounds impressive, but they are all intent and purpose slow-firing, high Alpha, (crappy) Cruiser guns in their tier. I am somwhat curious that maybe @MrConway can shed some light into matter, that why WG thinks that ships they adverstated as a cruisers (and actually are cruisers in playability term aswell) should take propotionaly biggest hit from this change. I really cant see no reason why calibre could not start from 311.mm. So no cruiser would be affected. Because they will be anyway, when those masses of BB start do disrecard DDs and consentrate on targets they actually can delete with little effort (in their mind atleast).
  3. Having played alot of battles in Kronsthat and also quite a few in Graf Spee. I would mostly disagree. It can be considered BB crammed in a CA slot, when it gets that odd MM where it is mostly facing tier 7. And even then it is not really the best bully - Roon is. And also, in normal MM for a tier.9, Roon is also better in semi-BB role. In tanking department, Roon can do anything that Kronstath can, while having better guns overally ( Kronstath due do its guns, relies heavily on enemy being bad, or not protecting their flanks, 305mm are only BB guns in terms of Alpha on the broadsise, its overmatching ability is limited and RN cruiser and DDs.While having potent HE shell in terms of damage an penetration, sub-par dispersion and flat trajectory makes it flat-out bad in that ) Now compareing Graf in its tier and Kornsthat in hers. They are actually very similar. Mutch of the Krosthat reputation comes from it facing and bulling ships two tier lower (other part because people think, for some reason, that it has Stalingrads Bow). Graf could not have that reputation, because it will normaly not see ships lower than one tier down (and it will also see ships two tier higer, something that Kron can not). If it could, it can bully them even better. Gun wise, Graf actually has BB guns in its tier. Giving it wide array of ships (all DDs, most of tier 5-7 CA/CLs, Most tier 5. BBs) she can overmatch. Kron (and Alaska) could overmatch RN and tier.7 cruisers and DDs. Not really BB guns. Krosthath has better HE (Graf has ridicilous HE shell, weaker than some 8" HE) Overally. Graf in its tier is a tier.7 CA (or tier.4 BB), with Heal and BB guns stuck on it, with all advantages of having BB guns (overmatch). Kronsthat is a tier.7 BB with High Alpha Cruiser guns stuck on it How ever you look at it, they are not BB guns in its tier. They play very similary, because essentially tier to tier, they are very similar. With slightly different flavor. And they regardles of their guns (on Graf) or HP pool (on Kronsthat) still distinctly cruisers. All and all, I will probably impact Kronsthat and Alaska somewhat more, than it will impact the Graf. DDs are more or less 80-90% of the ships that it can overmatch and fuze. PS. I would only include Stalingrad here because it has 305.mm. It is not really similar to neither Graf, Kronsthat or Alaska in their tier. Stalingrad is distinctly a cruiser with, considering armor protection of the ships it meets, Cruiser (albeit large calibre) guns mounted on it.
  4. WG considering it as a bug because, in their mind atleast, their set combination of fuzeing thickness + normalization + minimum required angle of impact should avoid shell getting fuzed against DD. From the data WG have relased, I would deduct that it is not really true. Iowa has about 5.deg, Yamato 4.deg and Alsace 6.deg "buffer" for Fuze to arm. So it is actually designed, but probability should be very low. (On 19.mm armor) Bug part is that "buffer" is actually a LOT bigger. Because of Shell interaction with overpenetratable (and overmatchable) armor layers and armormodel parts. Also manouvers of the target can increase that window. Also probably combined armor-angles. Main thing that actually causes it, is shell normalization. If your armor is un-overmatchable, you would like do have enemy with lowest possible normalization, If your armor is overmatchable you would want enemy with highest possible normalization. In 11 12. Inch shells that buffer is 3-4X bigger ( by design). Thats why I am saying that they are not part of the "bug". As far as Krosthat is conserned, only real upside of having 305.mm in that tier (unless you happen to be in tier.7 match) is it ability to overmatch and fuze on certain ships ( Mutch like the Graf). With-out it, sure, would still be probably strong in Randoms, because it relies heavily on idiot factor and there is no shortage of idiots in randoms. It is already fairly bad cruiser, leaving it with all the disadvantages of 12.inch guns and no real advantages, is not a minor thing. But, yes, considering that even Hipper is often too hard to crack for Tier.X enemys. It will probably be fine. Does not change the fact that propotionally, it (and also Alaska and Graf) recives larger nerf than any BB. What is odd considering it should be BB balance thing.
  5. Question is not that it could take it. In terms of "could" there is room to nerf any ship. The question is should they? In tier.6 and tier.9, 11 and 12 inch ability do arm the fuze of a shell is not a bug. Considering armor and requiered thickness of the fuze, it should happen. In other words, it will impact those "cruisers" more than it would impact BBs. Ability to do it is a bug in BB, but feature on Graf, Kronstath and Alaska.(Not talking about Stalingrad, it as accuracy more in line with cruisers). While one might say that those ships are not cruisers, but they are not BBs either.
  6. I would say that the moment of not confusing people is long ago left the station. A. Not all DDs are included in the "rule". So it is not really a rule, it is more of a guideline. B. 11 and 12 inch guns are cruiser calibre guns for quite some time now. Currently on 4, soon on 5. ships. C. If something is not ideal, does not mean it can be nerfed even more. So you are saying that WG can not make changes to the "rule", even though it is not really a rule, because exceptions (what it allready hase a few) would confuse players. Starting from 311mm shell would make a lot more sense. From tier.5 onwards it would then only exlude Kõning and Scarnhorst. Rather than including 5.ships that are adverstised as a cruiser in a " BB AP vs DD" change
  7. I am fairly sure, that if WG would remove RADAR from the game, we would still have beautiful minds saying that it is a indirect nerf to DDs and Buff to BBs. Look like WG is trying do buff DDs, but is going the extra mile do screw cruisers as mutch as possible in the process.
  8. mariouus

    American cruiser tier 8-10

    Well. Yes, older lines do get powercreeped by newer ones. But, you, by playing French BB line also powercreeped those who are playing "old" BB lines. But, apart from Worcéster, it is not nearly steep as in WoT.
  9. mariouus

    American cruiser tier 8-10

    American cruisers are niche cruisers. They suck at operwater engagements. While Worcester, I do admit, is way too powreful. All the others are not. I recomend you do study armor models and other data on them. And if you have questions, you can always specifie the question and ask
  10. mariouus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not really remarkable battle damage wise, but take a look at planes shot down. Not bad for a Tier.9 cruiser with tier.6 AA rating. Were providing AA cover and DD screening to our Musashis during push to enemy cap. (basically blind guiding other blinds, neither AA or DD hunting is too good in Kronsthat)
  11. mariouus

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    Yep, my bad, did misread you there.
  12. mariouus

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    No it is not. 1.Firstly only. Ships that got nerfed by that were certain cruisers. Who did loose stealthfire, but did not get any use from IFHE. Having SF DD in the enemy team was good for the BB, you knew where it was. And mostly did not pose any immidiet danger. 2. No. Torpedo stealth nerf is complietly on its own. Buff for a BB rudder was a separate change ( while I do not know what Patch are you talking about). 3. Saying that smoke change was a buff to BB , is streching it. Almost like saying that Harugumo is buff to BB.
  13. mariouus

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    This statement incorrect. Sthealtfire was replaced with IFHE (IFHE was introduced couple of months before, do work out the quarks, but writing was allready on the wall for SF). For a BB it was always better do have sthealtfire than IFHE fire.Some cruisers did loose alot. In torpedo stealth nerf, main beneficiour were ships with medium to good manovrability.Even If torpedoes come from unsuspected direction, thanks due the change, they could avoid spread entirely. More sluggish ships, like BBs and some CAs, benefited, but were not the main beneficiours. In smoke change, cruisers without radar benefited. BB overally did not win or loose ( while they did actually loose ability do use smoke).
  14. mariouus

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    I would point out here that most those buffs or indirect buffs (and frankly nerfs and undirect nerfs), that people are talking about. Are often universal. Meaning that, yes BBs did benefit from them, but so did most other classes. Lets take stealth fire. Did BBs benefit from the removal- yes they did. Was it indirect buff for a BB. No it was not, more or less everybody who where targeted by sthealth fire benefited. Hell, even destroyers who could sthealth fire benefited from its removal in many cases. IJN torpedo nerf. Again BBs benefited. So did all the others. Even IJN DD themselfs, if they where targets. It is not like IJN DD where not hit by torpedoes fired by IJN DD Removing/Reducing BB citatels. Is it a Buff? Yes, in a way. It is also a nerf. Depending on witch side of the shelsl you are. Not do mention that only impact it has outside of the class it self, is against certain CAs.