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  1. mariouus

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    That is because they are...
  2. mariouus

    "Worst" shps post 8.0

    All ships, excluding CVs ofcourse.
  3. mariouus

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    NO If we are talking about judging someones skill, than WR is the most important and hardest do manipulate. (we are not talking on a basis of 20-ish battles here, but 60-100+battles). All sorts of PR-rating (and average damage as cutch) is easy do misinterpet. And actually does not show skill all that mutch. Skill being ability do contribute to victory. For example, it is easy do damagefarm, far from anything important and have massive average damage and therefor PR. If you do not win, means you are doing it at the wrong place at the wrong time. WR at the same time, shows your ability do use your ship do contribute into victory. You do not need do have unicum levels of Damage or PR do win, infact when using your ship most effectively do win, you probably never will.
  4. mariouus

    How is that possible? Miss something?

    If this.... ....does not help. I have not really looked at the spotted ribbons in Live Server. But testing CVs in PTS shows that sometimes ribbon is rewarded for multible times (but only one can be real first spotter). For example, got 14. spotted ribbons in one battle in PTS. Have not heard they are chaning ribbons, so most likely the bug is present in Live aswell.
  5. mariouus


    So basically, you are saying that you actively and willingly play the game in a way that actually makes your team more likely do loose?
  6. mariouus

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    Stats sites lists WR in Solo and Division. In Solo, your WR difference looks do be around 2%. Having survivability higher than WR, high Damage coupled with negative kills per battle- all points do general damage farming.
  7. mariouus

    Remind me why we have winratio in WG games!

    1.You do not have 10% difference in Yamato and Musahi. You only have 1.2% difference. Where difference comes in, is in Division. 2. In Missouri and Iowa, you have almost half the battles in Iowa, also all are only solo. There is several reasons, but most likely because Missouri haver radar, you play it closer do the enemy and you have extra utility for the team, because of that, it is easyer for the team do carry you. 3.In Worcester case, you farm damage. But do not do mutch do help the team do win. In case with both Iowa and Worcester, your survival rate is higher than win rate that means you do play do far, from anything important.
  8. mariouus

    Test Server Changes Have Gone Live - Is it any Better?

    It is pointless. In both conseptually and mathematically. It somewhat works, if team forms a full-team blob (and even then, not really). But if you are attacked, enemy a/c spend more time in your less defended side. Mathematically speaking, you have more DPM against enemy a/c when you are NOT using it.
  9. mariouus

    [cv rework] no carrier limit ?

    Just, If you do not know yet, AA is also totally reworked, so Atlanta (like any other US AA cruiser) Will be rather crappy.
  10. What do you mean with "Playing against the new CV." ? In order do "play against", there should be some ways and tools to do it. What we will have is complietly useless DFAA and completly flawed and moronicly implimented sector AA thingy. What you probably mean is " If players get used do being slaughtered"
  11. And we should be whining: 1. WG did not manage to actually identify the problem with current CV. "Fixing" something when you do not know what do fix is not going do work. 2. New CV is inherintly flawed. It is too dumbed down, too easy, way too powerful and influencial. And it is way too annoying, for non-CV players do withstand. 3. New AA system is "born" in internal testing - mostly with bots. And it is complietly unsuitable for non-bot game. It has almost no human interaction. And as little interaction there is, is only usable when there is no non-CVs around. AA sector choosing is all nice and dandy when you play against bots. But playing against human non-CV players it is next do unusable. Not do mention that it is extremly pointless mechanism, if you think about it and corrolate it how the a/c actually fly. 4. Core problem of the current CV gameplay still remains. So it will not actually chance initial worryes and complantes. It will just give massively OP and for non-CV players- spirit braking CV. And because non of the actual problems is addressed, it will be extremly bad, because there will be many new problems, ontop of the old ones. I fully agree with @El2aZeR , current CV is in no way problem free. But it is fixable. I do not think the "New" concept is fixable or even balancable.
  12. mariouus

    Hindenburg - the buff changed nothing

    It has little to do with average players. Hindenburg used purposfully can not use it, not because it dies too early, but because damage it takes. Last time I played Hindenburg, did very well, but at the end had 2500.hp, 2X Heal ready to go, but no HP do recover. (this was after the buff). It was actually very common before do have no actual use for fourth heal, thats why I pointed out that fifth would be useless.
  13. mariouus

    Hindenburg - the buff changed nothing

    Bigger problem is, that fifth heal has nothing left do heal. It is no real surprise, that it did not change anything. Just like we told that nerf is not needed, we also told that this sorry excuse for a "buff" will not improve anything. But like @MrConway sayed, they can always change it again, I sense sixth heal coming, not that you can ever use it (not like you can really use fifth either) .
  14. mariouus

    Upcoming AA rework (= removal)

    The problem of the "New" CV is that it is inherintly broken. And in reality does not fit into Live game. Tweaking AA numbers at best masks the actual issue a little. At one side we have very userfriendly, accruate and heavily user influnced CV, to the extent that CV can influence the interaction with enemy AA directly, aswell by choosing best course of attack. And the otherside we have non-CV players with more-or-less fixed very prdictable AA, with next do non-user interaction and very little if non-excisting control. So we have CV that has full control and operational liberty and non-CV player who can not do anything directly do deny that operational liberty. Only actual sort-off counter is now "blobing-up" with entire team and hoping that CV is bad enought, because even the blob is stompable (because it still has avenues where there is not mutch AA). No if we ADD the fact that you still have do fight non-CV players. We quckly get do the fact that you can not actually use your "dominant AA sectors" in practice, because it means turning your "dominant" side at the enemy. Bots in PTS lets you get away with it, Live server players do not. In current CV, DFAA actually lets you counter CV directly and the fact that making "good drops" is mutch harder, it makes CV less dominant. When compared do the current one NEW CV is: 1. Mutch more capable of dealing damage. 2. Non-CVs are now mutch more dependant on CV for support (only real counter for planes is Fighter what CV can drop). 3.New CV can complietly deny spoting and Caping by non CV players, so teams are almost entirely dependant on CV for spoting (current CV can easily spot, but if there is no-one do use that spoting DD/CA/CL can still cap fairly easily) 4.New CV is absurdly strong in endgame, while current ones, specially when playing against similary skilled player, are usually heavily depleted. 5.After around 1/3-1/2 your team is dead, New CVs will turn battle into slaughter-fest, that who can mop-up faster wins. Basically WG took current CV, dumbed it down, removed everything that made it hard do play, then buffed it considerably and removed all actual counters Non-CV players had. Problem is CV itself, WG can tinker with AA valuse all year long, does not change the problem.
  15. mariouus

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    DDs can (and in the future Will) remain in the blob. Because the new CV promotes Lemming trains. All intent and purpose, CA/CL has no AA either, while being mutch easyer targets. I agree, DDs are easy do farm, but CA/CL are even easyer, they are perfect size to attack. It is mutch easyer to do shave off 60-90% of HP from cruiser than to do the same to DD. Do not get me wrong, DD is easy to spot and attack, but cruiser is so mutch easyer.