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  1. WG... can we please stop this.....

    Do not want do sound elitist or something, but are you saying that game should be (again) dumbed down? It allready happened in Wot and it is more or less a fact in Wows Battleship vs Battleship gameplay ( due to citadel reduction/removal). The fact is, if a player do not play a ship of his/her choosing well enought, he/she should suffer the consequences. And it is simple as that. Learning anything, takes time and effort, do be fair WG have given us plenty of cruiser lines, with different playstyle, so everybody should find one that suites them. If players chooses a ship he/she do not know how do play- well too bad... But this is not WG fault, player can choose a ship that suites him/her or learn. There is no real issue with +2 in general. Yes, tier.8 is weaker than tier.10, but this is kind of the point and tier.8 in tier.10 match is no way useless (it is just as useless as player in it lets it do be). Only thing is, that tier.8 players are up-tierd way too often. As long as up-tiering do not happen too often, I do not mind it. Actually, often I enjoy it. Most of my most enjoyable and memorable games have been against ships two tiers higher. And removing it, would be just dumbing down the game. Not do mention, utter waste of the time and effort I took do actually learn how do play a ship against harsher MM.
  2. WG... can we please stop this.....

    I can beat that... I actually was not that annoyed...
  3. Well, with-out knowing how you try do play the Hipper, makes it really hard do give any advice. Maybe post few replays, of how you usually play it, then maybe we can help. Overally Hipper is easy and effective ship for ranked. Found it very easy do get into Rank.10.
  4. Double punishment playing Dm. Donskoi

    Thing is, person has do make a build that fits his/her playstyle. If one gets devastated alot in one build, then it is obvious that it is not working out. And probably should change either build or playstyle.
  5. Double punishment playing Dm. Donskoi

    You were talking about "team-friendly-ness" and long range HE-spamming. Being "Teamfriendly" in a radar cruiser, means actively contesting caps and supportin DDs. Yes sometimes it does backfire. But now talking about recent performance, your 120k loss was more teamfriendly than my 11k? Now considering that you have impressive 70% survivability (much higer than me) and 27% hit-rate (somewhat lower than mine) will suggest that, while using consilement bulid, you are actually farther away from enemy. Analysis? Statistically speaking he is slightly better cruiser player than I am. And has about 1/3 more cruiser battles. He uses consilement build (apparently). What has given him 46% winrate, because goal of the game is not do survive, but do win. He s consilement build "works" 46% of the battles. I use non consilement build, and have 59% winrate. So non-consilement build "works" 59% of the time (while having low overall survivability). So saying that non-consilement build is not working (or like some other player sayed "bizzare and un-workable) is wrong. It does work, yes most likely you are not going do have as long aand healthy life in a battle as consilement-build user, but it is fun and it does work.
  6. Double punishment playing Dm. Donskoi

    No. Because of the Donskoies poor base consilement, in order do take advantage of consilement build you actually are farther away. You can actually see it. I use double rudder shift module. And I have less avarage damage, but higer win-rate than you - using consilement build.
  7. End Of WWII in Europe Marathon

    Japaniese are easy, there is an operation against Jap ships on-going.
  8. Double punishment playing Dm. Donskoi

    Not really true. I have always had non-consilement build Donskoie. It is not bizarre, nor unworkable built.
  9. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    Well...they gave tier.8 CRUISER do get players back. Tier.8 is the single worst tier to start playing cruisers. While tier.8 cruisers are fine for experienced players. Starting up a cruiser playing carieer on tier.8 is just mindnumbing. Basically many who recived them, are coming back, trying out their new ship, with high expectations and quiting again, after getting murdered by harsh 2/3 of the games against top-tier reality. If WG would have given them Free tier.6 cruiser and cruiser-based gampaign( for everybody maybe), designed to edge them into playing cruisers- with a reward of getting the Prinz. I would have no problem with it.In fact, I could have been good for the game. My problem is not that somebody got a gift.Why not. But it will not really work, tier.8 can be very frustrating for inexperienced. And it was a good oppurtunity missed ( again)
  10. Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    I was actually planning do buy Prinze this weekend. Now, considering they are giving it away,If you do not play long enough, I will not. Just not playing makes more sense.
  11. Question on reporting Conduct

    You might check next time, If AFK player does have any (recent) clanmates in opposing team.It might be slightly more sophisticated way to rigg a battle.Because trying to do it with clan tag is way too obvious. Noticed it twice, in my only 16.battles in ranked. Ally started playing, fired couple of salvoes at the enemy, then stopped behind Island and did not shoot for rest of the game, but was not AFK (turrets were still moving.) Once it was specially curious. Our Hipper went "passive", two enemy cruisers (Hipper and Mogami) passed within 4.km of our AFK and made no effort of killing it (for example torp it). And sure enought, Google'ing showed, that until couple of days ago they were clanmates. So they leave a clan, in order do not make it obvious by showing clan tags. They then do something at first and do not leave a battle, they just get passive. So automated system would not "catch" them. Only thing I do not understand, is why do they not destroy their designated AFKer for extra XP.
  12. Still liking the Hipper, even in tier.10 games.
  13. No more cruisers

    Like I sayed before, you just have do choose right ship. Hipper, for example, has no problem in BB infested meta, it is actually easier than Random.Because ship that can ovematch her armor are rare.
  14. No more cruisers

    This dependes on the cruiser. Hipper and Eugene for example are execelent for tier.8 ranked. You do not really need radar in Ranked. But yes Mogami is solid choise for everything. But considering that in tier.8 ranked you mostliy meet French or German BBs, with 15.inch guns, so most optimal choise would be Prinz Eugene or Hipper.
  15. I must say, I do like the Hipper