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  1. They are both balance and realism. If real things fit into game, they used realistic values. If it did not, they used something fitting for that tier.
  2. Tell me the Ibuki is not EDIT.

    Yes. In order to make a tier.9 cruiser, WG have gone two different ways. In Ibuki (and more or less in Baltimore), they took Tier.8 ship and gave it some higher tier features. So Ibuki is Atago on steroids. In Roon (and Donskoie) WG went different direction, they took tier.10 ship and reduced some of its properties. So Roon is Hindenburg with-out one turret. This also explanes why Ibuki and Baltimore is considered "hard grind", because Ibuki is only a tier.9 ship, when you can use its higher tier properties, if you can not, it is tier.8 ship in tier.9 MM. Roon in the other hand is always tier.9 ship, but certain situations it will perform like tier.10 ship.
  3. Weird glitch

    Try it. Make a clean reinstall on latest Graphic Driver (if you do not know how, then just Google "gpu driver clean install"). If you are using Laptop, make sure High Performance GPU is used and Power-setting are not set for Powersaver. And if this does not help, make a clean install for WoWs. Are other games working well?
  4. Yes, but this depends on MM. For tier.8, currently, it is much more likely do be MM 2.tiers higher than being matched one tier higher and more likely than being top tier. This is also anomaly. Ship that is up-tired like that will loose meaning of its tier, because it effective tier will surpass its actual tier.
  5. No actually. I am more thinking in line with more or less fallback to tier.6 only when needed, most of the battles would be tier.8 ones. To be fair tier.8 ship are more similar to tier.6 than to tier.10. It looks, that because EU has rather high proportion of tier.X players, MM likes do take tier.8 do patch up holes in MM.
  6. Even though I usually do not agree with Latvians(neighbor thing, no insults intended), this is not a bad idea.I did not think about it, even average grub like me can still make credits in tier.X. Still, I would not go below 50/25/25.
  7. To the Tripitz Skippers out there

    Tirpitz, when no CVs around, is more or less same as Bismarck.
  8. Yes and what we have out of it? We have tier.8 ships that have to play against tier.10 40% of the time, what is 6% more than they can play against tier6/7/8 combined. Yes, you can play tier.8 ships like that, I can as well. But at the same time this gives just about most unfair MM in the game. Because they are more-or-less Matchmaked like tier.9 ship, some case even harsher (that is what I am saying that they have MM rating of tier.9.1(tier.8 cruisers for example (Eddy, Mogami) has battlerating high (and low) enough to be used as substitute to tier.10 DDs)). It would not be that hard for the WG to rationalize tier spread (semi protected MM). I think WoT (Blitz anyway) uses it on platoons for years now. This, while not that "random", would definitely draw more players into tier.8 (and also into tier.9, what is actually good tier). Tier.8s are good ships, but not when you have do face tier.10 more often than other tier.8s. While I understand what you mean under 33/33/33. This would and actually is tier.9 MM (33 against lower tier, 33 against own tier, 33 against top tier). And giving it do tier.8 would (and as we can see does) seriously hamper tier.8 population.
  9. Tier.8 has five tier spread 6/7/8/9/10. 20% as top-tier against min tier.6, 20% as top-tier against min tier.7, 20% all tier.8 game. 20+20+20=60%. so my actual 60/20/20 would be 20/20/20/20/20 or why not 15/20/25/20/20 (or 10/25/25/20/20 and so on). Anyway still better than what we have now. Or that balanced 33/33/33. The problem with that is that it is almost what we have now. It is hard to justify tier of a ship that meets higher tier 66% of the time. This will but MINIMUM tier for tier.8 ship somewhere around tier.8.7 and normal to around tier.8.9. This would, yes, be better than current tier.9.1. But still... This is actually curious case. In my experience in tier.9 MM is not that bad. Probably because tier.9 can use rather numerous tier.7 do bolster Matchmaking. I would not be surprised if tier.9 ships have lower average tier than tier.8 ships.
  10. In my opinion it would be bit excessive. This would still give it rather high average tier. And also the fact that it is "low" tier for 66% of the time and is about 22% more likely to meet ships two tiers higher than being the ship two tier higher. It is not a balanced approach as such, because first 33% covers three tiers and following two only one or two. And like I said. As long as tier.8 ships has normal MM, they do not need any buffs. Infact, not even Hipper, I consider it easiest tier.8 cruiser to play. I, for one, have no real issue with BB numbers. Why I do not play tier.8 that much, is entirely down do MM. For example, when I played Hipper, I was top-tier 5. times (20%, three battles were full tier.8 and two had couple of tier.7 in the mix), granted, it was DoY mission time, where many were playing tier.X ships, because they are best XP takers.
  11. Tier.8 has five tier spread 6/7/8/9/10. 20% as top-tier against min tier.6, 20% as top-tier against min tier.7, 20% all tier.8 game. 20+20+20=60%. Tier.9 has four tier spread and tier.10 as three tier spread. You are definitely right. My calculation was quick rough estimate.
  12. It is hard to understand what you mean under that. 34% top tier is not fine for Tier.8 (or tier.6 and 7). If a tier.8 ship sees 26% of the time tier.9 and 40% of the time tier.10. Then it is not effectively a tier.8 ship. This would give it an effective tier of 9.1. Tier is a representation of ships capabilities. Tier.8 ship, in order to be a tier.8 ship, should be distributed in battles so, that this distribution would give average (effective tier) tier of 8. From the top of the head, it should be more like 60/20/20. MM is actually the reason why we have so many topics about tier.8 ships needing Buffs. While at one point of view, I maintain that tier.8 ships are balanced and do not need a buffs. But only as long as they are Matched as tier.8 ship. Currently, because of the MM, tier.8 ships are treated as tier.9 ships. Their average tier is 9.1 currently, in this point of view they really are underpowered.
  13. Weird thing with this battle was that I got disconnected for 2.minutes in the middle of this battle.
  14. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    If you are talking about permanent missions, then you can just replay a mission (just select already completed mission again). If you are talking about daily or weekly mission (like that French mission). Then nothing there, trust me nobody enjoyed those battles where I played Minekaze either. But generally yes, it would be nice when there would be more options.
  15. Apart from few turds, most of the cruisers from tier II- tier X are completely balanced and playable.