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  1. mariouus

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    Apparently it is too strong for non-Soviet. Considering that some time ago Hindenburg was nerfed on the same premise and reasoning. It failed horrendiosly - why would anybody think that doing exctly the same mistake second time would actually work?
  2. mariouus

    This is impossible....

    All the transfered accounts I know, all have original registration dates (date when account was registered in original server).
  3. mariouus

    Simply BAD Premium Ships

    Kronsthat is not garbage. It is not as good as Alaska. But it is not bad. Kronsthat will loose against expert players in normal cruisers, when Kronsthat starts and continues the engagement under their terms. Alaska will aswell. It will not loose because ,ship is garbage, it will loose because it is used in situation where it is in disadvantage. Both Kron and Alaska suck in long range HE spam. They are not designed for that. Every ship what is played out its role is garbage. Your Azuma is very good, because you play it exactly in its role and strenghts. If you would play it on Alaska/Kron strenghts - it would suck horribly.
  4. mariouus

    The italian is sooooooo bad

    It was not really bad in tier.VII. While not as good as Myoko and Yorck, I still rather liked it. It was decent.
  5. mariouus

    The italian is sooooooo bad

    I played around 15.battles after line-split. Also felt it was very good.
  6. mariouus

    The italian is sooooooo bad

    Gorizia problem in Narai (and in Randoms aswell probably) is lack of Torpedos. Zara is excellent in Narai, but extremly high percentage of damage and performance comes from torpedoes.
  7. mariouus

    BOTTING everywhere+WG support ignoring the issue

    Considering that the player in question played one battle every 9.minutes for a straight week. And roughtly the same rate for 1.5.weeks before that. And was still playing as of 1.hour ago. I do not think there is any question if it is botting or not, or has WG done anything about it.
  8. All the transfered account I know, have original creation date - date when it was created in original server. So it is either a transfered account with somewhat uncommon bug (resetted date), or it is a new account. Could not find any examples of resetted date under your Clan either. While its is possible. Date of this account matches roughtly with the date where accounts where transfered (and there was alot of bugs during the process). Out of more than ten transfered accounts I know, I am yet do see one with resetted creation date.
  9. mariouus

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    It is a persistent thing. Meaning that it is mutch easyer do play and get the data directly. Rather than go trough replays. It happens more-or-less every battle - due the presistence at this time it is a Feature rather than bug.
  10. mariouus

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    Did not try it. But friendly passed through it. I am sure other players did not see those wrecks.
  11. mariouus

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    I will add one additional "thing" Had two dissconnect in a row, with very long reconnect time - happens. ISP issue I tought at first. But all the enemy ships that where sunk before and during the dissconnects remained afloat. Picture taken after second reconnect So, tought about some client issue. After I got killed. Restarted the Client. After the Client restart Ships that got sunk during the Disconnect are still there. Even after the restart. But all the ships that got sunk before and after the disconnects sank: Have seen alot of disconnect but nothing like that.
  12. I have no ill feelings against the players who are willing do pay. Why should I? They are not any sort of a problem. I do have alot against PR event however. It was ill-consived. Poorly planned. And managed even worse. But this is all about WG. Attacking players who spend their own money on a product they want would be stupid. It is the issue with WG and anger should be directed there - not at the players.
  13. So you choose do berate somebody with off-topic? No. In no way your formulation imply, that it is a general statment for all. First place you started implying it was on page.2
  14. I did post your own quotes. And on one of those quetes you where speculating. The fact that you do not agree with it, does not make it untrue. You posted a possibility. Or are you the account owner and know for a fact how those ships where acquired ? If you are not, then it is a speculation.
  15. I do not think it is something sinister or bad. Considering the timing and activity. I suspect it is somebodys Chrismas gift. Somebody made an account, bought some containers and set it up (played enought battles do make account fully functional) and gifted it on Chrismas. Can not see anything bad about it. While somewhat of a curiosity monetary wise. People who play (alot) of money, finance the game. So people who can not afford it can play aswell.