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  1. Better than Cleveland and Budyonny, can't comment about De Grasse - don't have it.
  2. Kõnigsberg - is easily the best Tier.V. ship, yes not only best tier.V. cruiser but the best tier.V. ship. Nürnberg - Is also very nice, tier-to-tier it is not as good as Königsberg, but I would say it is the best Tier.VI. cruiser. Having two turrets in the back makes it really easy to play.
  3. And DDs are not exactly there do counter BBs either. EDIT: forgot "not"
  4. And what would be the point of that? I mean like really. If DD hits a Cruiser with with a torpedo, the cruiser will take full damage, if DD hit cruiser with guns Cruiser will take damage. While DD is not supposed do counter Cruiser. Maybe we should give DD "special CA killing" torpedo it has do reload before use.
  5. I am pretty sure that AP penetration logic has not changed. It has more or less always been like that. Nothing has changed recently. So if you claim that you can now easily delete destroyers with BBs, then good for you. Sure, this claim probably is not that truthful. Because, considering, that in a month or so you played what? One battle in a BB and killed one ship doing that. Hardly a proper sample size. As long as I remember, logic behind ammo choice against Destroyers have always been the same. Some times HE is better, sometimes AP is better.
  6. It sometimes works. Because of the heavy camping in high tier battles,there usually is a less contested Cap. Problem is finding it.
  7. This does not mean you should not try it sometimes. Nothing scares the sh**t out of enemy gun DDs, in a campy high tier game, than thinking that they will go for Shimakaze, but running into Donskoie instead.
  8. RN cruisers in tier. IX and X do need smoke, in its current form. Nerfing smoke for Neptune and Minotaur would hurt them alot. "Smokless" Minotaur against CA like Moskva would be rendered to a dead Minotaur in very short order. Lower to mid tier RN needes smoke do be as effective against BBs as HE armed cruisers. But, they do not need smoke in its current form do fight other cruisers. So RN smoke is very hard do balance. Some need it. Some need it in current form against BBs, but at the same time, this makes them more powerfull than other cruisers against non-smoker cruisers. Kutuzov probably do not need smoke at all. Overally, I would keep it as it is now. Only make sure that they are equally distributed by matchmaking. Do avoid over saturation of smoke.Or only one team having a mass of them and other having none.
  9. Depends on the tier and matchmaking. For example Pensacola's "toolbox" to counter smokesitting Belfast or Fiji is very limited. Myoko has torpedos, but to really counter smoke shooters, it has do drive within of the smoke and then turn her side on, do get torpedos underway. Sure, possible. And deffinetly works sometimes. But it is a lot easier do sit inside the smokescreen, than trying do counter it. In lower-to-mid tier RN cruisers need smoke to counter BB on similar level to HE equiped cruisers. But against same tier non-smoke cruisers they do not really need smoke in current form. Against same tier cruisers they are quite decent even with-out smoke. So in this scenario they have a bonus they don't really decerve. In high tiers RN cruisers need smoke, Because with-out it they have hard time fighting high tier well armored CAs. So yes, up to about tier.8, "smoker" cruisers are mutch bigger problem to CA (who up do that tier, are more or less armored like CL, only with bigger slower firing guns). Than to BB.
  10. Like I said, all down do user preference. You can see that, we have played roughly same amount of battles, with different approach to module set-up, but our overall performance in Donskoi is very similar. That is what I meant, under " balances different module set-up".
  11. You do not know what "Zone of immunity" means, do you. Zone of immunity has fairly little to do with actual immunity. It basically means that inside immunity zone, citadel armor will (and it WILL do it in Donskoi) bounce incoming shells, so you will not receive citadel hits. But you will still receive normal and over-penetration damage. And I do agree, if you are at its maximum firing range (with range module), then angling really is 99% useless. Because you can not angle Horizontal armor, but at that range, most of citadel shots come through Horizontal, not vertical, armor. So it all comes down do user preference, I played my Donskoi with fire-rate module and loitered at 14km-16km from the enemy, did try out range module, but found it appalling, most of the hits I received where citadels. Out of curiosity, did you use range or fire-rate module on yours.
  12. Since February 2/3 (65%) of my games have been in cruisers. But yes, lets not get this fact in a way of a perfectly good whining. And yes, Donskoi actually has rather good (surprisingly good) armor, not at 20+km.
  13. This is actually how armor works. Armor-Shell interaction is actually on of the few sort of realistic thing in a game. Also it is one thing that keeps different module set-up balanced. Will explain below. In fact very small amount of 20+km citadel pens happens due the overmatch. At 20+km not much penetration would be needed, it is more or less down to shell fall angle. If we would give Cleveland 20+km range (and keeping in-game proportions), she would be capable of citadeling almost any tier X cruiser with ease. So why does it happen? In tier-IX and X most of the cruisers have rather good armor, both Horizontal and Vertical. This creates a relative "Zone of immunity" against incoming fire. What range this zone is, is dependent of the ship in hand. But it usually is at about 13km-17km against BB size guns. What it means is that at 13km-17km your horizontal (citadel roof) will bounce shell because they are not falling steeply enough and if you angle your vertical (belt, transverse bulkheads) armor enough it will bounce incoming shell as well.This means that it is not that easy do citadel a cruiser, apart from some odd penetration through bow or stern transverse bulkhead. Also at that range, when plunging fire can not penetrate horizontal armor, actual penetrable citadel area is rather small, usually about 1/4 of ships area if you do not angle correctly and about 1/5 or less if you do. Now if we are talking about 20+km ranges. It is outside the relative zone of immunity. In other words, at that range plunging fire from BBs can penetrate Horizontal armor, so entire citadel roof becomes easily penetrable. Go into port and look at a cruiser citadel from top-down (this is the direction where plunging fire comes) view - look how much bigger it is compared to side view. This means that at 20+km 3/4 or more of your ship is easily penetrable.At 20+km angling is much less important, because it is usually hits on the horizontal armor, what has much bigger surface area than vertical armor at that range, that citadels you. I told at the start, that this keeps different module set-up balanced. Lets take Donsko- rather good armor- when I mount range module, i will increase my range and my ability to dodge shells by maneuvering. At the same time I will trade of most of my armor protection do get it. So basically I could fire farther, dodge more shells, but if I get hit there is a big possibility do get citadeled. Now if choose do mount fire rate improvement module, then I gain DPM, I would be mostly inside of my zone of immunity (do not really have the range do go out), but I have less time to dodge the shells, so I would get hit more, but at the same time possibility of receiving citadel hits is much smaller. If we change how armor works, then range module will become only module with no drawbacks. Also changing how armor interaction works, would seriously screw-over Cruisers plunging fire capabilities as well.
  14. You have added just as little arguments, this is the place where we agree.
  15. You know why WG often uses average Joe for balancing? Because they are the most numerous of the playerbase. Above average players are minority, basing a game, whose most of the playerbase consist of average players on the wishes of the above average players will not go well. No. I say if "I", as an average player ,can play both classes just fine, there is probably no substantial balancing issue. If one class would be off-balance, this is where it should show. And yes, I like to play them both. You but out your subjective feeling dont you? I, and every other member of this forum, can but out theirs.