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  1. Actually no. Thats why its somewhat puzzling. Actually was completely competent player.
  2. Decent game, not remarkable, but decent. Only remarkable thing was, that apparently got Reprted for my poor performance. Infact, not only Reported, but someone actually made the effort do message me in port chat with "REPORTED"
  3. Even though I usually play Operations in Takao, du e better Credit Income, sometimes I like do bring out her more powerful sister. Who knew ship I won nearly six years ago would turn out do be by far my most prolific OP ship
  4. First Narai after very long time not playing at all went somewhat well performance wise- not too well outcome wise...
  5. mariouus

    New Sub Buff on the horizon

    How do you invision of Sub gameplay being fun for both sides? We allready have a damagefarming class with very limited interaction in the game. Trying to add another will not work well - there is only so much HP you can farm before people get angry. By the statistic WG is providing - Subs are doing well infact. OP in 0.10.9, well in 0.10.11. They are doing only slightly less Damage per HP than DD - even more than CV infact. If anything to be determened from those graphs, is that BBs and CA/CL probably needs buffing. What WG is trying, just like they did with CV - turn boring and bland one aspected gameplay "fun" because they are doing damage. The fact that this is biggest part of the developement is problem on its own. It is just a dead end. There is no way do turn it into enjoyable experiense.
  6. After grinding New German BB - and hateing every second of it. Decided that probably due the playing alot of Co-op, just do not know how do aim. And played 3 Georgia games do check it. Does not look do be the case - still do not know why I do so badly in those new Germans.
  7. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Thing you did is called "Appeal to ridicule". It is also a claim. It claims that your Alien theory and possibility I stated, are inheritly the same. You see - I provided you two facts. Do show that your try of ridicule and my claim are inheritly different 1. WG can change ship stats 2. Manipulating with client experience of something is fairly used marketing tactic. So again Either prove me wrong. Or prove your claim. I am rather interested on what factual things you are basing your alien theory. Actually No. Can shows high probability of something being true. I have not seen any indicatiors of this being the case. Nor have you provided any facts do back it up. It however COULD be the case - could shows fairly small probability. Thats the reason why I did not say anything about your initial claim. Exept that it was an obvious ridicule
  8. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Okei. So. Can WG change stats on the ships on the fly? Answer do that is Yes. So. Is it possible that they are doing it. They can do it - so it is definitely possible. So. Am I saying they are doing it. Actually - No. I am merely pointing out that it is possible. There are some completly valid reasons to do so. Things like that are used in marketing all the time. If you actually fact check - you can see that both of my claims are correct: WG can chance ship stats constantly (hint:signal flags are doing it for example) and changing perfomance of something is completly valid marketing tactict. The fact is, that I have never claimed they are doing it. Only sayed that it is possible. And it is. So if you want do argue, you need do provide proof - that WG can not change ship stats or that manipulating with client experience of something is not used as a marketing tactic. The thing you do in this Topic mostly - is ridicule and chastise people. When often only actual thing do back-up your claim is - IT IS LIKE THAT, BECAUSE I THINK SO. So provide proof - or shut up.
  9. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    They kind of should feel its worse. Why else would you do it. There are quite a few "stats" that can tinkered with - with-out anyone being able do prove it.
  10. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    So. There is no reason for any company do give you Random streaks. Or make you loose by design So anybody trying do claim that they have bad consistent WR becuse WG screwing-them over - could be easily disregarded. Why, because there is nothing do gain - business wise. Why should the bother? Slightly changing some stats - do temp or frustrating you into buying something. Would hardly be gamebraking. Even having worse Dispersion or fire chance or what ever, than you used do, could frustrate you - but it will not change the performance enought do make you consistently loose. Changes big enought to do so, would be easily noticed. Do I think WG is "tampering" with certain aspects of the game. Sure - if there is possibility of making some money - why should they not? More or less everybody is doing it. However they would not bother with something that does not have monetary potential. So before making a post like "I loose (or what ever) because WG screws me over". You should really ask from you self - is there any monetary reason for that. If there isnt, then they probably arent.
  11. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Considering that both MM and dispersion has alot of additional limitations, rules and additional potential variables. It is unlikely WG is using any sort of RNG (Random Number Generatior) based calculations (not do mention its needlesly resource hungry) Rather, they have coded presets for MM and perceved Randomness is achived by people queing up at their own time and just assigning non-RNG variable for them. For Dispersion - they probably just divide aiming circle based on Normal Distribution and assign hit percentages for those circles. And just use large set of coded presets for distribution in those circles. No-Random number calculator needed.
  12. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    The Dispersion is Deterministic - server will always "know" where it is going do place the shots beforehand. And it will do it based on rules set in coding. So in extention, it is controllable, not by RNG, but by Devs. Hell, one can even make some amount of premade "fixed" dispersion patterns and just run them back-to-back. And it will still appare random in the long run. Being Deterministic, when Code is known, it can be predicted actually. You as a player percive it as being "Random". The fact that player percive it as Random - does not make Dispersion itself Random - it is still Deterministic - made do be percived as Random. And now think what I talked earlier about companies playing with "Perception".
  13. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I have. Dispersion is designed only do appare Random. Meaning that shell placment is fully controlled by coding do confirm do "given" rules for"Randomness". The fact is, Dispersion is not Random AT ALL - it is fully Deterministic. Its apparent Random outcome comes from rules and that only makes it appare "Random". Meaning: game will follow the rules and places "hits" deterministicly. For outside viewer, who do not know the given rule of placement, it will appare "RNG" because it is not possible do determin where it will land with-out knowing the rules. Random - not because it is "Random", it is controlled and Coded, but because it appares Random. And something appearing "Random" in the larger sample size - does not mean it is un-tampered. Beauty of "Random" is that quite a bit of tampering can be made. Because it can be just written-off as "Random" extreme. And if you do not go overboard, it will also appeare "Random" in big sample-sizes, well inside marging of error. How players percive stuff will vary however. Dispersion in most of the games is designed like that. Beacuse it is faster and less resource consuming - than trying do impliment something that can pass as "Random". For example: in WoT aming circle is subdivided and there is separatly controlled probabily (percent) of "hitting" any given subdivided circle. Change the Rule - Change the Random factor. So, I would kind of advice you to take atleast small glance at different studies (from rather reputable organizations I might add) and theories about the subject. Your un-argumented "As I told you" somewhat pales when compared to them. Most companies would rather not wait for something do happen naturally. There are many-many resources accessible in the internet. Not do mention - they make rather interesting read. I was rather surprised with some methods that are being employed.
  14. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    And compare to what? There is no actial "RNG" in gamecode. Everything is scripted anyway. It is copletly possible do scrips more "frustrating" game experience with-out exiting "Stated RNG spread". But ofcourse, WG would not do that. Because nobody hase evered tampered with a thing that is effectivly unmeasurable... Where did I say that it would be constat? Hell, why should it be constant. If you have not had Premium for some time, it is pointless trying do manipulate you like that. In order do manipulate somebody, they have do percive the difference.And if you allready have Premium why should anybody care about you anyway? Yes, because person saying that you can be manipulated is so good for business. If you actually notice - in no point did I say that having a Premium, gives you any advantages. Business percpective is - if you allready have it, why should anybody care. Manipulation only works, when person could percive the difference. It only works when it just ended. But yes, no business ever tryes do influnce customer into extending their subscription. Oh wait, they do... I am talking about extremly common business practice here. Question here is 1.Can it be done? Yes, mechanics for doing so is actually hardcoded into game. 2.Would it fall in line with known business practice? Yes. "Frustrating" or "Tepting" customers into extending subscription is very common. 3.Is it hard to do vs possible gain No, very easy infact - meaning that even if it only works for comparative few - it is still very cost-effective. Ofcourse your right... Because arguing that well established business practice would not work. When only argument why it would not is - Because "I thinks so" is extremly reliable indeed...
  15. mariouus

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Nobody have accused WG in incompetense in making money. Incompetence in Balancing - yes. Predatory monetazation - yes. But never incomeptence in making money. Or maybe you can quote me, where I have called WG incompetent in making Money? Where did I sayed unnoticable? Suddle. I talked about possibility of making some ships more (or less) enjoyabe by changing certain factors on the fly (this is completly factual - WG can change stats on every ships every single battle when needed).Do make gameplay perceivably less or more enjoyable depending on the goal. This is rather opposite of unnoticable. Don t you agree? It cant be, nor does it have to be, blatant. Like I sayed myself - many would not notice, many would not care - but even if 5 out of 100 percive it like that - it would add-up with fairly large playerbase. With very little effort. Lets be honest - quite a few people already think that Premium gives ingame performance boost - you need very small boost for those guys to sell the idea. Suddle Changes in "experience" (manipulating) do meet their goals - depending on situation - is something that as been used in Gambling business for ages - cant say it does not work. WG, as any big business, has a priority of making money. And in order do make most - one has to really streamline balance between enjoyment and frustration. And MM would be a really big portion where they can do it. Would be weird it they would not use it.