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  1. RN cruisers in tier. IX and X do need smoke, in its current form. Nerfing smoke for Neptune and Minotaur would hurt them alot. "Smokless" Minotaur against CA like Moskva would be rendered to a dead Minotaur in very short order. Lower to mid tier RN needes smoke do be as effective against BBs as HE armed cruisers. But, they do not need smoke in its current form do fight other cruisers. So RN smoke is very hard do balance. Some need it. Some need it in current form against BBs, but at the same time, this makes them more powerfull than other cruisers against non-smoker cruisers. Kutuzov probably do not need smoke at all. Overally, I would keep it as it is now. Only make sure that they are equally distributed by matchmaking. Do avoid over saturation of smoke.Or only one team having a mass of them and other having none.
  2. Depends on the tier and matchmaking. For example Pensacola's "toolbox" to counter smokesitting Belfast or Fiji is very limited. Myoko has torpedos, but to really counter smoke shooters, it has do drive within of the smoke and then turn her side on, do get torpedos underway. Sure, possible. And deffinetly works sometimes. But it is a lot easier do sit inside the smokescreen, than trying do counter it. In lower-to-mid tier RN cruisers need smoke to counter BB on similar level to HE equiped cruisers. But against same tier non-smoke cruisers they do not really need smoke in current form. Against same tier cruisers they are quite decent even with-out smoke. So in this scenario they have a bonus they don't really decerve. In high tiers RN cruisers need smoke, Because with-out it they have hard time fighting high tier well armored CAs. So yes, up to about tier.8, "smoker" cruisers are mutch bigger problem to CA (who up do that tier, are more or less armored like CL, only with bigger slower firing guns). Than to BB.
  3. Like I said, all down do user preference. You can see that, we have played roughly same amount of battles, with different approach to module set-up, but our overall performance in Donskoi is very similar. That is what I meant, under " balances different module set-up".
  4. You do not know what "Zone of immunity" means, do you. Zone of immunity has fairly little to do with actual immunity. It basically means that inside immunity zone, citadel armor will (and it WILL do it in Donskoi) bounce incoming shells, so you will not receive citadel hits. But you will still receive normal and over-penetration damage. And I do agree, if you are at its maximum firing range (with range module), then angling really is 99% useless. Because you can not angle Horizontal armor, but at that range, most of citadel shots come through Horizontal, not vertical, armor. So it all comes down do user preference, I played my Donskoi with fire-rate module and loitered at 14km-16km from the enemy, did try out range module, but found it appalling, most of the hits I received where citadels. Out of curiosity, did you use range or fire-rate module on yours.
  5. Since February 2/3 (65%) of my games have been in cruisers. But yes, lets not get this fact in a way of a perfectly good whining. And yes, Donskoi actually has rather good (surprisingly good) armor, not at 20+km.
  6. This is actually how armor works. Armor-Shell interaction is actually on of the few sort of realistic thing in a game. Also it is one thing that keeps different module set-up balanced. Will explain below. In fact very small amount of 20+km citadel pens happens due the overmatch. At 20+km not much penetration would be needed, it is more or less down to shell fall angle. If we would give Cleveland 20+km range (and keeping in-game proportions), she would be capable of citadeling almost any tier X cruiser with ease. So why does it happen? In tier-IX and X most of the cruisers have rather good armor, both Horizontal and Vertical. This creates a relative "Zone of immunity" against incoming fire. What range this zone is, is dependent of the ship in hand. But it usually is at about 13km-17km against BB size guns. What it means is that at 13km-17km your horizontal (citadel roof) will bounce shell because they are not falling steeply enough and if you angle your vertical (belt, transverse bulkheads) armor enough it will bounce incoming shell as well.This means that it is not that easy do citadel a cruiser, apart from some odd penetration through bow or stern transverse bulkhead. Also at that range, when plunging fire can not penetrate horizontal armor, actual penetrable citadel area is rather small, usually about 1/4 of ships area if you do not angle correctly and about 1/5 or less if you do. Now if we are talking about 20+km ranges. It is outside the relative zone of immunity. In other words, at that range plunging fire from BBs can penetrate Horizontal armor, so entire citadel roof becomes easily penetrable. Go into port and look at a cruiser citadel from top-down (this is the direction where plunging fire comes) view - look how much bigger it is compared to side view. This means that at 20+km 3/4 or more of your ship is easily penetrable.At 20+km angling is much less important, because it is usually hits on the horizontal armor, what has much bigger surface area than vertical armor at that range, that citadels you. I told at the start, that this keeps different module set-up balanced. Lets take Donsko- rather good armor- when I mount range module, i will increase my range and my ability to dodge shells by maneuvering. At the same time I will trade of most of my armor protection do get it. So basically I could fire farther, dodge more shells, but if I get hit there is a big possibility do get citadeled. Now if choose do mount fire rate improvement module, then I gain DPM, I would be mostly inside of my zone of immunity (do not really have the range do go out), but I have less time to dodge the shells, so I would get hit more, but at the same time possibility of receiving citadel hits is much smaller. If we change how armor works, then range module will become only module with no drawbacks. Also changing how armor interaction works, would seriously screw-over Cruisers plunging fire capabilities as well.
  7. You have added just as little arguments, this is the place where we agree.
  8. You know why WG often uses average Joe for balancing? Because they are the most numerous of the playerbase. Above average players are minority, basing a game, whose most of the playerbase consist of average players on the wishes of the above average players will not go well. No. I say if "I", as an average player ,can play both classes just fine, there is probably no substantial balancing issue. If one class would be off-balance, this is where it should show. And yes, I like to play them both. You but out your subjective feeling dont you? I, and every other member of this forum, can but out theirs.
  9. Yes,well, being a well rounded human being, I do not really care I somebody plays the "stats" card (again). You do, I dont. So next time maybe you can spare us from that patronizing.Yes, it may hurt being questioned by a low stats player like me, you being a community contributor, who somebody somewhere maybe have is even heard of and all. So, let me take a moment and say that you are great and I am not - and move on with it. Sadly, playerbase is full of average grubs like me. And I see very little actual problem with BBs and Cruisers balance. Yes, I see it in tier.8, where cruisers are substancially out-classed for my liking by equal tier BBs. But nothing more. Yes, it is my humble opinion. You know what is great of being average? You are actually part of majority. If somebody is really hurt by the fact that Yamato, from, can seriously damage a cruiser, he/she has do take a moment and think how much the Yamato driver had do predict his/her movement. In roughly 15.sec the shell travels, even Moskva can reverse it course twice.
  10. Some time ago I started do play Cruisers, because forum was whining that how hard it was. It even felt that playing cruisers was a bit elitist. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that playing cruisers was just different, not hard, but different. Swimming and skiing are also different, neither are hard, but you wont get to far by using swimming techniques while skiing or wise versa. Apart from tier.8, where cruisers are lack-lusters, there is nothing wrong with them. Maybe WG should remove Battleships ability do shoot, maybe then you would be happy. NO, Disregard, I am certain we would then have just has many BB are OP threads like we have now.
  11. Japanese more imposing ships like BBs and BCs usually used wood as deck cover, but also asphalt and linoleum. Lesser (much more numerous) ships like cruisers and destroyers used linoleum as deck cover. This mainly because linoleum was cheap. In Japan proper wood, for covering decks, was very expensive, in Japan wood was heavily used by economy, so it was in short supply. Interior rooms had usually linoleum coverings for all ship classes, except "special" rooms like magazines and firerooms / enginerooms. Technically speaking, for wartime service japanese cruisers and destroyer were do have pare or painted uncoverd (metal) decks, with linoleum removed. Because of the extreme fire hazard of the linoleum. Also all interior linoleum for all IJN warship should have been removed. Historically, while interior linoleum was probably removed, big part of DDs, CAs and CLs sailed with linoleum deck covering, for its anti-slip proprieties.
  12. For example Großer Kurfürst "B" and "C" turrets can be knocked out by shooting at the barbette. And with-out receiving any Citadel marker.
  13. I also think that it is the barbette penetration, but on many ships, penetrating the barbette usually do not result in citadel pen, it usually knocks out turrets. But on Yamato citateling happens rather often, i think I have scored around 10-15 or so citadel pens on Yamato in that fashion.
  14. Displacement does not necessarily translate into size as much as we think. For example Pensacola, when broadside on to observer, is only slightly smaller than Colorado and has roughly the same dimensions of the New Mexico. Baltimore and Des Moines are, in the same situation, considerably larger than any of the Standard class BBs (almost 30-35m longer).In fact Des Moines is longer than South Dakota class and just as long as North Carolina. When bow/stern on, then difference is much more noticeable. But, yes Iowa, Yamato and most of the German BBs tier.7 upwards are a lot bigger than any cruiser.And should be treated like that. It all dependes on steel used (is it armored steel, what grade of armored steel is it, it might not be armor at all, but just a normal shipbuilding steel) and constructsion methods in use. Realistically WG, for ease of understanding and easier development, have substantially overestimated armor protection levels on many cruisers and specially on destroyers, BBs are in the middle ground, in some cases they gain protection on other cases they loose protection. Because game takes into account only thickness of the plating, it will not take into account steel grade.
  15. I like the Moskva. Even if, apparently, I can not win in it. Armor is good, when you time you turn wisely. But you have a lot of HP, what means you can take couple of hits. Guns are great, specially AP. Until target angles a bit, then they are useless. Even CV will bounce most of your shells. But this minor issue aside. In short range they feel like BB guns, only with 3.times higher reload. Guns that can penetrate bow on Yamato are rare, specially on cruisers. It is very fun to play aggressively. Bow tanking, probably not so. maybe better for win rate? But, this ship is not good in tight places. It turns really badly. But the thing that really eludes me is my win rate, Even bots have higher win rate.