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  1. Went well enought. And still had 800 (or so) HP left.
  2. mariouus

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    Because of the maps. Alaska is probably the best choice. I checked one, out of two battles I lost - and both my "teammates" were below 40% WR. It is almost impossible do loose with Alaska on certain maps.
  3. mariouus

    Why do BB's use the repair so quickly after 1 fire

    It is more of a mix of a gambit, experience and inexperience. I do but out a single fire often. Fixed rule, that you should not - is essentially non-sense. Sometimes butting out a fire, means that you can go dark. Sometimes, considering the enemy, it is not that likely he/she can cause several fires anyway. Sometimes, however its is bad. But not always.
  4. While not something from today, just did not have an opputunity to post it before. When enemy is gentlemanly enought to attack you one-by-one in nice orderly fashion (exept the CV)
  5. Not too bad for non-toptier ship. For some reason, annoying amount of whining was done by one player, what kind of spoiled the thing, but still.
  6. mariouus

    For BB main transitioning to cruiser

    Years back went from BBs to CA/CLs. Generally speaking, you do not need "noob friendly" cruiser. When you play a BB, just pay attention on enemy cruisers who are hardest and most annoying targets for you - note how they are played. And then just try do replicate their playstyle when you are playing cruisers.
  7. mariouus

    Trust in RNGesus?

    Well, not even going too deep... People claming that MM is not manipulated are wrong. Really, it is computer "stuff", there is no "random" in computers. Every RNG is scripted. So in a sense, ALL computer RNG based stuff is manipulated. Question here is extent. If you think about it. Slight doctoring of "RNG" here and there, can and will improve gameplay experience and increase player satisfation and will do spend money. So, why should they not do it?
  8. mariouus

    Submarines - first impressions

    CV fiasco is not over yet. Adding several subs in the regular line-up, with added predictable changes in ship class line-up. CVs will get quite a bit stronger and influncal. Not do mention, that current 200, or so, ships in WoWs are balanced in enviroment of "common" class distribution. Meaning that adding fully new "class" will most likely force another big rework/rebalance.
  9. When did they change sigma on Kremlin?
  10. mariouus

    Vertical Dispersion/Range changed?

    Actually, when I think about it. With subs being added, where is the aim assist range zero? In order do be able do shoot Subs, it can not be at sealevel, it would always result in overshoots. If, lets say, aim assist zero is now below water, lets say - 80.meters, this would cause shots fall short, because they would be aiming area below ships.
  11. mariouus

    Vertical Dispersion/Range changed?

    Does not look like dispersion issue. Feels to me, that range is wrong about 200m-400m. For a cruiser, sweet spot where do aim now, seems do be at superfiring turret roof level, when ship is broadsiding (about 2X higher than normal). And about additional 2X higher when ship is traveling about 45.degree angle . Feels really unnatural.
  12. Looking at the articles in russian language, it is very unlikely it was tested. No such thing as 220mm SM40 actually exsisted in flesh. What is know about it, is that in late 1953 "Баррикады" (Factory no 221) built a single 220mm ballistic barrel - named СМ-Э77, only barrel not the gun. There is no data about who, if anybody built a gun from that barrel. While there is a remark about that it was tested in one encyclopedia (november 1954). This however is highly unlikely, because ships they where designed for, where cancelled even before "ballistic barrel" was completed (that is probably the reason, why it was completed as a barrel and not the actual gun).There is also no test data or pictures.
  13. I played it during 11.th season. Thats the reason, why I never used word "bad", but horrid as gameplay experience. Against competent cruiser player (exept Neptune) Kronsthadt is not doing mutch (in 1vs1 situation, Kronstahdt would loose to almost any CA when they are played decently). But aslong as you do not [edited]-up, it takes long time for them do but you down. So I basically used it do push more competent players away from caps , usually did not even engage them, while engaging other players, who where preoccupied with other stuff, or where more helpfull in providing citadels do farm. Thats why I am saying you are talking about different thing. Yes, essentially Kronsthadt is among the worst cruiser in its tier - so @Animalul2012 is correct. But Yes, at the same time, due its propeties and how well it fits into overall game enviroment, it is a very good ship overall - so @fumtu is also completly correct. It is a polarizing ship. Now back to the topic. New Soviet CAs, are essentially Kronstathdt strenghts combined with Alaska strenghts and then buffed, rather broken combination.
  14. You are talking about different things. Kronsthadt is a good ship for usual Random enviroment. Because there are no shortage of enemy players being so kind and provide you best situations do exploit yor gun potential. At the sama time, for competitive enviroment (or time of day, where alot of good players are divisioning in Randoms), Kronstadt is horrid. Because effective envelope for its guns is extremly narrow- cruiser showing full broadside it will mostly overpenetrate, cruiser angles too mutch it will always bounce.