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  1. Fluxiepower

    trash match making and terrible games

    im sorry buddy, you are not even qualified to understand the issue here, so just move along maybe and stop trolling on forums, that you are not smart enough to see the glaring issue with mm in either of the screenshots, proves my point
  2. Fluxiepower

    trash match making and terrible games

    i mean honestly what i want is for god damn even teams. i don't care about winning or losing, i care that the majority of the time one team will have a bunch of drooling monkies.... i mean sure you might enjoy stomping idiots but i find it boring and i would much much rather have equal teams with similar skilled players so you can actually have a good game, rather then the piss poor joke that most games turn out to be, that are lost within 5 minutes. how about you man? do you seriously not find it frustrating and boring as hell when you either get trash team with suiciding idiots or just as equally if not more frustrating, when your enemy team just does retarded crap, one by one and throw the game.... i honestly don't care if i win or lose a match if its exciting and a great battle, but the majority of the battles will be ruined by a bunch of donkies who just suicide in, this game that i showed ss from, our tier 8 dd suicide into middle from the wrong side, with no support, gets blasted as half the enemy team only have him spotted, thats our tier 8 dd gone in a tier 7-9 (6-9 thanks to 4 idiots who are on my team), now we have a useless idiot dd, that did just about nada, we are behind 3 caps, and all the idiots are now hugging the back boarder of the game trying to enter the next match...... there was nothing fun, nothing great, nothing balanced about this game, and sadly i would say that the majority of the matches are soooooo one sided that its impossible to carry or even influence the outcome, all these idiots are whining about how to play and deal with this, but the reality are, you are trying to carry and they are turning around, pulling out a gun, and shooting you in the god damn knee and then complaining that they weren't carried
  3. Fluxiepower

    trash match making and terrible games

    ok so taking a game, unfair teams, trash game honestly, called the lost game from the start, we get 2 fail division, not one, no no we get 2...... so how crap is the match making to decide to make 2 fail division, but not give one to either team, so already there clearly we are lacking brain power since anyone who run fail division are idiots and will ruin most matches... second issue, we have 2 fail divisions already, then we also get 1 less dd, their dds take a cap each, our fail div dd was too dumb to go cap because reason, don't spot either, don't really do anything useful and the other dd suicides in, so now we are basically 0 dd vs 3 dd so im just curious at what point you could stop making these retarded teams with idiotic players and making the match completely one sided.... we never stood a chance and that happened the moment we loaded in why do we have to suffer from these pathetic teams of shittards that make fail division, and one team get BOTH..... i mean split them out at least, and if you are gonna [edited]us why are we having a fail div dd count as one of ours, this game had them have 3 dds, a tier 8 and 2 tier 7, we end up with a tier 8 and a tier 6 dd, in what possible pathetic match making would that EVER qualify as a balance or even remotely acceptable team setup? i was streaming this for some friends while it was happening, called it from the start that we were gonna lose due to 2 fail division cucking over the team, also case and point, they were utterly useless...... i mean for the love of god WG fix ur god damn match making.... half the games you just want to alt f4 to get the [edited]out of you trash match making since its utterly waste of time spending 5-10 min with tools who are sitting drooling rl..... like add some mmr atleast something, anything, to avoid these games
  4. Fluxiepower

    fixing aa vs cv

    well its kinda my point why the hell should the thing that defend you against planes be fking random, sure there is spread on your weapons, but if you hit areas that has say 50 armor you get pen or over pen or bounce or whatever, depending on angles and such, so they hell does the thing that defend you against planes work in fking rng and so patheticly that you cant rely on it at all. catapult fighter and scout planes might have more hp and yet they sometimes get 1 shot for getting into a bomb squad, not after a while but instantly..... the issue i find with the aa and plane mechanics is that its not reliable, its not you have your planes above me for x seconds and take x damage, its you might lose them all or lose none, which is a pathetic excuse for balance. and honestly if they are too incompetend to grasp how utterly broken and game breaking it is that you can get deleted by a cv and your aa without being shot at prior, at 100 rating, given ofc that it means absofuckinglutelynothing, still doesnt protect you. i want it to be simple math and easy to figure out how to handle it.. you can angle vs incoming fire, its not random if you take damage, i mean sure its a bit random where the shells land but you can limit the damage you take, but you cant with cvs because of how pathetic the aa system is, its so random that they can pull out and you turned lost most of your speed so now they get an easy drop on you and deleting a ship at the cost of 1 plane, seems pretty broken
  5. Fluxiepower

    fixing aa vs cv

    so im just curious if wargaming are ever gonna get their crap together and deal with how utterly [edited] the aa system is 100 aa rating the highest you can get would logically have some impact on fighting planes, or atleast thats what i would think it should do.... so why is it you see again and again and again and agian and ........................... a million times again that a cv even tier 8 vs 10 ship with 100 aa rating and not a single plane is shot down, or maybe you get 1 how is that supposed to be balanced? i seriousely dont understand how anyone in their right mind can say yea this is working just fine, not broken at all and accept it onto the live server in the utterly pathetic broken state it is and has been for well YEARS could we atleast give aa something like dps, i know it says it has dps, but it clearly doesnt work for crap, but actually dps that give an amount of damage per second, and say planes actually have hit boxes or life bars, so when they take enough damage they actually fking die not that i dont find it funny to get dropped say in a montana with aa spec by a shokaku and get zero planes downed.... oh wait its utter [edited] [edited] to leave the defence vs something that you cant dodge because lets face it you royally fucked up how easy it is to play cv and drops, maybe just remove manual drops all together and it could balance something the only defence you have against cvs are A: your team.... which in the most cases are utterly retarded B: your aa rating, which in most cases dont do [edited]crap i simply dont understand how you cant just give planes a set amount of freaking hp and after taking that amount of damage they die, in order..... because clearly the way you are doing it atm dont do fking anything. i mean sometimes you see a freaking spotting plane circle your ship for minutes before finally dying, vs 100 aa rating... clearly 100 aa rating either dont mean crap or the game needs to be balanced so the highest posible defence vs planes actually does something remotely useful
  6. since the devs are clearly not bright enough to grasp how simple of a thing but important it is, lets make it clear for them having 2v3 or 4v5 or what ever [edited]you give in a domination mode, if not any mode really, is a HUGE imbalance and should fixed, the majority of the time having more dd is garanti to win the match, lets look how carrier was, and somehow you made sure we have same numbers of them in the game.... what is the issue for make the god damn games balanced with dds? the issue is that the majority of your player base are utterly brain damaged, and that is putting it lightly, losing 1 dd in a domination mode, and any other, when already down 1 from the start is just doom, you cant come back since the cancer spamming is just to much so lets just for sack of balance if nothing els, make it so that we get the same amount of dds per side, in every match, and why not also put a limit on the amount of cancer spamming to 3 dds, not that its not enjoyable to be assraped by 3 shimas, a fletcher and a kagaro/yugumo. i know that you need the team to counter this, but yea lets say are starting down one dd, half the team is gonna be utterly useless as always, meaning 2 of our dds are more then likely to team torp then anything els, we might have 1 or 2 cruisers with radar/hydro and 1 of them is also gonna be utterly pathetic, the other might not have the balls to push in, so in sense we are gonna have no protection from the 45+ torpedoes that will be in the water basicly 24/7, then add a cv, one team always get one utterly retarded cv, if not both teams, so relying on your cv to save your is a deathwish at best so since you cant rely on your team since they are gonna be less then smart at most points, with more cowards, and trash players then anyone who actually cares to team play and communicate, why dont we just give the community a fighting chance, give the same number of dds to both teams and make a hard cap on the amount of dd, and yes 5 is utterly broken, so 3 could be a good idea.... just anything, would be so nice if you atleast pretended to care what the community wants and now im not talking about the russians who we have to thank for the broken state we currently have to enjoy
  7. Fluxiepower


    hemu you should be ashamed, utter worthless loser, you suck so hard a bot would be an improvement hint DONT EVER PLAY GOD DAMN DDs, and stay the hell away from your shima, that was beyond pathetic to watch how crapyou are, a dead retarded monkey would play better then that trash
  8. Fluxiepower

    thank you WG for the [edited] spam, fun and engaging game play

    honestly that looks like alot of fun to me, brawling like a baws... more fun then dodging cancer every 10 seconds
  9. Fluxiepower

    what can i do when bad player barking?

    lying bravo i mean sure it must be hard, you fought 3 ships, the yamato, the montana and some cruiser i dont recall, and you had 10 players with you..... 10, and you fought 3 ships, at point 3 of the enemy had been sunk, so that leaves me with 4 other plays on the left side fighting 9 ships.... so 5v9, and you run like a coward loser vs 3... clearly i know it must be my fault we lost the game because the left side could not win..... seems legit, or maybe its because useless noobs pick battleships and then hide like morons behind cruiser and dds who are fighting their [edited]of trying to win, and you did alot of damage well done, that damage however was gained by you losing the game and killing of our team mates while you were cowardly hiding behind them, they took down the montana and yamato while you did what, sucked off in spawn hiding..... so first you lie about the event, you lie about who was there, you lie about what my ships are, you lie and lie and suck and hide, how about just grow a pair and learn to play hiding in spawn like a coward loser letting cruiser tank insted of you is bad, the fact that you have over 90% of your hp while we are being destroyed while you hide and let us lose is a joke but since im such a shitty player that has no clue about high tier game, can someone tell me what is better that a BB player steps up and tanks so the team can apply dps and burn those two top tier bbs down or we lose half the team while he sits and snipes from the back, and does very little to either one of them, im such a terrible player i clearly must be wrong thinking that you could have stepped up and allowed the team to survive and i know im a trash player but in my mind a few cruisers and dds are able to do a bit more damage then a noob iowa killing team mates to apply his damage... but no that cant be right?
  10. kinda pathetic how you act when clearly you are not smart enough to play, doing damage while losing games because you are selfish pathetic loser... bravo, yea i might not have a tier 9 or 10, but i dont run from a fight and lose the match, i dont boarder camp like a loser or sit and snipe like a useless noob when all that was needed was someone with high armor and hp to move the [edited]up and help.... oh yea you lost vs 3 ships we fought the rest with 5 players..... yea clearly legit how tha...

    1. MapleLee


      u dont even know where i was. i had never go to the left side so how can i ran from it U can watch ur attaack list. we did different thing im updating the photo to the form.

  11. Fluxiepower

    ram damage

    i think there need to be made a change to the ram damage, seeing a kawachi with like 500hp ramming a full hp fuso and taking him down is just utterly retarded i suggest that speed, mass of ship and where the hit is from matter, such as if you hit a destroyer with a say kongo at max speed with your front, most likely you would take very little damage on the kongo and just sail through the destroyer just so its not just instant dead when someone decide to ram because hey i can take down someone with my ram and be sure to win the fight that i could not win.... that clearly needs to change so we dont see doomy doom rams of lameness because why not with the current system
  12. Fluxiepower

    Domination mode - maybe to few points

    i truely agree, but we all know that like 95% of the players are not the sharpest tools in the shed.... if you think this in an insult you most likely one of those players and need to as above stated learn to play. i agree that if both teams started in 1 cap zone and had to fight over domination in the midle and maybe like dominion or domination or whatever in League of Legends "sorry for the reference to that crap" only when you control more points then the enemy do you gain points... that would make the game last longer and if one team dominates then they can win on points but most likely they will destroy the enemy team... i think this would be way more fun and get more enjoyable match out of