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  1. e_Dieselheart

    Who Sunk Me

    AFAIK only other way is to look on afterbattle briefscreen
  2. e_Dieselheart

    When will Ranked and team games and level 13+ be available?

    -Ranked battles season will begin in february. Rules of that season will be announced separately, although they will be very similar to those of most recent season. -Team battles are officially more dead than alive. With most efforts thrown to clan features most likely Clan battles will take their ecology niche of team warfare in some time after clans implemented
  3. e_Dieselheart

    why does russia get cold war era ships

    Ya already did, Habakkuk is ingame. Ya will get it shortly- it's modelled already(got some dev info slightly wrong until checked source). Just not as a playable ship, but as a map decoration which'll be used on some future maps
  4. e_Dieselheart

    Graf Spee christmas convoy camouflage

    New commander is added as a reward
  5. Unless game version on server you try to connect differs from that your client uses (that can happen if for example server in question houses some ingame event specific to that server)- you can. For example, right now all four servers have same version of the game, and you can freely hop between servers with one client
  6. e_Dieselheart

    Halloween Ships

    Those aren't turbans,but tesla coils
  7. e_Dieselheart

    Wyoming Max Range vs. Tier V Cruisers

    Starting New York you can make it less severe in range department with "Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1" upgrade
  8. e_Dieselheart

    Event Calendar for October

    If you're using European client with addon for server switch on login screen, then reason is simple- remember patch released recently? Well, version of it that was released on NA was released with one feature enabled(Training Room) that wasn't supposed to be enabled. Patch released elsewhere was different from one on NA in that that feature was disabled by default. NA got a hotfix that made their patch similar shortly after, but as a sideeffect made version on NA servers "technically different". So until 0.5.13 comes ya need separate NA client to get there
  9. e_Dieselheart

    October event calendar

    Ya could've if things were slightly different. On RU WG is testing parallel mission steps concept seen by some on Public Test, but this time applied to big live server. If that same concept was put on EU in September, when there were also 2 ARP missions and a Campbeltown mission, you'd have same amount of events(and actually even more ;P) probably this concept will be introduced elsewhere as well
  10. e_Dieselheart

    Torpedo Bug?

    It's not, I saw somewhere developers answer about it. Torpedoes have a delay between animation of them launching from tubes, and them appearing in the water as torpedoes. And they are launched one after another, in short sequence but still not all simultaneously.If you die when torpedo is animated as launched but isn't yet in the water- it won't appear. So when you emptied your tubes, 2 of your torpedoes managed to launch succesfully, and others didn't.
  11. e_Dieselheart

    Next anime ship mission?

    They don't give any ARP missions for EU yet. Thing I posted is ARP mission for RU. And there only ships available are Kongo/Myoko who were available through January-February, and new October mission for Hiei+ Takao
  12. e_Dieselheart

    Next anime ship mission?

    What 3rd Hiei? Before all there was is Myoko+Kongo. and they were way back in february
  13. e_Dieselheart

    Next anime ship mission?

    1, Hiei + Takao 2. Takao missions can't be rated as easier/harder than Kongo+Myoko ones, but if I recall them right, they are more creative: Takao mission asks you to get some killed ships from 3 main classes + citadel hits+ total pure XP gained where Kongo/Myoko missions wanted you to get lots of fires, damage, kills, and some more kills 3. Differences mostly are same as the differences between Myoko and ARP Myoko: no camo bonus, noone but ARP captain can pilot it, plus one that wasn't on other ARP ships due to their base ships being normal ones- ARP Takao doesn't has premium ship profit coefficient
  14. e_Dieselheart

    Ищу друзей (RU/LT) ieskau draugu

    На всякий случай оставлю свой комментарий здесь. Вдруг кто-то в результате выйдет на меня и предложит поиграть?)
  15. e_Dieselheart

    So about the 1 year anniversary: what are "battles" ?

    According to developer information I saw, everything will be taken into account, and "one battle" will be "a round played in coop, random, ranked or team mode"