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  1. Kaptain_Tripps

    Is Yamato still worth the grind?

    I've just unlocked and I've had a really rough time in my first 12-15 games with her, except for one awesome 255k game which was still a loss. She seems to be a ship that really does not reward aggressive play and in my last couple of games I've been hanging back a bit and getting better results. Yamato is very frustrating at times, a bad spawn and team than runs off and leaves you struggling to catch up can be catastrophic. That said you'll get a lot of laugh out load moments when you wreck someone's day from 18km. So is she worth it? I'd say yes. She's an awkward ship to learn but Gitting Gud with her is a challenge I'm looking forward to.
  2. Kaptain_Tripps

    Rage quit anyone

    After 3 games in New Orleans on Tears, then Okinawa followed by Mountain Range with complete morons for team mates and enemy BBs that can snipe my citadel from 20km away I decided I'd had enough for the day.
  3. Kaptain_Tripps

    Mission retardedness

    It's an awful lot easier than being the first to spot two CVs in a DD.
  4. Kaptain_Tripps

    Free Bonus Code (EU) 2nd May 2017

    Worked for me thanks OP. Didn't see the other thread either
  5. Kaptain_Tripps

    Why are BBs so chicken?

    A BB camping at the back can usually pick up 30-40k damage and maybe bag a kill and a lot of these players consider this "Doing Their Part". I don't think they understand how the team needs them at the front, tanking for the cruisers who are trying to support the DDs. I also don't they really get that when they get the hang of being in the front line they can do even more damage even if they have a shorter game.
  6. Kaptain_Tripps

    New Orleans. give me some reason not to quite the line here.

    Charles Martel fires faster than Mogami? Mogami is an absolute face wrecking monster now btw!
  7. Kaptain_Tripps

    Signals for ramming

    You need to survive the ram to get the achievement
  8. Kaptain_Tripps

    New Orleans. give me some reason not to quite the line here.

    I only just bought it, finished the Pepsi while it was still visible from the moon and that put me off the line for a very long time. I'm only played a handful of games in her so far and only have the hull upgraded but so far I'm loving it. I've not had any decent damage games yet as the range is very poor for all the T10 games I'm getting in, the upgrade should help with that. The 9km concealment with radar is very strong, coupled with powerful AP to punish any enemy radar cruisers I can really turn the tide at an early cap contest. I think I only played 1 maybe 2 games before her latest buff so I can't speak to how she was before but now I think she's a very capable ship for a tier 8 cruiser.
  9. Kaptain_Tripps

    Toxic players are negatively impacting the gampeplay of this game

    I don't think anyone is suggesting that the toxic chat (insulting a players parentage or maligning his racial background etc) is anything but unpleasant but there is a block button and a report function. Use them and move on. If you get this triggered by a random person being mean in a video game then I have no idea how you are going to survive in the real world. I do call out those that insult people for bad play in lower tiers because that is what low tiers are for but otherwise I'll laugh at or ignore toxic chat. Just imagine them as a sad individual having a "Trigglypuff" episode and the whole thing becomes much more entertaining.
  10. Kaptain_Tripps

    Chat Moderators for Warships missing, where are the good Guys?

    I guess the game could use something like EVE online uses, a rookie chat channel. All new players would have access to it for their first 500 or so battles after which they get booted. A veteran player could also join the channel to help these newbies out after say 3000 battles and a certain win rate / tier reached / whatever. The veterans would be there to answer newbie questions, division with them and so on. Occasionally the devs could pop in and do the same. Make this channel a strictly on topic channel. General chat should remain a random cess pool, trying to change that would be waste of time and energy and spoil fun for some people.
  11. Kaptain_Tripps

    Toxic players are negatively impacting the gampeplay of this game

    Stupid players are negatively impacting the gameplay of this game
  12. Kaptain_Tripps

    rant.... nothing new

    It's the idiots that sail serenely towards the enemy cap as slowly as you like while a couple of guys are desperately holding off the enemy advance for several minutes begging for help. Wouldn't be so bad if they actually pushed hard to race for the cap but no, they always seem to get stalled by just a handful of enemies, and don't even think about heading back for a reset until it's 75% done.
  13. Kaptain_Tripps

    Thank you WG

    I had a supercontainer once, was so long ago I don't recall what it contained that was so super
  14. Kaptain_Tripps

    How are you doing in the CotE event? Share your progress

    So the way to get the coins for the Kamikaze is to spend every waking moment either playing the game or watching other people play the game...
  15. Kaptain_Tripps

    Who thinks up these rediculous combat missions?

    I wish they'd ditch the whole weekly mission and bring out more campaigns. We can do campaigns in our own time and there are enough options so you'll usually have a ship or two in port to work on them. The biggest advantage is everyone will be doing their own thing so games don't weird as everyone is desperately trying to last hit DDs or whatever.