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  1. Fobios

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I like the current mechanism, that detection ends but if you had locked on the target and fire after the target as gone undeceted you still have the lock-on dispersion and ability shoot behind islands for limited ammount of time.
  2. There is one commander who seems to care about the competition and follows the rules + he is funny and entertaining to watch - Flambass (i am not a fan of him, just he really tries compared to other CCs) I don't get why CC vote for CC's that don't even pay attention to what nation they should be using and are not presenting how would they like their commander to sound in the game! And where *edited* can you vote for which CC to stay in competition??? Some kind of WG internal voting?
  3. I have been testing new CVs for 3 days and I give feedback about general impression, not about game crashes or bugs. Most of what i am going to tell aligns with iChaseGaming's ideas of what's not good (see hes channel video "World of Warships - Testing CV Rework - Lots of Work Left"). 1. CV game play has no to little Player VS Player action - most of time I was more struggling with sluggish controls - yes some of these things you can get used to by playing it over and over again, learning the arming distance of attacks and re-arming timers etc - but eventually it was more just about flying around, hoping not get hit by random AA and score a hit. I fear this could get boring very fast. I love RTS style CV game play and i don't see myself playing/grinding the reworked CVs from tier 4 up to 10. 2. No CV vs CV game play - missing this is a even a bigger problem. I tried to "drop" fighters for air cover and spotting, to counter enemy planes and DDs, but i had no feedback if they were in any use, and I did not notice enemy fighters affecting my attack planes in anyway. Didn't notice any big difference in using stock or upgraded planes either. 3. Is mouse control only for a camera in plane mode? - at first I tried to use mouse as in WoWP to control elevation but that's not possible. And without mouse control i saw no point to actively dodge AA flack because the the keypad control just threw me off course to much, the inertia lag and change's amplitude was too big. The mouse control for fine tune adjustments would be great and to look around (use free camera) and for sharp maneuvers a keyboard can be used. 4. Missing direct control of CV - I missed in CV view (no planes up) the speed and rudder indicators. Not sure if direct rudder shift is possible, but i was able to reverse after running an island in semi-auto mode. The "map" control when at flight with a sqadron was usefull but would like to have also the direct "Z-control", to doge enemy CV torps perhaps and it would be nice if my planes would circle,, if i am not controlling them instead flying straight line or atleast give player active option to force planes to one or the other while he couse to micro manage his CV movement. 5. CV consumable engine boost ??? - I tried to keep it for moments after attack runs to get out of short/medium AA range for second follow up run, but the effect was minuscule. 6. CV sniping could be issue - without def AA and repairs, CV snipe could be issue. Tried it but, the match was won (bots dead) before it would be worth while the effort. Maybe in PvP mode, where slower paste game takes place, CV snipe could be useful, especially as CVs have unlimited planes and wasting them on enemy CV AA is no problem. 7. Enemy DD behind lines is end for CV - it's near to impossible to kill the DD (no cross drop with torps) or out maneuver the DD's torps with direct rudder and speed control. Maybe this is a balancing thing ... 8. Only torpedo bombers are worth to be used - I found that torpedo bombers did any amount of consistent damage, rocket planes were good at hitting DDs but they set no fires (probably last minute changes) and their damage was minuscule. Bombers were hard to aim at a moving targets. 9. Torpedoes aiming is hard - It was difficult for me to aim torpedo bombers as the attack angle was such that it's hard to estimate the attacked ship's speed and turn angle. The old faithful smoke from smoke stack was not well visible either (maybe wrong camera angle or insufficient graphics settings). Also it was unclear from the camera angle how far my torps will travel. It seemed that the torpedo travel distance in water is about two times shorten then that in Live RTS type of CV game play. 10. Planes flying into border turn right back - on some maps enemy CV could park it self between island and map border, making thus from attacking with TB difficult from those angles. Planes act strange when close to border as i hoped i could fly bit more out of the map turn back and do a second run from other side. Finally some things I liked about the reworked CVs: + The alpha strike nerf is OK - the overall CV damage was lower what I would call my average in WOWs(excluding CVs) and the planes were weak enough/ AA strong enough, so that there were no constant harassment by planes (one of my first fears when sawing reworked CVs at first). But in any case it was not like currently you are alone and enemy CV comes and you are finished. + The torpedo arming distance is displayed - neat feature that should be also available on RTS style CV game. + 3 different kind of planes and attacks - this had variety, all 3 different type of planes required different approach when vectoring them to attack. This is probably best part of the rework for me. However if all nations have 3 types of planes the national differences wont be significant enough if only the soft stats of the planes (speed, squadron/flight sizes, timers) are changed between tiers and nations. + CV is no longer the make or brake of the game - CV impact is small on the outcome of the battle, maybe even too small so this could also be a drawback as people wont want to play the CV if they cant never carry the games. At least incompetent CV wont ruin the game play for others. + Extra exp from planes kills is sweet - AA cruisers will lover these new endless waves of planes as they can rack amazing exp from plane kills. Added this as positive as i hope this would bring more cruisers into game, if the CV population would raise after the rework.
  4. You certainly cannot take a joke ...A chat ban for a joke ...You are a control freak 


  5. Fobios

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I add my feedback about the two most annoying features that came with 0.7.2: 1. FPS drop up to 50%: As mentioned by many others, i also experience the FPS drop after some time of playing. Client restart always helps to resolve it, so I consider this client not my hardware issue. In first games the fps is around 60 and around 45 when in intense action. After some time, 2-3 battles the FPS drops to around 30 when moving cursor rapidly left to right or when in intense action 2. Pop-up overlays in port are hard to read: When hovering cursor over ships, modules or flags the description text can be hard to read if it's drawn over ship image or something detail rich, because the overlay transparency is too high and too much background is seen. This most clear when viewing the signalflags: compare the flag description contrast when hovering cursor on the flag Vs when right clicking on the flag
  6. Fobios

    Radar is OP (Not vs smoke)

    I also think the radar should not penetrate high mountains (mountains you can not shoot over) at any range up to 10km. For other mountains it is okay for radar to spot objects behind them. Sonar/Hydro should not spot any ship behind a solid object.
  7. I already pointed this out on the first season: If you suck long enough and hard enough, anyone can be at rank 1. Why? Cause all the very good players who reach rank 1 and stop playing, Then the good players reach rank 1 and stop playing. Now not so good players reach rank 1 and if the season is long enough and the palyerbase is big enough even the bad players can reach rank 1.
  8. Fobios

    Ranked battle vunerable to traitor in team.

    SkybuckFlying is paranoid or simply sucks at this game and is now pointing fingers. If you would have been playing this game longer you would not be amazed what filth is flushed to shore. The worls is full of jerks and you seems to be one of them. Take care
  9. Fobios

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    Stop whining and making useless posts go read the rules and this topic: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/18204-carriers-are-op-battleships-are-op-cruisers-are-op-destroyers-are-op/ If you fly deep into enemy fleet dont expect your planes to survive. Learn the AA mechanics and learn which ships you must attack a maximum range. Which ships you can ninja at close range.
  10. Fobios

    Players throwing Ranked battles?

    Get to ranked 10 or lower, then the gameplay shifts to better teammates. Before that you basically got "Bad Advice" captains that know nothing how to play ranked, their ships or what's a map control.
  11. This is a great changes. No when you arrived late to the ranked season you can still go trough the muddy league and not loos starts if you are good. No problem to be in top with cruiser, BB or CV.
  12. Fobios

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    I think WG should rethink the ranked game consept as a whole! This does not feel as ranked anymore: When the ranked games started and for the first 10 days when i was making my way trough mid ranks, around rank 15 I started to feel that the players I am playing with or against are really good and even better than me - i was really struggling to keep up with the team. Then after a short brake when i played no ranked* in WoWS and lately returning to ranked battles I found that that rank 15 was turned into noobs hell, and even today, at rank 7, I am the one carrying the team. * I took the brake from ranked cause my tier 6 cruiser and DD were replaced by stock tier 7, and it took me some time to fully upgrade them + I felt underpowered in ranked when sailing in tier 6 carrier and when in tier 6 BB - i felt the my team's DDs and cruisers were not up to the tasks of their role. So I mostly play DDs and cruisers in ranked.
  13. Fobios

    Why are British always last in these types of games?

    When observing the WG nation releas policies the first release the premium ship and then the nation's tech tree. As the Warspite was introduced allready in CBT i tought royal navy is comming next but after OBT release, it turned out the game is very popular in germany much more then in UK so UK tech tree was crapped, we got ourselves a tripitz and german cruisers. Adding russian "fake" navi is like mandatory to bring more russian WOT players also to WOWs. I hope So royal navy comes sometime in 2016, but first we will see german BB line!
  14. Fobios

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    Anyone who can achieve above 50% WR can achieve rank 1 as long he plays lots of battles. As i understadn if you have achieved rank 1 you cant not play nomore ranked battels, so the "real" ranking should be made listing when people reached rank one.
  15. Fobios

    Rank Up / Down Broken

    Stupid idea! Consider a winning team who everybody scored above 1000 base exp. it would be unfair to not rank up players who scored 1010 vs a player who scored 1100. They had equal part in the game and sometime the little fellow a DD who spotted for his team was the real carrier but he did no damage thus got no exp. L2P