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  1. Malfuss

    gameplay /target hits/etc

    Thousands of us disagree, 3-5% hit rate with main battery guns, good luck ever hitting a ship, it would turn it into the most boring game ever for those that just want a quick arcade style match.
  2. Malfuss

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    I actually thought about this the other day, does this mean we're back to supporting your BB's with cruiser AA? More teamwork seems like a good thing to me.
  3. Malfuss

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    I totally agree with you, but my cruiser stats need work so now seems like a very good opportunity.
  4. Malfuss

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    Until they start the rounds of balancing, I'll be dropping DD's and sticking to AA cruisers.
  5. Malfuss


    This is so so true. if you come on here blaming everything else for losing, you will get jumped on, generally these type never seem to accept and never get better. As Saltface says, come on here genuinely asking for advice and listen to that advice, and the same people that would have jumped on you for whining will offer you some of the best advice going.
  6. Malfuss

    Khaba, a relic of the past?

    I love the Khaba, had loads of fun games in it, but stopped playing it when the high tiers were only getting 1 or 2 DD's per match. I always felt like I was letting the team down by using it due to the lack of DD stuff she could do. That plus everyone that kept telling me to contest the cap first thing in the game, even after I explained I have a concealment of 9.7.
  7. Malfuss


    I too feel the playerbase skill level has gone way down. I have nothing to prove it except for feelings but am getting so frustrated I've virtually stopped playing as it's just having a knock on effect to my gameplay as well. Totally agree with El2azers post, it's too easy to move through tiers and WG have made it so easy to lose your way to the top tiers. Don't really see an answer moving forward except for only playing in divisions.
  8. Malfuss

    I know it's useless

    I really don't understand this, our WR and ave. XP are within fractions of each other, and your ave. damage is almost twice mine. But I rarely just break even on high tier games, if I do it's generally because I've had a bad game, most of the time I'm looking at 100k plus earnings. It doesn't make sense.
  9. Malfuss

    IJN Torpedoes are still way too detectable.

  10. Malfuss

    IJN Torpedoes are still way too detectable.

    Where are you getting your theories from? You haven't even played a high tier IJN torp based DD except for the Asashio and you haven't played a USN DD above T6 except for the Kidd. If your Harugumo is soooo much better, why do you only have a 41% WR in it, and if USN guns are so good why only a 22% WR in the Kidd and a 33% WR in the Farragut? You actually do better in torp based DD's!
  11. Malfuss

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    Ouch, worse than I thought.
  12. Malfuss

    [cv rework POLL] just disable AA temporarily ?

    Apologies if I missed it in chat, but how many planes did you shoot down?
  13. Malfuss

    do we need roket fighters?

    My personal view on it, is that I don't think it will be too much of an issue. The average CV player is likely to just try and farm damage on the BBs and leave the DDs alone for a while, at least that's what I'm hoping. Bumping into people like El2aZeR will be a nightmare, but luckily he's a bit of a rarity.
  14. Malfuss

    Remove startrek Smoke binocular

    If I could even understand what you are trying to say and what relationship it had to my double post, post. You should have quoted my previous post where I talked about your skill level, even then it would make no sense whatsoever.
  15. Malfuss

    Asashio cursed?

    I only played the 25 games for the extra XP in my Asashio before I stopped playing it and put my Captain elsewhere. From what I remember I did far better in it using it as a normal DD than I did trying to flank round and just go for the BB's. I stopped playing it because it was a poor cap contest compared to my Benson and it was just frustrating for me. I might take it out again now the guns have been buffed but don't see it being a regular occurence.