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  1. Akula971

    Vanguard Quest Bonus mission-Captain?

    Sheer luxury, I have arthritic hands, scared corneas, cataracts, and self unemployed to boot. Akula971 (58 1/4)
  2. Akula971

    Vanguard Quest Bonus mission-Captain?

    Thank you for clearing that up for me. 3 points it is then. I did get silver credits. Eye sight is as bad as my memory. (I am old though)
  3. I bought an airdrop container that had in it a bonus mission, the Vanguard Quest. For some reason I thought it stated that if you earn 5K base XP, then you get the Vanguard, and a 10 point captain. Now I did the mission this morning, and since I have the Vanguard, did not get any gold or anything else in lieu. However I welcomed a 10 point captain. Imagine my surprise when I find a 3 point captain. added. Has anybody else had this "bonus"? was it a 10 point or a 3 point? Memory not good these days. p.s. I am mildly miffed that they are giving away a ship that cost a lot of money to buy. I can understand why, as in the current meta, it is rather meh. Well crap really and hard work, not fun at all, and playing games is supposed to be fun? isn't it? But I suppose "targets" are need for the upcoming Napkin navy.
  4. Akula971

    Sims needs a buff - a big one

    Sims was good in CBT, as battleships had terrible rudder shifts, so you could easily land the rainbow of HE on target. When OBT arrived they nerfed the Yubari to rubbish, the game mechanics changed (rudder shift on battleships) so Sims was indirectly nerfed. It now takes real skill to get the best out of her and there are now plenty of other destroyers that can trade and win. No longer does she have only weak IJN destroyers to deal with. They make a good premium, it sells well as it is good, then the game changes, but the premium you bought is left behind. Until they release the next "O/P" premium talked up by the Youtube shills. Belfast is slowly getting this treatment too. They make the thing you bought obsolete so you buy the new one, just like Apple ;)
  5. Akula971


    Perhaps they have not paid the server company, who has said pay up, or we pull the plug. Its 2019, Fallout 76, "disconnected from server", now WoWs "Disconnected" Why can't these companies that have online games maintain decent servers? It seems to get worse every month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Akula971

    End of an Era

    My two cents, as a veteran DD player, and now CV player. First ships that I target are destroyers, spot them, cause them to smoke up, harass them, remove as much HP as I can from them. If I'm searching for a destroyer but have not spotted it then Wargaming give me a big hint that I'm close by telling me my planes are spotted, so a simple circular search finds him. This is a very bad mechanic that needs to be dropped. If I'm attacking in my planes, I get a nice warning that a destroyer is close by to the carrier, allowing me to break off my attack (F key), scramble a fresh squadron to find and harass him, whilst my carrier runs away. This is also wrong, and needs to be dropped too. The element of surprise is removed. Next I will spot or target light cruisers, that depend on their concealment for survival. Keep them spotted, let the battleships feast on them. I can then attack when they are low HP, get them to turn broadside on to my teams BBs, or finish them off. With a relentless torrent of planes I can occupy their full attention, away from other threats. They dumbed down the game by giving everyone a warning they are spotted. It used to be selectable captain skill, but the BBs complained. The sad thing is that they continue to dumb it down in an effort to increase the player base. An effort that has failed dismally. Although they have probably reduced the churn of players. As with the O/P some destroyers I just don't play any more. Get spotted, get swatted, lose half your HP in the first 3-5 minutes. Its pointless. Now thay are going to introduce the fantasy napkin navy battleships, that have a strange sort of sigma, bad at long ranges, but obsoletely killer at short ranges. Better It seems from being on the receiving end than any other battleships. So in one fell swoop, they have removed the main threat to these paper ships. CVs to spot, super sigma at close range to swat. In conclusion: It was once rare to see a match without destroyers, now it is quite common. Where have the gone? To the lower tiers where CVs cannot obliterate you so easily. Keep dumbing it down Wargaming, keep denying you've screwed the pooch, and you'll lose your loyal players too.
  7. Akula971

    Exeter - guns highly ineffective at times?

    Was that me? I had a game last night too, were I torpedoed an Exeter and he torpedoed me to death. Edit. Checked replay files, was not.
  8. Akula971

    Exeter - guns highly ineffective at times?

    The trick is Mr Potter, not being shot at. Switching ammo type very often and using torpedoes. I find it best used in close vicinity to one of our teams battleships. Twisting and turning the opponent will usually chose the BB to fire at. Its a behind the scenes type of ship. If you are being focused you are too close to the action. It helps if the enemy team are muppets.
  9. Akula971

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    I have ten tier 5 cruisers. Top for average damage is my Marblehead at 41.5K, but so far I find it difficult as an average player to do more than 24K damage average in Exeter. I do find that the player base already know its made of paper, so I'm often focused, even though their are other targets closer. In terms of stats it is not that different from the Furataka. However the big difference between them all is rudder shift time. Exeter at 8.7sec. Furataka at 5.7sec, Omaha at 7.5 and the Murmansk at 3.8, (Better than Marblehead at 5.7, cos Russian bullshite). Improve either its reload or rudder shift, then OK, it would be slightly better. But if this is the flavour they want for RN premium ships, then no thanks. (Got bitten with HMS Rearguard) Is it fun to play? Not really, I find it tedious, hard work even. You'd have more fun spamming fires in the other tier 5s. Do a long grindy series of missions? Only if you don't like having fun before or after.
  10. Akula971

    RN "Exeter" Marathon (starting March 1st)

    I have found that HMS Exeter is not an easy ship to play. She is very fragile, her dispersion often brackets targets. Her slow reload means that you must spend a lot of time manoeuvring, especially against fast firing light cruisers. Against a broadside Atlanta, she will have difficulty getting a citadel, whilst the Atlanta will wreck it in seconds. Rocket planes tend to do a lot of damage too. I'm finding that the only way to survive is sniping. I tried corner Island ambushing, but again got wrecked. If you are having luck in her, I'd be interested in your module/captain skills selection.
  11. Akula971

    EU servers bad connections

    Every game this afternoon resulted in a disconnect. Gods way of telling me to do something more useful. For a cash rich company such as Wargaming, its pretty pathetic.
  12. Akula971

    AFK'ers Any suggestions on how to deal with them?

    Since 0.8, i've had too many disconnections from their servers. Try to log in again, it forgets my password. Says server unavailable. Finally get into the game to see either my ship being battered or the game nearly over, and abuse in chat at my being AFK. Best one of all was when the" looking for a match" wheel was going round and round, and the game crashed to desktop. Fook it I thought, got better things to do than this game of frustration. Logged back in, hours later to find I'd been turned pink, and had a 4 game penalty for leaving a game. Fun and engaging? No Fun and enraging? Yes. Other online games are rock solid. Wargaming fix your shite.
  13. Best games to be had in my opinion are between 3/4 to 7/8. With the sweet spot about 5-6. Especially if you have a good premium ship that makes credits regardless of the outcome. For me tier 10 is expensive, too predictable and boring. I do enjoy games in the Kuma, Yubari, Vampire, etc, Current favourite ship is the Mutsuki IJN DD kitted out as an AA boat. It fears no tier 4 CV, and above. Insane AA for its size/tier.
  14. Akula971

    Russian BB 3D Models released

    Yes I have a problem reading "your" English. Your English is better than my Portuguese, but its still terrible. So you are saying that the USA, the wealthiest nation on the planet, defence outspending every other nation does not use titanium because they cannot afford to? No, the cost benefits are not there. Still waiting for Project 203? The rest of your post is a mixture of drivel and insults. No reply required.
  15. Akula971

    The Odd Man Out

    Golden rules for playing destroyers. !. Know your concealment distance at all times. 2. Plan ahead, if you turn now to get closer to an enemy, will you be spotted? 3. Know when to fight, and when to run away. A ship that runs away, lives to fight again. 4. If you intend to sit in smoke firing, ensure you know before hand where the enemy destroyers are. Smoke attracts torpedoes! 5. If your concealment is better than an enemy destroyer, keep him spotted, do not open fire. Let your team attack him. 6. You can scout. Spotting high concealment cruisers, pressing F3 to get them deleted. No need to attack, you'll reveal your position either from your torpedoes or from direct fire. 7. If being chased by a cruiser, drop a smoke screen, but keep running. The cruiser will think you are sitting in it to torpedo him. He will then zig zag towards the smoke (with hydro on) whilst you get away. Unless you are good, resist the urge to fire torpedoes, it reveals the direction you've headed to. 8. Double back to a position they would not expect you to head to. Often a cruiser will pursue you, followed by a battleship. The battleship feels safe as he has the cruiser in front to spot torpedoes. But you are not heading away from them, you've looped around to fire at the battleship. 9. Buy and read a copy of the U-Boat commanders handbook. its all valid. In game you are just a surfaced torpedo platform. https://www.amazon.co.uk/U-Boat-Commanders-Handbook/dp/0939631210