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  1. Akula971

    Ship removals

    All soon to be in Santa's crates.
  2. Akula971

    Is auto bot farming still exist in this game?

    They probably don't care, as a bot killed by a player is a happy player, who plays more and pays more.
  3. Akula971

    New Code

    There were two short downloaded updates over the last few days. That mission was then cleared, and the rest. All done.
  4. Akula971

    New Code

    Sims, Random battle
  5. Akula971

    New Code

    Sims, Random battle
  6. Akula971

    New Code

    What do you think?
  7. Akula971

    New Code

    I used a similar code for a chain mission. The mission for me was bugged. No matter how much base XP I earnt, it would not progress
  8. Akula971

    New Code From JP Stream

    It appears that it is bugged and impossible to complete. I'm stuck at the 1800 base XP stage. Unless I'm mistaken?
  9. Akula971

    New Code From JP Stream

    It gives a 5 missions for 200,000 credits each. Complete all, get 300 Italian tokens. Thank you for posting!
  10. Akula971

    The end of Flint

    Exactly. I buy a product that does something. Wargaming changes "the game" and the product no longer works as it did? Its a nerf. But Wargaming, safe in their tax haven in Cyprus do not care, as they have our money! Its a long history of customer abuse. Nerfing premiums, oh sorry, changing the game, badly designed CV implementation, even worse rework, Graf Zeppelin debacle, PR event, in game gambling, loot boxes, even earned crates, are you feeling lucky? oh and lets not forget putting ships like Dreadnought, and Arkansas, both with ZERO AA, into games with two CVs? Both ships in service when CVs did not fooking exist!!!!!! And we've watched the disgraceful behaviour to former community contributors, and employees like IEarl Grey. We put up with a lot of Wargaming bullshite. So please don't tell me premium ships are not nerfed. We buy a product, Wargaming make changes, product no longer works. I'm not 100% sure if its incompetence, bad management or shear greed. I suspect its all three.
  11. Akula971

    Name calling and abuse

    Served my time in an Iron Foundry, very colourful language. Later served in the Royal Military Police, colourful language backed up with either violence, or lots of extra exercise. You either learn to play by the rules, do what you are expected to do, or get a roasting. Now there are lots of mentally challenged people out there, who will whine and moan, because the world and this game is not going as their limited vision expects. Question is, did you play well? In which case just ignore the idiot, or you killed three nearly sunk ships, and didn't play the objective? Hence loosing the game and getting some well deserved metaphors. Why are you so effected by some random child mouthing off? A lack of moral fibre? A lack of resilience? Its only a game! Mind you, I see so much cowardice in this game, BBs hiding all game behind islands, a lack of aggressive competitive spirit. A generation of soy infused "boys" who never become men.
  12. Akula971

    The end of Flint

    Really? Never nerfed any premium ship? Liar, Liar, your pants are on fire. Yubari, YUBARI!!!!!!!!!!. A paid for ship nerfed when the game went public. It was a plane swatter. Then in OBT it was useless.
  13. WoWs is a game. Games are played to have fun. Younger inexperienced players can observe older more experienced players and learn. This is the reality of games and life. Special players? Don't want to learn, learning isn't fun, they want the privilege of being special, and at the same time want the privileges of those with more experience removed. This isn't school, with an infants section, a juniors and a seniors section. You get no rewards other than that the game provides by playing at higher tiers. Its just a game. A seal clubber gives the players a glimpse of excellence and experience, that they may become, and are likely to face. There should be no safe spaces for babies. Babies should play games designed for babies. I, on occasion play my Orion, or a tier 4 premium IJN BB. Its fun, the queues are longer which makes me think that WG does have a mechanism for limiting more experienced players in lower tiers. Its by no means a guaranteed win, as Ive often had my arse handed to me by players with just a few hundred games, it must be RNG, not me LOL
  14. Oh dear, How sad, never mind. Do you want your son to be coddled? If he lacks the hand to eye co-ordination, then there are thousands of other games that cater for more a child friendly experience. What is the message you are sending your son? That the rules of the game should be changed to suit his ability? How do you know that there are 21 point commanders? You don't. Even if the enemy ship was a premium ship, the captain may only have a low number of points or be retraining. The average age of the player base is in the mid twenties to thirties. They are going to understand the mechanics of the game far better than a child. If your son is really struggling, then wargaming already have two other modes available, these being CO-OP, and Operations. Both pretty predicable in behaviour. Having a low tier premium, with a 19 or 21 point captain does not guarantee success. Often games can be won by the most inexperienced players, or lost by "one man" fleets. Are you showing him how to play? With 47% WR? Perhaps not the best idea? Trying watching Flamu, or Flambass for tips. Is it really your son? or you? Just asking for a friend.
  15. Akula971

    WG "adjusting" ships

    Its the nature of the beast. Constant change of ships, of the meta. They do this so that you spend money on the game. Its easier than having real creative talent to make new and interesting maps, game play modes, etc. I thought you knew that when you entered the milking shed? No mirrors in there, so you don't know how you are, but they see you as milk cow. It all started with the huge nerf hammer to Yubari and Sims after CBT ended. That should have been warning enough.