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  1. Akula971

    Hayate for 2 Mil FExp?

    They have learnt well from the PR event. There is money to be made from whaling. Until you've hunted them to almost extinction. Then what? A game designed to catch whales is no good for catching fish. As many have said, they don't put effort into fixing the games issues, creating new game modes or making it more enjoyable to play. I still play Fallout 4. Why? Because mods keep the game fresh and interesting. I am not suggesting mods btw. I am suggesting they do something to make it more interesting and enjoyable. Will they listen to the player base? nope.
  2. This is what you need to know:- 1. Anything that Wargaming says in a publicity blurb is usually either nonsense or out right lies. For example Mikasa has accurate guns. 2. This game and historical context are not happy bed fellows. 3. Everything is done to generate profit. Changes to any game mechanic (IFHE for example) is designed to get you to re-specify commanders, hopefully with gold. 4.All ships will be balanced, eventually to get you to play them. Mr. Spreadsheet looks after this. If a line is not generating interest (cash). It will be adjusted. Simple rule of return in investment. 5.The RN heavy cruisers are simply, for most people not enjoyable to play. So please don't be masochistic.
  3. Akula971

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    I've kept Devonshire too. Good for kiting away, and quite manoeuvrable. Surrey is meh, so far, hard work. London is fun, but challenging to rack up damage due to its low rate of fire.
  4. Akula971

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    These ships are just plain hard work to get results in. I work to get money. I play games to have fun.
  5. Akula971

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    The ships were designed for a role, which is securing trade across the Empire. Long range is a factor. They did admirable work in shadowing the Bismarck with radar (oops wargaming forgot that?, what a noob mistake to make). Nothing wrong with the ships, everything wrong with Wargamings implementation.
  6. Akula971

    Armada: London

    I honestly can't do a grind any more. I suffer from severe dry eyes, and after doing CAD all day (for the last 33 years). I limit my game time.
  7. Akula971

    Armada: London

    Two Pints of Stella at £2.50 each, Lamb Korma £5.50, Keema Nan £1.90, Chips £1.40, 2 popadoms £1.20 Grand total £15.00 Usually something left over for breakfast :) Feeling well stuffed? Priceless.
  8. Akula971

    Armada: London

    It has smoke. That is the difference. I have this ship, and equipped with the Hydro acoustic upgrade, it can be quite the DD hunter. If you can play the Exeter well or the Belfast, and know how to kite and manoeuvre, then you'll do OK in it. Is it fun to play? Yes. Would I rather pay £16 or grind for ages? Easy choice. Its the price of a pint or two and a take away. £16 for a month or twos fun? again Easy choice. Not a great damage dealer in my hands, but it survives long enough to be influential.
  9. The reality of the situation is that the game has become like World of Tanks, endless power creep, and in WoWs, they change the meta so often, your shiny premium is obsolete within a two patches. Its just frustration. Very few people have the time or are willing to learn about the over match mechanics, that constantly change as Mr. Spreadsheet decrees. The avid players are usually interested in Naval history, and this games is Soooo far away from anything remotely historical. Want to play WW1 dreadnoughts? then you are stuck in low tiers either seal clubbing or being clubbed. Some ship lines are just plain silly. Talk about bias. Budyonny main guns 16.6km range, reload 8 seconds. Devonshire? 14km reload 14 seconds. not to mention the Kremlin FFS. I keep coming back for a month or two, the realise why I left and uninstall again. Perhaps our Russian players realise that only free cheese is in mouse trap.
  10. Akula971

    WG causing the Blowouts?

    To beat a system, you either fully understand the mechanics or flaws of the system. What is the system trying to do? In this case the system wants you to progress, to grind, to spend money, and then spend more money. So don't. This is what I do now. I take a ship that is fully completed (all modules and upgrades) or a premium, and has a 19 skill point captain. You must know this ships capabilities in all respects. Tier does not matter. You are not grinding. Avoid tier 9, and 10, unless you can make credits. Go out and seal club! You can buy as many signals as like with credits. Do a few daily events, for extra coal or signals. A premium like the Kamikaze or similar is ideal. You are now just playing for fun. Sink ships. Don't care too much if your donkey team fails as often it will. Find the ship or ships that you do well in and improve. Ignore the chat, ignore the map pingers, (remember its an 11 year old master admiral tard who knows so much?). If you are not having fun, which is why you play games after all then shut down the PC, and go and have sexy time with your other half or tidy your rooms, move on. Why stay in game that is no fun? Little Story: Back in the 1980s, Mr. Akula971 was doing his training in the Royal Military Police, lots of square bashing in full kit, on very hot day, up and down, back and forth, sweat pouring off me, nipples get red raw from shirt. Sgt Short (who was 6ft 3) shouted out "who is not enjoying this!" I raised an arm. OK , you go and sit on grass, have a drink, and watch the others. 30 minutes later, me getting nice tan. Sgt asks again, and half of the 2 platoons drop out. As Sgt says "Any fool can be uncomfortable". So if you are not having fun, then why do you continue to do the same things? over and over again? Please forgive my ramblings, it comes with age....when I was lad.......
  11. Akula971

    WG causing the Blowouts?

    The design of this game, and WoT, is simply flawed, and at the same time a success. Here is why:- Average Joe schoolboy is brought up in an environment of staged progressions, notably in school, from one year to the next. Their games are also structured as such, progression means to Level up, get new perks. The final aim being to finish, to leave school, and start another series of tests, and trials, to succeed. It is a mindset drilled in from an early age. But few ask are you happy? or are you having fun? (In game), and the response is similar, NO, its a grind, a job. The conditioning is ingrained. The hypergamous nature of women ensure that mating rights are usually only allowed to those that meet their expectation of competitive successful males that they can provide, so in life you must be competitive, you must pass those levels, its a biological imperative. (Deviants, freaks and the perpetually offended excepted). So for so many players, the object of the game is not to have fun, it is a competitive grind to reach tier ten, regardless of the cost. Tier ten for them is completion. They completed the game, and move on, or assess the game was not difficult, and not fun. Being good at the game is a secondary consideration, failure is always rewarded, every snowflake gets a participation reward. WoWS have realised that player numbers have not significantly increased from open beta. They have a fixed player base of whales and minnows. The task they have set themselves is to extract as much as they can from that fixed player base, hence the over optimistic PR event. They care not one jot for the regular players disdain. The question in their meeting will be a comparison of profits this Christmas to last Christmas. Why should they care about the terrible state of game play? The very structure and design of the game takes no account of skill.
  12. Akula971

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    Try enforcing those in a different country. It does not work. Even the UK government has put gag orders, D notices on news only for it to be public in the USA, or Australia. Mind you, he best stay away from the Russian Federation in future.
  13. Akula971

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    This may all be very entertaining in future. When IEarlGrey is back in the UK, free of any obligations under Russian Law, then we may get some interesting insight into how that office in Saint Petersburg is run. That is a video I will look forward to. Who knows, perhaps he was fed up working there, an entirely different culture, missing his family, his kids. It can get pretty lonely working in a different country when you don't speak the language well. He who laughs last, laughs longest. Anyway say what you like about him.But from my conversations with him on Facebook, he appears to be a solid guy.
  14. Akula971

    Discussion about iEarlGrey

    Well someone's head had to roll for the PR fiasco. Dry humour and sarcasm are lost on the gentle, soft, unthinking herd of snowflakes who took offence.
  15. Akula971

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Winners

    Thank you! :)