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  1. Akula971

    Wargaming & FORCE BLUE Team Up for Ocean Month!

    What does "get 3 200000 destroyed ribbons" mean? Get 3 million two hundred thousand destroyed ribbons? Joking? The progress bar is slowly ticking up, so i guess its the total server kills? I'm confused.
  2. Akula971

    What has happened?

    I came back to the game. Its not what it used to be. When i go to the Armoury, it does not show me how much coal, steel i have? I tells me to login to my account? But im in the game! i have no mods installed. Also ive tried to buy a little gold for captain retraining, just keep getting errors. This game just seems to be full of bugs now! What gives?
  3. Akula971

    General Submarines related discussions

    What measures and counter measures would you suggest to those of us who enjoy playing mid tier battleships, who are pinged from outside the range of our airstrike, even if we can find the short duration marker on the sea surface nearly 10Km away? After all those torpedos home in, don’t they? If it was a Fubuki firing torpedoes, I could dodge, perhaps take one. But dodge all four, that are homing in? Then I have to use my DCP to stop the flooding. It’s on cool down, but the sub is pinging again! I can’t remove the ping, and it’s over. saying it’s over, is the truth. I uninstalled all WG programs. They have cheating platoons in WoT, as highlighted by Quickybaby and Claus Kellerman, and here in WOWs we have a class no one wanted. That they always said they’d never do. Even the Chieftain is on record as saying they will never be in game, they have no place in the game. so please enlighten me as to how to avoid these attacks, what counterplay could I have used?
  4. Akula971

    General Submarines related discussions

    My experience with subs? Im pinged from 9-10km away. Im set on fire, 2 fires by a CL behind an Island, cant see him. I use my DCP to put out the fires, and remove the ping. Im pinged again, and again. I just catch sight of the ping location! time to use my airstrike! Whats this it does not reach that far? Enough is enough of this badly thought out BS. Im done!
  5. No wish to play subs, or have anything to do with them. I always give any sub player, regardless of the team, or skill a -1 Karma. Not that it makes a difference. After being attacked from 10Km in my Iron Duke or any other BB, and my airstrike only reaches half the distance....... I'm done.
  6. Akula971

    Not logging in since patch

    Yesterday on the 10th of August, the game would hang if trying to get into the armoury. Tried all day. today on the 11th, the game hung up at the end of a failing Operation.
  7. Akula971

    Auction results

    WG. Buy the entry pack for CBT, the Sims, Yubari, and Gremy. Never to be sold again. Unique ships! WG is the King of lies, all lies! LOL We know them well, too well. On a serious note, Im noticing a distinct move on their part to drain our coffers of silver.
  8. Akula971

    Kamikaze R

    It goes like this: Build a ships reputation to legendary, think Kamikaze R, Belfast, etc. Remove ability to get ships. Wait, wait, Santa Loot boxes (with 0.0001% chance), or change game meta so ship becomes meh (Introduce new mechanics, nerf something else). Put "now less then" ship on sale. People buy on previous reputation. Result cash, profit! Please excuse my cynicism, I've been here too long.
  9. Akula971

    Ship removals

    All soon to be in Santa's crates.
  10. Akula971

    Is auto bot farming still exist in this game?

    They probably don't care, as a bot killed by a player is a happy player, who plays more and pays more.
  11. Akula971

    New Code

    There were two short downloaded updates over the last few days. That mission was then cleared, and the rest. All done.
  12. Akula971

    New Code

    Sims, Random battle
  13. Akula971

    New Code

    Sims, Random battle
  14. Akula971

    New Code

    What do you think?