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  1. Another pointless topic about the MM. If they wanted to change the MM they would have done so years a go, it's not about that they aren't able to do so, it's about that they dont' want to. Wargamings Ministry of Monetisation has determined that that the current MM is optimal for maximising monetisation. If you ever wonder why WG does something or doesn't do something: It's the MONEY, stupid.
  2. Asatori


    In T10 match makeing the D7P aircraft get shot down like mad. He probalby tried useing the air strike on cooldown whenever he could and lost 90% of them. The D7P airstrikes are terrible and a pathetic attempt at a gimmick :/
  3. Asatori

    Disappearing ships that fire

    Lock on will usually last just a little longer, especially with ships that sail towards you. So no.
  4. Asatori

    Can this be done, show the captain too?

    That is nice and all, but how is this makeing WG money?
  5. Asatori

    Sea looks milky?

    If it's milky then you might be about to sail the seas of cheese. Primus sucks!
  6. Asatori

    Disappearing ships that fire

    For example with some random numbers: Max gun range DM 16.8 Distance between you and DM 17.1 There are no other teammates within 16.8 km of DM. As he shoots his spotting range blooms to 16.8, you are at 17.1, he will not get spotted. He can shoot you because you sail into the shots but you can't see him. Not really a viable thing you can exploit (to situational since it only works if noone else is there to spot him) but it happens occaisionaly.
  7. Asatori

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Got some random santa container from some mission last week. Saw I had a crate, didn't really pay attention and clicked open. Took me like 10 seconds staring at the screen to realise that I just got a Marceau in that crate..
  8. Well Komrad you not have patience, we hurry, we paint half ship. Is gut paint Komrad.
  9. Asatori

    What's the logic around BBs Airstrike range??

    I do the same thing, hit G at start of the game. If you division up with 2 hallands or 2 frieslands you can play a mini game of depth charge jousting though, try it! it's fun!
  10. Asatori

    What's the logic around BBs Airstrike range??

    The whole ASW element against subs seems to have been an afterthought. How about the ability to rotate the area where the planes drop the depth charges? So you can have the optimal surface area to drop the bombs on.. Some cruisers get planes some don't, no logic to it. Big heavy cruisers with bad ruddershift? Yep we give those depth charges launchers instead of planes.. Ships with depth charge launchers have no reminder or indicator if they are going to shoot depth charges to the sides or in front. The DDs with depth charg launchers in front are terrible to use because they swing wildly with any minor rudder input and they are also very bad for useing when a sub goes towards you, most of the front launched depth charges will overshoot. The Perth is even better: it gets 2 charges of 1 (yes 1....!!!!) depth charge, good luck doing anything with that... 2 years of work on subs yet it feels like it was thrown together by a couple of clowns in an afternoon...
  11. The higher tier cruiser experience in a nutshell: Get rek'd with overmatch mechanics. Since the MM is heavily BB centric these days playing cruisers that have don't have ice breaker bows and non overmatchable plating/deck is just a lesson in frustration. You can angle/dodge all you want and then you notice that one stray BB shell and it's going straight to your citadel. What this game desperately needs is an overhaul of the overmatch mechanic..
  12. Asatori

    A way to make CVs in sync with surface ships

    I really don't want those Russian CVs to be any closer, have you seen how they can puke out strike after strike in a matter of seconds if you get like within 10 km of the island they are camping behind? Second: What happens if planes try to cross the boundary of 15 km? Do they fly into an invisble wall?
  13. That is why I underlined this: minimum value of the listed 5.63 So it looks more like this: 1) one of several items that sell for 500-1000 gold 2) one of several items that sell for 250-500 gold 3) one of several items that sell for 100-250 gold Total minimum price separately = 850 gold Discount price = 800 gold (and if you get lucky you get a bit more). And you know what we've created now? A gambling incentive... You can be sure that WG knows how to exploit the loopholes and what they need to do to be "in compliance" with the law.
  14. Pretty sure that lawyers from the legal department know exactly how to circumvent such laws: Most likely it is something like this: Most individual items that come in these boxes have a price tag (flags, credits whatever) if you combine those individually priced items up you come to a minimum value of the listed 5.63 and now you can legally say it is a discounted bundle of items. Laws are nice, but lobbying will make sure that there are always plenty of loopholes.
  15. I think the most important purpose of this forum is to have a controlled (moderated) environment where dissatisfied players can vent their frustration. It is better for WG if they can control the environment where this happens. Just look at what happend with the CC walkout. If the outrage had been contained within just official WG channels they would have completely ignored it. But it spilled out into the regular gaming press and youtube channels, beyond the control of WG. That might hurt the influx of new players. That is why we got the whole statement and blablabla from WG up to their mangement. It'was like the BP oil spill episode from South Park... (sorry not sorry). This forum does not represent the majority of the playerbase and WG will never use polls or feedback on the forums in their decision makeing. They have waaaay better data to base their decision makeing on (influx of new players, amount of money spend per player, when they spend money and what they spend it on). Those are metrics you can use to optimise monetisation. Every new content addition to the game is just to improve revenue by targeting the demographic of players that are most likely to spend money, nothing else matters.