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  1. WhiteCliffs

    Passive, or aggressive.......

    I think tier and ship come into this a lot. Personally I don’t play T10 unless I roll phenomenal RNG in a T8 so I can’t speak for the big boys too much, but at T8 you still need to be aware of radar when pushing aggressively. My highest win rate is probably in Edinburgh, think it’s floating around 65% at the minute with 100 games (ish) played. So sometimes you have to account for radar and play a little more defensively early on but in Edinburgh & Fiji I find rushing aggressively toward (rarely into) a cap behind a friendly DD often means I can drop the enemy DD in a couple of salvos letting our guy (or girl) secure the cap and start going to work on whatever looks juicy. From there the team has a pretty real advantage. With other cruiser lines or a BB rushing up to a cap is usually suicidal without the smoke to break detection. The Japanese don’t really get the guns either to drop DDs quickly enough so that more aggressive gameplay really doesn’t work for them. I think it’s very much situational and very dependent upon the ship you’re in.
  2. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Hood is an excellent T7 BB. In the (highly, highly) highly unlikely event that they did move KGV to T8, an Admiral-class would sit just fine in her place, could even give it a 'what if' 1943 Hull B with QE style 4.5" secondaries. Obviously not ideal as such a ship should be reserved for a battle cruiser line, but as a quick fix...
  3. WhiteCliffs

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Hi, If there's any availability I'd like to join you. Tier 6 & 7 are mostly where I reside as of late, not too big a fan of the paper ships (or the repair bills).
  4. WhiteCliffs

    Win rate this week?

    I'm no statistician, just wondering if the massive boost in playing population since the RN BBs hit is flattening win rates toward 50% at the moment - especially at 'mid' tiers, which I'm playing in a lot being a T7 main lately?
  5. WhiteCliffs

    Win rate this week?

    Anyone else struggling to win games at the moment? Might just be bad rng but the last 4/5 days my win rate has been abysmal. Regardless of how well I play personally my teams have been evaporating around me The last two games I played today, before calling it a day... Think I need to find myself a clan or something.
  6. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Just had this game, pretty battleship heavy. If you can avoid return fire the HE devours BBs. Interestingly their team was carried by a Graf Zeppelin...
  7. WhiteCliffs

    Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    Had an okay time playing Queen Elizabeth until I reached my wet dream and hit the seas in KGV. At 10 games in with the coveted latter I was on a 20% win rate. Wound up on Fiji to spew hate across the tier. Bloody awful weekend.
  8. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Been playing like this much more with it and I'm fairing better, definitely got some seriously high damage potential in a long game. Slowly but surely pulling my win rate off the seafloor.
  9. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Tried to get vaguely similar angles, photo from 1945 (Sydney - please add as new port) and KGV Hull B (A is the same). Anyone notice some missing 40mm AA above the rear DP secondaries? Good looking ship in game at any rate but the more prickly the better.
  10. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Agree with what you say. I can win games in BBs, just not this one. As I originally said I'm struggling to exert any real presence in a battle without being deleted.
  11. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Looking at our stats I'm close to you on average and max damage done but you're miles ahead on win/loss. Please spill the beans! How does one win in this thing?
  12. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    To be fair I found Queen Elizabeth to be a far more enjoyable and usable ship because it feels like a balanced BB. KGV on the other hand definitely feels like a sluggish re-skinned cruiser, one that totally lacks maneuverability. Had a couple of duels in it with Colorado's and it just feels cheap trying to burn them down while they take chunks out of you with AP you can't really angle against. All in what was supposedly the second best armoured BB of the Second World War, after Yamato & Musashi. This idea that concealment makes up for armour is bonkers. While you're there healing up in hiding having lost a hp trade you're having 0 impact on the game.
  13. WhiteCliffs

    HMS King George V

    Hi folks, what are the early impressions of this thing from you lot? I've taken it out about 20 times now and I'm really struggling to make it work. My average damage is hovering around the mid-70k mark but the thing is so damn fragile against high caliber guns I struggle to exert any real presence in a battle. Angled in Hood you'll occasionally take a 10k hit on the nose but anything to the sides glances off, angled in KGV I'm consistently being hit for 5-8k just from a couple of pens hitting the massive 25mm bow and stern areas, or the line of 25mm above the belt. Against US 16" guns I've taken 17k hits through the bow and stern on two occasions, whilst angled. Focused by a few BBs you can be dead inside of 2 minutes flat. If left alone the damage output can be very high but that rarely happens, and skulking around at 18km isn't fun for anyone. It seems what we've been given here is a glass BBQ.
  14. WhiteCliffs

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    Ahh my mistake. That is still insane though.
  15. WhiteCliffs

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    HE currently has 49% chance of fire... It's consistently setting 2 fires per salvo on battleships. Please don't tell me Royal Navy BBs are going to be HE spammers.