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  1. Ahh my mistake. That is still insane though.
  2. HE currently has 49% chance of fire... It's consistently setting 2 fires per salvo on battleships. Please don't tell me Royal Navy BBs are going to be HE spammers.
  3. One hell of a bow. Looks good to me. The 1920s saw some incredible design work for BBs.
  4. Beyond the obvious and brilliant Andrew Cunningham, a strong Royal Navy candidate would be Bruce Fraser, 1st Baron Fraser of North Cape. He led the hunt for Scharnhorst aboard Duke of Yorkin in '43, avenging an old command of his, HMS Glorious, which Scharnhorst had sunk three years earlier. Wound up commanding the British Pacific Fleet from December '44 on, the largest fleet in the history of the Royal Navy, and was the British signatory to the Japanese surrender at Tokyo Bay. Another interesting option would be Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma. He spent the early war commanding destroyers, being torpedoed and later sunk by dive bombers off Crete. After that he took command of HMS Illustrious undergoing repair in Norfolk, Virginia, where he made a visit to Pearl Harbour. There he came to predict that American entry into the war would follow a surprise attack by the Japanese Navy as Illustrious had recently conducted at Taranto. He ended the war as Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia Command. In 1979 he was infamously killed by an IRA bomb while fishing in Ireland.
  5. Well people have to know what they're working towards right The game also showed pretty definitively that the only T6 cruiser remotely able to challenge Fiji is Duca d'Aosta - which I kind of already know from playing the latter myself, thing is a beast. The HE spammers just can't do the damage without getting their back turrets around, at which point Fiji can citadel them down to the depths.
  6. I found the Holy Grail, HMS Fiji, tiered down vs. 2 destroyers, 1 battleship and 9(?!?!) cruisers... bliss.
  7. If Nelson is available for free exp I have no problems with this solution to the T7/T8 dilemma. Britain had a lot of iconic WW2 battleships for which it simply makes sense for a company to capitalise on. Outside of Dreadnought and Vanguard, Prince of Wales and Rodney are both obvious candidates to make WG decent wads of cash, they have no need to make Nelson a premium when her sister will sell just fine as slayer of the Bismarck. HMS Howe also had a great looking scheme when she was deployed to lead the British Pacific Fleet in '44 - maybe be a nice free exp treat later on (simple reskin job for WG).
  8. You nailed it Sherlock, turned off for some reason. Cheers :)
  9. Yeah the first bundle released came with an accurate admiralty grey camouflage which was not included in the later (cheaper bundles), I'm saying I'd pay 2k doubloons to access it. Do you still have the destroyed red and blue scheme out of curiosity? As shown above mine has vanished.
  10. Ahh she looks good. I'll have a fiddle, shame people can't see how beautiful a ship they're shooting at though. I only have two now, the light and dark scheme and the blue and red. The destroyed one disappeared (not that I care).
  11. Any thoughts on if/when a realistic camouflage will be released for HMS Hood? Not being willing to throw a billion quid at WG I got the weird white/grey number which she never wore and then that bizarre Arizona style abomination from the Bismarck campaign which again she never wore. Happy to pay 2k doubloons for the thing if they release the £90 bundle camo, which she wore.
  12. But surely if we can say "well give us KGV with the historically proposed but also theoretical 15"/16" guns", which were never built or thus tested, then we can also say "let's just pretend the 14" guns she had did perform to the technical specs or even marginally outperformed them in terms of RoF". Either way we're into the realms of what ifs? This is very true, sad situation of cruisers regardless.
  13. On the dilemma of KGV and her 14" guns, what would people feel if in the German BB line the progression went from Bayern (T6) to Scharnhorst (T7), with the Gneisenau a premium? Not having played it I get the impression that Scharnhorst is the better ship of the too sisters at any rate, but obviously gun calibre would drop from 15" to 11", which seems to be the idea causing people distress with KGV coming after Nelson. If KGV were given some form of the Scharnhorst treatment, say 24 second reload or so with high pen, low drag values on the AP and a decent fire chance with HE, with points in Adrenaline Rush and a strong armour scheme surely she would be a plenty capable ship for T8? With 10 guns her broadside weight is certainly heavy enough. Obviously fighting T10s she'd suffer but that's a problem with MM, not T8 balance. Personally I don't see the issue of going up in tier and marginally down in shell size if shell performance is sufficiently improved anyway. Make her fast firing (relatively/sensibly), accurate, give her potent enough shells and resilient armour? Oh, and don't cover her in 25mm casement armour for IFHE to rip through...
  14. Just had a game in my Fiji where a pesky DD kept me detected any time I wasn't in smoke. Spent the entire 10 minutes I was alive with 4-5 people on my priority target notification. It was a pretty stressful game, not helped by the T9 horde I was facing, and eventually Fiji succumb as she did in real life. Checked the potential damage at the end and the plucky Brit had evaded 2.1 million potential HP loss. Quite interested to hear what you lot have managed to 'tank' in cruisers. More of a BB guy usually so I have to say I've been largely ignorant of the heat being taken by my smaller pals, as it were.
  15. Haven't played Scharnhorst myself but it's obviously a great ship. I think with the quick guns and torps it's probably one you can carry in more too. Hood is very strong, guns can be frustrating though at times. I'd probably say go Scharnhorst unless you're a big BB player/fan.