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  1. spejsg

    Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles

    time to uninstal
  2. spejsg

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    i managed to get into naval battles only once today. it keeps loading or gets web server unavailable message cant even enter clans page
  3. spejsg

    Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update

    look at comparision before and after skill change
  4. did anyone else notice they dont recieve oil reward from naval battles? is this bug? every monday morning so far clan recieved reward for it and this monday its says we recieved 700 but the oil sum is same like last night
  5. seems its going on again, cant open naval base or naval battles
  6. can someone confirm that fierce commander mission from PR grind doesnt count commander signal bonus, cause mine counts only the ship's xp