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  1. poussecrotte

    Cannot start a battle

    same problems here... even in divisions....
  2. poussecrotte

    Match will not start, excuse me wtf?

    same problem here, both in division AND in singles...
  3. poussecrotte

    Convertable ship XP

    hi i was thinking that why we cannot see convertable xp without gold? imo it could be a lure to get ppl to buy gold... (that should get wg's attention)
  4. ya, same here... im playing "vanilla" (without mods of any kind) and i got a warning... they even suggested to uninstall/reinstall the game ... well sure... i can do that... on another note.. i found out thet wows.exe calls some other program to run while you play and it scans your WHOLE computer... any idea what that is and why is it running?
  5. poussecrotte

    About crates

    Hi. I've been playing this game for a while now (on and off) as i'm not a extreme player who dedicates his/hers all time to game. My question to developers is the next: How come even my clan mates seem to get a LOT more super crates in the game than me? Is there some threshold that i must cross to start getting super containers? since January this year i have had 2 super containers ( and that included over 100 feeling lucky crates) but no avail, super containers seem to land everywhere else, than my container ship. Doesn't anyone else feel that this ratio of containers/super containers is so skewed that it seems that WG must have some kind of threshold for getting them. For this i would like to have an answer from the lead coder who is responsible of this container/super container ratio, preferably in English and in layman's terms, so that people who use English as their 3rd language can understand it. The other thing that bothers me is the fact that we cannot see how many crates we have had, and how many super crates we've received. That shouldn't be too hard to code in, unless it skewers their container/super container ratio coding. Yours Captain Poussecrotte