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    Warships (hoping for HMS Devonshire as Great grandfather served on her) Tanks, American Football

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  1. Kordhel

    Team "Night Raid" is looking for competitive players

    Thank you Kurbain, I hope you had a lot of success with the Nightraid guy's I can only speak for myself but I'm sure the others feel the same your more than welcome to join us anytime.
  2. Hey Guys, is recruitment still open to joing you or your sister clan?
  3. Kordhel

    Chatham dock event , whos going ?,

    Tucy smile its not that bad ;) ship looks great sadly I cant be with you guys hopefully you will make this a regular event ;)
  4. Kordhel

    Looking for the best players

    or watch Crysantos on twitch hes a great player and on the EU server too
  5. Hey Guys, would like to put my name in the hat for joining your motley band of sailors, here are my stats https://eu.warships.today/player/509216822/Kordhel I own a lot of ships, I prefer my gunboat DD's but will happy to play battleships
  6. Cheers mate and don't worry I plan too ;) hope to join you guys soon
  7. Hey Guys, I would like to put my name in the pot for joining you guys, I know my stats are hovering around the boarder for what your looking for but feel with a little more time I should be able to smash that barrier, I Currently have 2 Tier 10's Yamato and Khabarovsk I have the benson unlocked just haven't bought her yet and also have the Amagi sat in my port. With the help from some of my friends within the game I'm trying to improve as a CV player (currently with the Hiryu) and would say I'm more of a Utility Carrier player so I try to get information to the other players.
  8. Kordhel

    Latency / ping issues after patch

    Im getting the same my ping is all over the place, I never had this problem before but since last patch it goes nuts
  9. Kordhel


    Congratz dude, the Fujin is a great little ship also if your wife bought it for you shes defiantly a keeper
  10. Kordhel

    End of The Year Paper Ship Contest Winners

    Congratz to all the winners and Wow that 1st in Best section looks amazing wander how long it took them to make that
  11. Kordhel


    if your having problems spotting the torps try taking the skill that increases them being spotted by 20% I found gives you a couple of seconds to get out of the way
  12. Kordhel

    Elite ships

    Hey Goer12 sadly you cant convert the free experience without buying doubloons, its always worth keeping a eye on the store and try to pick up a bundle where you get a premium ship and some doubloons, The Murmansk is a nice cheap earner or if you want to spend a little more wait until the T7 polish destroyer is on sale.
  13. Kordhel

    End of the year in-game contest results

    Congratz to all the winner
  14. Kordhel

    Other Factions

    this is a spam post you have already asked this, also if you checked they sort of have the royal navy with the warspite and you can play the german cruise line