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    General CV related discussions.

    In real life CVs of WW2 had an operating range of several hundred km, so your suggestion is highly unrealistic. It would be if WG makes the map let say 200 km by radius in which the capabilites of the ships firing range will be again the same because this in the game is correctly right - Bismark was able to shoot at 17 nautical miles. Other side of this is that the maps in World of Warships are flat - like the flat earth theory. In real life because of the curvature of the Earth you won't be able to see the enemy ships at distance of 17 miles. Also if the game was supposed to be more real - every ship should have torpedes, hydro and radar. But OK, lets be balanced - well then make the Radar and Hydro properly, so that they can't work where there is island. But WG is more busy in hiring Marketing specialist to make people give more money, than to higher proper IT specialist to fix their problems. You think it is very easy to kill with CV? - get one and try, if you kill 1 ship in the first 5 games, I will congratulate you. CVs steal kills - yes, but with that they are ensuring the victory which is usualy the main goal. CVs - I mean good CVs need also to focus on the mini map in order to predict where their help is needed. You can be good CV for damage and kills, but your team can still lose the game if you are not paying attention to the whole battle. Mastering CVs is extremely difficult - it takes a lot of time, resources and nerves to be able actually to make some money and experience perhaps with tier X cv when you have bought the premium cammo. All of you who mastered CA, BB, DD but are somehow pissed off when a CV is in the game are just not considering all options. CV is another balance tool for the game. If let say you have machinegun ship (which always manage to fire some BB - which I'm not sure how this mechanic works for fully metal ship but ok...) like Smolensk, Stalingrad, Des Moines and etc and they are covering behind the island and you can't target them properly - who do you call to break their formation? You guess it - CV! You have a bad day with DD which you can't spot - who do you call? Yeap...you know it - CV! Please understand that CVs were and are still overpowered in real life. It is enough that WG reduced the dmg of the CVs torpedoes which makes no sense since the they are qually dangerous as the ship torpedoes. But to want even more nerfing of the CVs? Why not change the way AP shells overpenetrate the DDs. Sorry but AP shell with diameter 420mm or other type should make 1 meter hole in the DD even with overpen (without explosion) so the DD should be flooded immidiately - why don't you implement that so let us see how much DDs will try ever to get close to BB in less than 10 km? I don't think so neither, but I guess CVs are your problem. Don't make the game World of Paper Ships, it is enough already.
  2. Dzver0

    Battle of Nord Cape Collection

    Yes, but only with the Duke of York?
  3. Once I colect all items how do I get the reward which is some unique camouflage? Because I can't see it in my camouflage menu.
  4. Dzver0

    WOWS not connecting to server

    I have the same problem. Hopefully it is something temporary
  5. I'm pretty sured I got other types of camouflage before to buy with Dublons?
  6. Hello, This is my literaly first post in the forum and I'm sorry if this is the wrong section on the forum (I would use the correct one if someone told me so). Also perhaps I'm noob but I can't find a way to contact the Game Developers or whoever from the staff is responsible about a problem I saw. You see while I was playing with my Destroyer I used the auto-select option for the camouflage after every battle in which my ship is painted automatically. But after a few games today I realized that my Dublons started to climb down...So I noticed that when I spent the choosen camouflage from my camouflage warehouse (if I can name it that) the game automatically buyed me expendable camouflage for 125 dublons each. So for 3 games I spent 375 Dublons. If I did something wrong please tell me! Because I never had this problem while I was playing with my battleships. Please pay attention to this, because I don't think this is fair for the players since we are buying the Dublons with money from the real world. I suppose each player would like to choose for himself for what to spent the Dublons. If there is any way (in case I get the Admin's staff attention) could I get my Dublons back. I'm willing the return the Exp and the credits which I earned for the 3 games, for which the Auto-select option wasted my Dublons. Thanks in advance, :)