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  1. WebSpawn

    The “Exeter's Last Stand” Marathon

    I discovered it too late, and now I curse all the effort I put in. WG are a bunch of sadomasochists for thinking this one up
  2. WebSpawn

    The “Exeter's Last Stand” Marathon

    Getting the achievements is proving to be impossible for me. I can't even enjoy playing and let it happen since I have to be in a British ship. Pissing me off
  3. WebSpawn

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    50 bloody Valentine 2017 flags. I vote to remove 'Super' containers altogether. A random consumable container would have been better.
  4. WebSpawn

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Just had a supercontainer, was so excited. Maybe I would finally get somthing fun. 50 Halloween 2016 butt ugly Signal Flags. Yay...
  5. WebSpawn

    Super Containers

    I could have lived with that
  6. WebSpawn

    Super Containers

    That's hardly a comfort. I know, it's free stuff, but just don't call it a super container if the contents aren't super. Then add something intermediate for stuff like this, even that special consumable @Thracen mentions is better than a bunch of flags if you ask me.
  7. WebSpawn

    Super Containers

    Seriously? This is a 'Super container' ?
  8. WebSpawn

    Dunkerque: a good buy or not?

    The thing is, doing that does not necessarily make one a bad player. If he or she does his damage and stays alive this way? I myself have had great results with this method, but also yolo'ing bow on can work great. All about the stage of the game , and reading the situation
  9. WebSpawn

    Dunkerque: a good buy or not?

    She's great fun, one of the ships I do very well in (or so I feel). Sometimes I get comments in the chat about how ironic it is that a french ship is leading the attack Bow on she deflects a lot of fire and tanks suprisingly well. Her guns are very good, (especially considering her low(er) caliber) the arcs and shell velocity great and the dispersion is mostly horizontal, so perfect for straddling the full length of broadsiding ships.... I too was hesistant to buy her at first because of the lackluster reviews, but boy did she prove me wrong. Awesome ship!
  10. WebSpawn

    the "carry harder!" thread

  11. WebSpawn

    A One-Off Personal Offer by WG! Today!

    I haven't had an offer in almost a year. Do I need to do something to get one? C'mon WG, offer me te Nikolai... Will buy even if overpriced.
  12. WebSpawn

    Santa boxes

    Seriously? I'm not falling for that again. I've spent waaay too much already...
  13. WebSpawn

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    I would sooner put the Holland Class or the maybe even the HNLMS Koningin Wilhelmina der Nederlanden in the game on the lower tiers. Obviously that might take some molding to make them fit, but that's better a better fit amongst other protected cruisers. Java's design is decidedly more modern.
  14. WebSpawn

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    I was just reading around and came to the conclusion that the Tromp-class cruiser Jacob van Heemskerck would probably make a fine AA cruiser in line with the Atlanta, seeing as she was completed as such. Tier 5 premium perhaps? those 102mm guns will probably lack penetration in the higher tiers.
  15. WebSpawn

    Want, no wait. Need De Ruyter as a premium now WG!

    Might not have been voluntary, but it was in favor of the Dutch. Read up on the treaty That's more like it, yes