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  1. LittleNipper

    Aspiranti Community Contributor

    mi sono sempre piaciuti i tuoi vid...sul tipo quickfingers (quickybaby) di wot.
  2. I think they are a waste. my opinion.
  3. i think you like to play BB.
  4. Many time's it's up to who is behind the key board!
  5. LittleNipper

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    IN MY ATALANTA I THINK I GOT ONE IN OVER 200 BATTLES... (sorry caps) , it's too high, i agree.
  6. LittleNipper

    Turn off the chat for players who are dead

    When it happens to me (die) i like to continue to watch the game, and give good comments to my team mates "nice shot" " good torp strike", the idea is to cheer team mates, if we win, me as a dead teamate, we all win too!!! if there are black sheep in the chat, report them - problem solved.
  7. if you have less ammo you need more weak spots, more precision, accuracy.. a full load of more nerfs/buffs.... and changement of game play style, PLEASE NO. Leave things are they are.
  8. LittleNipper

    Feed back from the Facebook debacle today

    Captain skill changes HAVE changed the meta of this game = i perfectly agree, from night to day, i must change again my playing style, WG, thks again..... why do you do this?'! why? when things go correctly you nerf em.
  9. I belive that in last patch all was working fine. The changement was the nerf.
  10. LittleNipper

    last day of playing wows 18/1, enyone else ?

    I played in pubblic test, don't cry out, not everyone will mount RDSystem so don't cry for nothing. Try the game and if you don't like it, quit and ciao ciao.
  11. LittleNipper

    about the new incoming skill "Radio Location"

    not everyone will use that skill, i've used it on the test server with my dd and i like it, so take it easy.
  12. LittleNipper


    one of my best ships, lern how to play with it it's a great ship, if i remember my win rate in 64% with her and 370 ships sunken.
  13. LittleNipper

    Akizuki and AA guns modification 2

    i have akizuki too, i love it, steath fire at 8.9km, AA at 7.2km with damage of 92 sec , of course i have top skill jap captain. speed is ok with a flag boost... but not the best, and then i use the ship boost if needed. torps i don't use them as primary weapon, i am more like a cruiser steath gun ship on the secon line and setting fires to other ships. AP is ok at a certain range but just. at close range.... not good to take a fight, upon my opinion.