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  1. Woodchip17


    WGC is also not working.... It says I'm running the latest version Normally when a new version is detected it will show you the UPDATE button, but not today. Will the person who broke WGC please fix it... thank you.
  2. Woodchip17

    Suggestions thread

    How about a MINE LAYING CONSUMABLE for DD's, Yes you might get a lot of pink ships.... but same as friendly Torps are seen by all members of the team, so would the MINES. A lot of the people that get hit by Friendly Torps is because they like playing the game in SNIPER mode, and don't have a clue of what is going on around them. I know because I was one of those people when I first started playing the game.
  3. Woodchip17

    Petition to Keep Narai

    I would also like to see a bigger selection/rotation of Scenario Maps, not the same 4 maps over and over again... There are 2 maps (in my opinion were very good) I don't remember the name of the Maps .... but 1 was that you had to defend the Evacuation of a Base, planes would fly in to an airfield on the Island and you had to make sure you got enough planes to land and evacuate personnel from the island. You play as Japanese. The other Map was: First part Started in the night time, you had to defend the onshore Battalions from enemy ships bombing them. Then you had to turn back and destroy 2 Airfields. There is also a third one: Which was the one that was brought out when they Introduced the French BB's .... Scenario was all in that really bad storm. Just my 2 cents guys.... Scenarios are good fun just to relax and blow things up.
  4. Well I beg to differ from the fact that you buy a "B" ship and the mission is meant for the normal ship. That is NOT what it says here. The way that it's worded, It's a SCAM... and they know it. People buy the ship expecting to also get the 2500 Doubloons and the 100,000 free XP and then find themselves with a hand full of fly's because there is a f@#K*(@ "B" missing from the Mission. Way to go WARGAMING.. Really, keep this up and you will find yourself also with a hand full of fly's. Make your money NOW. Yes I am pissed OFF, and I bet there are a lot of other players who are also Pissed off because they got SCAMMED in the same way. PS. For those BROWN NOSE that like to defend and take side with WARGAMING because they think they are ELITE.... keep your comments to yourselves.
  5. Woodchip17


    @CptMinia Your Suggestion worked like a dream.... I am back in the game and can play again, thanks to the time you took to help me with this problem, really appreciate it. @Sehales Who is going to refund me the 9 days of PREMIUM time that were deducted from my account. It was not my fault that I could not log in to the game. The Wargaming Game Center client would not let me install the update, it is therefore their responsibility to refund me my lost days. Seeing you are a WG Staff, I would appreciate you communicating this to them. Thank you.
  6. Woodchip17


    @CptMinia Thanks for your suggestion, the Classic Launcher SEEMS to be working (I will not sing Kumbaya YET) at least the game is downloading.... That was exactly what I was looking for, to By-Pass the WARGAMING Game Center. I will let you know if I can get in to my account and play ONCE the whole package is installed. @Sehales I was not saying I had an ERROR 22..... I was referring to the saying CATCH 22 where things go round and round and round and never have a solution. This is the Wiki definition of: Catch 22 " a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions. " but thank you all the same, at least I found some helpful people who took the time to answer my plea, and came up with a work around..... Again a million thanks to all.
  7. Woodchip17


    Attention: MINIA I know my Connection is not the best, I am on a ADSL2 connection, the speed test I ran 5 times and gave me an average of DL 6.9 Mb/s and UL 0.596 Mb/s Yes I am using War Gaming Center Client..... No it is not blocked. I have UNINSTALLED ALL WarGaming games (World of Warships, World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and also War Gaming Center Client) did a format of the partition where the games were installed. Re Installed War Gaming Center Client.... when I try to Install World of Warships... it starts off by telling me that there are 28Gb to download.... and that's it (I have left it running overnight, in the morning.... 0 Mb of 28Gb has been downloaded) My conclusion.... The problem is with War Gaming Center Client As I mentioned before, this problem started when I wanted to do a simple 156Mb update.... I managed to do the 0.8.9 Update without any problems... so please explain what could have gone wrong in a week from the release of 0.8.9 to the small patch released on Oct. 29/2019 My Windows version is Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (and it is up to date with all updates) Thank you for your Help.
  8. Woodchip17


    Ohhh... and forgot to say... I uninstalled the game, thanks to some suggestion from a Customer support member.... and I can't INSTALL it any more thanks to this problem
  9. Woodchip17


    No Mod packs been used on this side. Vanila game here. but thanks for your support Barracuda
  10. Woodchip17


    Since the last small Update (Oct 29 2019 – 154.62Mb) I have been having problems with WARGAMING.net I started the update at around 23:30 on 29/10/19 let it run over night, by 08:00 the next morning it had only downloaded 55Mb said it had 99.56 Mb to download (even my dialup connection was faster back in the day) Contacted Customer Support, and this is textually the answer I got; I Quote “Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Customer Support. I sorry about the problem with game's update. First of all please make sure that you are running Game Center/ World of Tanks as administrator - > right click on icon and select option "Run as administrator". You should run an integrity check of the game. If there is an issue, files will be repaired directly by the tool: Clear whole content of the "Updates" folder in the game main direction. Default the path to it is C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\Updates I hope that those solutions will solve your issue. If not, then please send us WGCheck report. Here you can find article how to obtain this: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wot/articles/65/ If you have any other question about game, please write to us! Kind regards, “End Quote Apart from the fact that the replay I got was for World of Tanks (it’s obvious that Customer Support have no idea of the Difference between WoT and WoW, but that’s a minor point) Did all of the above…. Still same problem… back to Customer support…. Second Reply I Quote “Thank you for contacting Wargaming Player Support! We thank you for reaching us again. We are sorry that you are having issues updating the game. Rest assured that we will assist you in resolving this. Please try to do the following steps for basic troubleshooting: Launch Game Center as an Administrator. Verify availability and access rights to the folder where Game Center has been installed. Check antivirus restrictions. Check the Internet connection. Restart your computer to clear the temporary files and active processes. Remove the game files from your system and reinstall. You can find more troubleshooting steps in this support article: Game Center: troubleshooter F.A.Q If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us again. Best regards, “End Quot So after uninstalling the game completely, NOW I can’t Re-Install it because Wargaming .net has a problem. (Catch 22) QUESTION: “Has anyone else had this kind of problem? “ If so how, did you fix it? OR QUESTION: “Is there any way that I can install the game without having to go through wargaming.net ?” (and please don’t say use the STEAM version) And YES, all Antivirus, Internet connection, cache, temp files or whatever other CHECKS were necessary have been done. The problem is Wargaming.net
  11. Woodchip17

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    Hmmmmmm ....... A hot fix that causes more problems. (NOT THE SOLUTION) It's been a week since the Update, and yet no signs of WARGAMING taking the issue seriously. Whats the bet, that if the issue had been with NOT BEING ABLE to purchase Premium Ships or anything from the Premium Shop for that matter, The issue would have been solved within the HOUR of update 0.8.9 going live.
  12. Woodchip17

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    I see 3 pages here of players comments complaining about the same problem.. BUT ! .... I have yet to see a reply by a member of WARGAMING giving us an explanation or even a message to tell us that they are working on it. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO RE INSTALL THE GAME when the game was fine before Update 8.9.0.... as some one said in these posts... Why even bother to PRE-DOWNLOAD the game if then you have to do a clean Install???? It is obvious that the feedback from us simple mortals means nothing to WARGAMING... Unless these problems are reported by some of the WARGAMING ELITE GROUP Members then don't expect any changes to be done soon.. We are only good to them when we spend EUROS or DOLLARS to buy Doubloons and Premium Ships. Keep it up WARGAMING.... Remember one thing, WE the PLAYERS made you what you are today, and WE the PLAYERS can also bring you down to what you were when you started. SIMPLE SOLUTION..... Listen to the people, fix the bugs.
  13. Woodchip17

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    On the Public Test Server I had problems logging out (game would stay stuck on the Confirmation Yes/No screen) had to use Task Manager to shut the game down, This was REPORTED. Still getting the same problem now with 8.9.0 update live. Do you people EVEN READ the feedback given to you ????
  14. Woodchip17

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    If you don't have a Tier X ship in your port then you do not deserve to be playing Ranked Battles. Having CV's in a 7 vs 7 battle makes it almost impossible to play DD's Remove CV's and Remove rental ships.... and lets have last seasons Ranked Battle Format back, (the one where you captured the Boosts)
  15. Woodchip17

    ST - New maps

    All is good with New Maps, New Ships, New Aircraft Carriers etc, etc, How about an ANTI CHEAT for the game. You people know it's going on, but are doing nothing about it.