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  1. Preben58


    5 min is the point og losing or winning the game 30 sek is plenty of time , there were also afk before the update
  2. Preben58


    what to do about the players that are afk way too manny is afk and it ruining the game . i suggest that after 30 sec they become bot , atlees this way they do something , and all winning xp given to the authors players, and the be given a fine .
  3. Preben58


    well thanks for u answers i got so mad i uninstall the game ha , just ignoring it happens in game under attack ha and yes i die
  4. Preben58


    enny one else experience flickering in game and losing of map guns and ship just hate it twice . is f.. inorging
  5. Preben58

    Fehler und Probleme mit 0.7.2

    ja det skete også for mig