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  1. alessandroj1

    Giveaway: Blizzard vs le 6 leggende, missione Orlathebeast

    Giusto per :ti manca lo screenshot delle squadre.
  2. alessandroj1

    Cyclonic iritation

    DD spotting range is around 6 km in tier 9-10, so no they woulf not be spotted when they see the des mones, however the des mones the instant she is spotted and doesn't see anyone just has to radar and screw you
  3. alessandroj1

    Cyclonic iritation

    He is saying that usually you can see where a radar ship is and avoid it, example I am in a yogumo I see 12 km away a des mones I will stay away from her. When cyclone hit you don’t know where the radar ship is moving and so chances are that you meet her suddenly 7.5km away( time to render), then you are screwed, only thing she has to do is pop radar and you’re dead
  4. alessandroj1

    Cyclonic iritation

    Happened to me 2 days ago, my team had 5 ship against 8, 1 vs 2 caps when Cyclone hits. After a few minutes I (Yamato) remain with a Montana, both around half HP, against 5 , we head to the central cap and luckily the enemy comes 1 at the time so we kill them ( plus enemy gearing decides to shoot instead of stealth torping). At the end we are 2 vs 1 remaining chapayev, the cyclone is fading away but the enemy has the advantage and there is not time to cap.. guess what the enemy chapa does? Sails in front of me and Montana exiting from behind of an island 7km from me 10 from Monty.. Yes we won a battle that we should have lost and probably would have without the cyclone
  5. alessandroj1

    which BB has best penn

    Then you are playing really wrong, I use most of the times all 9 guns( you can shoot all of them while remaining fairly angled). Pls don’t be one of those who stops and reverse at 15km and just bow-camp
  6. alessandroj1

    Rant IZUMO ( what the actual EDIT is this joke WG )

    I personally hated that ship, i spent 100k free exp to get yamato sooner. I Think that she is just not fun to play, Izumo guns Were, for me, trollish, perfectly aimed salvo doing overpen or missing under 12km, Most of the time you can use only 2 turrets and the armor is crap against HE. However she is not so bad i actually did good in her but it was frustrating.
  7. alessandroj1

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. If I win, can I please have the 1: Roma if available, if not then Tirpitz 2: Warspite 3: Doubloons
  8. alessandroj1

    Regia Marina Italiana

    ehi, can you invite me too? i play almost everyday and i would love to play with my fellows italian
  9. alessandroj1

    Konisberg problems

    With AP i can understand.. but most of the time is just HE from Cruisers . This is why i post on the forum, i know how powerful citadel hits are but HE shell that cause engine damage almost every time it hits the mid section? That seems a bit too much
  10. alessandroj1

    Konisberg problems

    Yes i understand that you need to keep distance but often you find yourself near the enemy (not even near just 12 km) and you get absolutely wrecked .
  11. alessandroj1

    Slow XP gain for unlocking ships two tiers above.

    What i understood is that the slow exp gain was referred to the FREE exp. Free exp is experience you can use for all the ships ( it's 5% of the exp you gain in each battle) while normal experience can be used only on the ship it was gained on. SO yes the normal exp gained in omaha can't be used to grind the pensacola however you can convert it ( 1 gold 25 free exp) to free exp and use it on the pensacola.
  12. alessandroj1

    Konisberg problems

    So i have unlocked the koenigsberg and tried it out for some time and i noticed that the main problems with this ship are the Engine and the Rudder crits. Almost all the time you are hit in midsection or stern you get critically damaged. It's just seems unfair you use the repair and ten seconds later you are critically damaged again.. Yes it has good guns and range and if you keep distance it's a fantastic ship but when you start getting close (12 km) you just get obliterated. what you think guys? am i unlucky to get so many critical damage or is this ship a little broken?
  13. But but the enemy has one tier 7 ship!