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  1. N00Boo7

    Battle mode

    I too hate Epicenter, u cant have a good game win or lost... look he got 1k base exp in WINING TEAM.... u can get 600 in coop...
  2. N00Boo7

    Neustrashimy Heal

    One strategy i use is to pop the heal while engaged in a fight, while i take dmg. (I use Kuznetov=1 extra consumable if i get 1st kill and self heal when very low hp).. and if i dont get focused and blaped by huge burst of dmg...i can suffer over 40k dmg and still be alive.
  3. N00Boo7

    musashi crap unplayable turret traverse again?

    Just the other day i had a game in Musashi, i was caught in a situation 1 vs 3, i killed 2 and ram the 3rd...The turret traverse is a little annoying but u can combat it with good positioning and map awareness. I am an average player and look the difference for me between Musashi and Yamato only from MM:
  4. N00Boo7

    Unsportsmenlike behaviour problem (edited*)

    Little coding in the way MM working, that to do not enter in same team with a blacklisted player... could be that hard to do...?
  5. N00Boo7

    i enyjoy Azuma

    Seen a lot of Azuma's lately, and to my surprize i coudnt blap them that easy how i thought, moreover they kept me on fire and roast me like a good stake ( in a BB). Have the free xp, but i thought if i have Yoshino, i dont need Azuma...i am itching now to take it :)
  6. N00Boo7

    Duel: The new WOWS video is magnificent, except...

    Isn't this from WOWS LEGENDS, the mobile version of the game?
  7. i was in a game yesterday, enemy team had 2 musashi +graf zepelin, our CV got blapped in 1st minutes, 1st enemy kill :), soon we lost 3 more ships..against all odds we still won ( i blapped enemy CV- i was playing Veneto). So... play till the end
  8. U can have a bad win rate, but still progress by saving the star in the lost games. This is the key. If u keep losing and u dont even keep your star, take a brake from ranked.
  9. Got a triple coal yesterday
  10. N00Boo7

    SO who is getting the Vampire II?

    Yes, but i have only Vampire from tier 3, don't have other commonwealth ships. And for exemple, if i get Colbert ( but i don't like the play style) i can use the 21 pointer i have it on Kleber and use it on Marceau and other french premiums i have.
  11. N00Boo7

    SO who is getting the Vampire II?

    I will get it, I have the RP points(made by only resetting 1 line at a time when is the 2x bonus), i play mostly DDs. My only problem is i need to invest In a captain witch i cant use it nowhere else..
  12. What if...the number of games u can participate in ranked is limited? Lets say 300-500 games( or insert a reasonable number here). This will prevent bots and spammers to play over and over and over till they get carryed.
  13. N00Boo7

    Orkan vs Loyang

    30 games later: Strongly recommend for any DD main.
  14. N00Boo7


    U know what day is today right?