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  1. Get in a clan and do clan battles, did over 5 mil credits only this weekend clan brawl in couple of games. Also if the clan is evolved, has passives who give u discounts for purchase silver ships and ship maitenance. -5% from here, -10% from there, playing the right ships, and u can manage it.
  2. N00Boo7

    Hakuryu advice needed

    I think if u increase the speed of the torps, the minimal arming distance increase, so u need to drop them in water further.
  3. N00Boo7

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    Then this from the twitch mission, enough to get the tier VII...i would say its ok in the end.
  4. N00Boo7

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    This experience was overall a good one, the surprises of the maps and positions where entertaining, who adapt first, wins. After 3 hours of play, the fatigue and the fact that we start face good clans made us struggle. But we keep playing, in the end we had 13 wins and 10 minutes left from the session. Then we got a 6 minutes win game, so in last minutes we join the last fight for trying get the 15th win.. We got it . Cherry on the cake, me and a team mate got ships in the supercontainer rewarded for the 15 wins. (Asashio and Saipan).
  5. N00Boo7

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    120 tokens from the 7 containers
  6. N00Boo7

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    My 1st game with this, top score board, looks promising and fun.
  7. Was not from gold packages, i finished the 1st directive and got them. Probable 5th was from twich 40 10 10 140 20
  8. N00Boo7

    ARP Ships on 31st January ?

    I have the Kongo similar ARP ships from last time, they helped me making my 1st 19 points Commander, just playing every day for the win bonus xp boost :). U never forget your 1st 19p commander, hardest to make :). Now i lost count how many 19p i have. I wish i could have a way to select them, to find them in the game...
  9. I didnt know this :), i wonder if..."works like intended" but also we, devs, didnt know
  10. N00Boo7

    The Beginning is a Very Delicate Time

    My personal experience: When i started the game i wanted to shoot with the guns as soon as possible, even if was existing tutorials, i wanted to play, no time for boring lessons. So i jump in, after a wile i discovered the stealth fire.( i was at the receiving end) and quit the game, i returned when this was changed, still i was playing like crap, but i kept playing. Then i started to search tutorials to improve my game.
  11. N00Boo7

    Directive 7 done.

    @The_Chiv Gz...can u share any strategy u used to grind?
  12. Play some lower tier to make credits to support the high tier, "this is the way" and works on any classes not only on CV.
  13. N00Boo7

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    just finished 4th directive, counter say I will finish at this rate 29/36(nothing used except premium account)
  14. 43, Hello, I want to participate, Massa, Merry Xmas!