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  1. N00Boo7

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    More i would like a "traitor detonation" When is a player who play against his team, u know the guy who hide at the far corner of the map, with 0 contribution to the game. And if all players from the team report him, not one-two, all team=self detonation. I would like such a option
  2. N00Boo7

    Seattle tier 9 POS

    On US light cruiser line IFHE > CE, they have base concealment (they had pre 8.0.0) decent enough and u mostly stay hidden behind a rock, not in open water. So even if u have a 10 points commander, u still have to get IFHE if u want to do any dmg. Seattle with IFHE, if u know how to position, is very strong ship. I enjoyed the grind but i had a 19 pointer cpt on it.
  3. N00Boo7

    Players Testing responsibility

    Exactly main reason why i didnt had time to play on PTS. Toooooo many staff to do on live server.
  4. N00Boo7

    Did WG just kill DD gameplay?

    DD counter BB/BB counter CA/CA counter DD - rock/paper/scissor. CV counter ALL of them.
  5. N00Boo7

    One of those click-to-participate thingys

    Doable in randoms in 4 days? u need WIN, then lets say u have a good game with 2.000 base xp u need 500 games in 4 days..
  6. N00Boo7

    One of those click-to-participate thingys

    So..."Lifting the Siege of Leningrad part 2": WIN and earn 1.000.000 BASE XP till 28.1 - so in 4 days, Reward:1 (ONE) credit...
  7. N00Boo7

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    if is not a big deal why to make it in the 1st place( the 7,8 sec more fire). A litlte nerf here ( fire duration) a little nerf there ( radar/concealment/AP vs DD), and ends up a different ship game experience. Getting all the bad staff from a BB but to not be one, also getting all the bad staff from cruisers, if i would pay for steel mission i would not be happy about it.
  8. N00Boo7

    Stalingrad 60 Seconds Fire Duration

    Actually the players which will be affected from the Stalingrad nerf are the plebs who just got it, or will get it soon, (me included, i dont have it). The unicums who have it from a while, they farm it long enough to get bored of it. Dont u see the pattern?:) Hype some good ship to make everyone to want it, then give the tools for them to get it( if possible for money and/or time invested in the game). Then "balance" it.
  9. N00Boo7

    Last Prinz directive

    I didnt open Belle Epoque Boxes, till i wanted to use the premium days from them. So for me was 2 clan battle sessions(Henry IV+ DesMoines) +1 day premium (i used, Musashi, Kronstadt, Nelson+ Cossack, Schanhorst)+ zulu signals. Still have some boxes from Belle Epoque to get one more premium day for the last 3 mil silver to be done in PEF, probably this weekend.
  10. N00Boo7

    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    Problem with Arm Race mode is that u cant recover from a bad start. Team who lose 1 dd and first buffs at beginning of the game lose 99,99%. AT least from my limited experience in this mode( dont like it, too arcade). I will still try it, just to avoid CV's from Random.
  11. If bad play in a DD and a cruiser is heavily punished by instant delete, if bad play in BB can cripple u also in some cases delete, how bad play in new CVs will be punished? With sending your ship at edge of the map and unlimited waves of 3 types of fast attack plains? Current CVs at least have limited number of plains..
  12. N00Boo7

    Attack of the 35% winrate carriers

    Just had a game were enemy CV yoloed a cap and was 1st ship to die...I checked his stats and he has PR of 9 (nine) in 52 battles, win rate of 26,92%. Clear is a bot, I wonder if was the bot of my team CV...
  13. N00Boo7

    To Sims or not to Sims?

    Similar problem i have too. Between Sims, Leningrad,Z-39, or tier X DD permacamo
  14. Thank you! 950 doobies +1 slot for couple of clicks, easy!