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  1. Got it...now enjoying seaside holiday
  2. N00Boo7

    Yoshino or Salem?

    Little observation mate, they have same guns DM and Salem 203 mm with improved pen angle.
  3. N00Boo7

    Yoshino or Salem?

    If u do Coop, take Salem. Is my ship of choice for grinding daily missions on coop or other tasks witch can be made faster in coop. The rapid fire, good AP, very good heal, will help u get 2-3 kills and some 90-100k dmg (90k+ silver credits profit with no premium account or other economic bonuses). For the other options, what forum mates say.
  4. N00Boo7


    Because u advanced too fast, at 236 battles u have already a tier X. To finance your tier X u need to buy premium account and/or permanent camo, or to play lower tier ships( V-VII) to make credits. Otherwise everybody will play only tier X.
  5. This escalated rather..not great not terrible
  6. N00Boo7

    How many Solo Warriors do you have?

    2 times, i am usually aggressive player and i don't last long
  7. N00Boo7

    Crashing after last update.

    Have the same problem recently, game freeze, and i need to kill it from task manager.
  8. N00Boo7

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    If the main purpose of NTC is to make you play lower tiers.(most of players, including me we do for farming silver anyway). But if this is the purpose, what if will be a tournament game mode/missions or whatever system in which players will have to start with a tier V ship (I-IV we consider protected tiers for beginners)and win his way up to tier X for a reward. And if you lose a game u get back one tier something like losing a star in ranked.
  9. N00Boo7

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    Like Missions or Campaign i will grind a ship line again for having free premium consumables on the tier X of that line for example, or for a permanent camo. But not by losing the ships to just buy them again. I dont like to lose the ships.
  10. N00Boo7

    Yamato legendary mid worthy to have?

    Didn't worked for me, but i am not that good with aim on BBs. I dismounted and put back faster reload. By checking your stats, all on red... i don't think you will see that big difference either.
  11. N00Boo7

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    All i did here was stay alive( tier VIII dd in tier X CV game), 2 solo caps and landing some torps in some fat BBs: Before this game, i had one in witch i worked much harder, (classic mode with only 2 caps- so no capping points). i killed enemy DD, and 3 other ships (so 4 kills) and i finished on 5th place like base xp. On 2nd place was a BB who camped all game on border, didnt help with anything, he had 2 low HP cruisers in his range and he wasnt shooting them- he was shooting on another BB who was full HP..of course we lost the game..
  12. N00Boo7

    The return of the DD’s. Well, the bad ones anyway

    Not mention PA DD's Smoke is one of the best in the game..
  13. N00Boo7

    Is it time to limit BBs in Ranked

    When are 4 BBs per team, best is to play DD . Is how i ranked out. Even in a CV game, i was asking my CV, were he wants me to go on the DD. Good ones they was telling were, and give me air cover. If they werent answering, or say "do whatever" i was playing safe
  14. N00Boo7

    The fun of reaching Rank 2... 5 or 6 times

    I understand u mate...took me 200 battles from a total of 263 to rank out from rank 2
  15. N00Boo7

    Ranked stars - My idea

    Winner Team: Last place dont get a star Losing Team: 1st and 2nd place dont lose a star The balance of stars will be the same like now.