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  1. Had some games in gold league, where we lost 1st ship early, and enemy thinking they won already trow their ships and lose the game in the end.
  2. Have 7 solo warriors achievements, but only 3 unsinkable. 65 double strikes, 18 liquidators. So for me is the unsinkable the rarest :).
  3. I got Hannover with secondary build, 18 points comander, 1 game, focused by the entire team, i melt and die 1st, end up last place. Then Yamagiri, 10 points comander, Shima concealment, but 18 torps..can solo an entire flank if not hunted, 4 games, all finished top score and 3 where wins. Then Eagle, 19 points comander, easy win and top score with over 2.4k base xp. Thats all my experience so far with superships ( i didnt play the rentals at all)
  4. N00Boo7

    -MUG- Recruiting - (International clan)

    Up-season ending soon, time to prepare for next one
  5. N00Boo7

    Sejong the opposite of Lucky Look

    2nd game in this thing with 10 pointer commander and stock hull, made 158k dmg, 4 kills, 2.700 base xp...but i play it like... a torp boat
  6. Is that saying...if it is free, U are the product.
  7. N00Boo7

    how to play against cvs ?

    Best way to learn to play against a CV is to play CV yourself, and this is valid for all classes. I am not afraid of a CV, no matter the ship i play. I am not afraid of DDs when i play BB and so on. BUT i am afraid of SUBMARINEs...(though i didnt play them myself yet).
  8. I reset both lines and i found FDG much better than i remember ( probable i also have more experience now) and on Khaba line, i discovered a gem in Traskent ( i play it full gun built open water daka). I know ppl just hate this ship, but for me, we just clicked. I stormed trough Rank silver with her in no time.
  9. N00Boo7

    World of Warships is a mess.

    didnt noticed, i will check next time
  10. N00Boo7

    World of Warships is a mess.

    I get annoyed, by difference in rendering the enemy ship when spotting. I play mostly DDs, and got couple of times the indicator i am spotted, by identical DD like mine, and i could see him only after he made his 1st shot. I experienced this in Ranked silver, we were only dds ( Jutland vs Jutland), both low hp, and ofc, who can have the 1st shot can win the game. On the other hand, couple of times i noticed that i spotted some Kagero's first ( me in Lighting 5.5 concealment vs 5.4 Kagero), but i thought maybe they forgot camo, or are potatoes with low captains. Now i am not that sure. Anyway i use open gunboats now, to not rely on this anymore...going well so far.
  11. N00Boo7

    Daring out of Meta?

    I play few games in Daring because.. UK DD Line is my go to line for farming Research Bureau points. So i spend time mostly on tiers VI to IX, for me are best DDs for random, good concealment, good maneuverability, good pack of gimmicks, long lasting hydro for defense, fast reuse smokes to piss off CV's, or for a quick fire farm on BBs. In same time for tier X are better DDs.
  12. N00Boo7

    Missing T10 ships

    I reset Kaba and GK lines, reached again tier IX and gather the XP required for getting the tier X's. Waited the patch, and now i got GK and Khaba freemiums, researched the new tir X ships, and on top got myself research points.