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  1. Major_Holo

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    it is indeed important that you give them good feedback, and in the detials what is wrong and then they look at it.
  2. Major_Holo

    Submarines Beta Test: Are You Ready to Submerge?

    I am so looking forward to it, now we have to wait until we can test.for those who were allowed to test with the CV rework already have a TST profile and only have to wait for the server to go online.I hope for the others who do not yet have a TST profile, I hope you can also test if you receive an email.so have a little patience.fingers crossed, for everyone
  3. jak można zdobyć hermesa?


  4. Major_Holo

    PTS - General feedback

    There are a few things that do not work properly with the ship filter. I also add a few photo`s from the live server.here i want to filter a few prim ships that have a comander. photo 1 the first time I click on prim and then I only get the prim ships. photo 2 then I select ships with a commander and prim ships then you also get all elite ships, but that is not part of it. photo 3 can you adjust this so that it works as it should work with the new interface. I hope you have enough information here to handle this.kind regards. Joeri / Majordragola / CBT
  5. Major_Holo

    Upcoming Ships - How to get them!

    it is indeed going to be a difficult choice to choose. I have seen a lot and I think the adjustments so far are good and certain for the azuma. I hope everyone can make a good choice so its time to get steel and XP have fun and sail safely
  6. Major_Holo

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    I have it too. I had 780k XP together. and lost 120k, so now I have to play for 120k xp to get the musashi quite a shame. all those flags that I have used for it.
  7. Major_Holo

    Server problems?

    here the same problem I'm curious how it goes with the hamster :P
  8. Major_Holo

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    make it 97 now.
  9. Major_Holo

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    thx fot the info sehales
  10. Major_Holo

    That's all folks!

    if it’s from the time period and fits in the game how know’s
  11. Major_Holo

    That's all folks!

    Wot / Wowp / And Wows are all historical and blueprints and ships that really exist. Wargaming they spend a lot of time there for everyone to make it right like the historical stats they deserve a compliment once
  12. Major_Holo

    New Ships!

    it is going to be a lot of fun. i can not wait
  13. Major_Holo

    New Ships!

    I can not wait to play with it i like the italian ships i would like to test them
  14. Major_Holo

    DFA Is Recruiting

    [DFA] DeathFromAbove, We are a Dutch funclan where you can play casual games with other Dutch people. It is our pleasure to have fun with each other. We also offer more than just Wows. Like : Wot / Pubg / Ark / Ets2. Etc We make some requirements for new members: You speak English You speak Dutch, You are 16 years of age or older, You have a Teamspeak installed and a working headset. Our Ts is. glasvezel-online.eu:8888 http://pangeas-community.jouwweb.nl/ If you interested sign up Hopefully we will see you soon. Gr Majordragola / Commander --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DFA] DeathFromAbove, Wij zijn een Nederlandse funclan waar je terecht kan voor het ongedwongen spelen met andere Nederlanders. Bij ons staat het hebben van plezier met elkaar voorop. We bieden ook meer dan alleen Wows. Zoals : Wot / Pubg / Ark / Ets2 . Etc Wij stellen enkele eisen voor nieuwe leden: Je spreekt Engels Je spreekt Nederlands, Je bent 16 jaar of ouder, Je hebt een Teamspeak geïnstalleerd en een werkende headset. Ons Ts is. glasvezel-online.eu:8888 http://pangeas-community.jouwweb.nl/ Spreekt dit je aan, meld je dan snel aan. Hopelijk tot snel. Gr Majordragola / Commander
  15. Major_Holo

    Other Changes

    Hi I've already seen a few times while playing that they at the time that a player like last about is that the coordinates via the in game chat. is that an option to turn it off I already noticed a number of times Mvgr Joeri / Majordragola