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  1. Oberost

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    A bunch of mission containers plus 2 SC from the Yamamoto Isokoru campaign. Several months ago I got the Mutsu, so there seem to be a trend on the rewards...
  2. Oberost

    New Codes

    Apart of the last one all codes worked for me, but it seems that they give me nothing...
  3. I hit a sub with 6 depth charges for a grand total of 4k of damage, so if my math are correct I need to hit a sub 30 times to sink it. Seems legit..
  4. Oberost

    GPU Temps in Port

    Ocean in 4K, with a 2080, 32 gb RAM and a 8700K: temperature at about 40 degrees. Any other port skyrocket my GPU temp. EDIT: all of that capped at 60 FPS...
  5. Oberost

    Sunday 2 PM mm

    Can someone also explain this? Co-op battle with superships and CV in my team... and all of them bots. Maybe is the way WG has to make their playerbase enjoy two of their most loved aditions when no one is playing them?
  6. Oberost

    Dingleberry derby appreciation thread

    Something like that?
  7. Oberost

    Code from the NA-forum

    Thank you!
  8. Oberost

    Prime Loot Announced

    Have you checked the lower right corner of the screen in the list of reports under the "Notifications" tab?
  9. Oberost

    Prime Loot Announced

    10 camos and 10K coal. Not bad...
  10. Oberost

    Stingy Codes