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  1. Oberost

    Moving from Co-op to Random Battles?

    Thanks for the advice. I did like all the previous posters told me to do and moved to random. The results are not bad, I managed to mantain a 50% WR with (I think) a decent performance in most battles, and of course my average income grew up a lot (both credits and XP). BTW, I don't upgrade my ships playing them, I just use free XP to research modules to not be a burden for my team (more than I am right now...). I know than I can use free XP to buy ships, but right now I prefer to go fully equiped to battle...
  2. Oberost

    Possible details of Missouri lootboxes revealed

    I've used this...
  3. Oberost

    Moving from Co-op to Random Battles?

    Thanks to all of you for your kind answers. I think I will try first with my T4 BB in randoms and see what happens. If I manage not to lose too often then I'll continue with the T5 BB and after that I'll try with the T6 CA. Some of you have suggested to try other lines, but giving the fact that in-game money is scarce (even with premium account. Maybe in randoms I'll earn more silver, who knows...) I 'm going to keep playing with my two Japanese lines and see how it goes...
  4. Hi all, So here is the question: At what tier should I begin to think about leaving the safe waters of Co-op games and start swimming between the sharks of Random battles? Right now I'm at T6 of Japanese CA line and also at T4 of Japanese BB line, and I feel that I'm not going to learn much more fighting against bots, but I'm a bit afraid of getting severely spanked the moment I get into a Random battle... Any piece of advice, please? Thanks in advance.