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  1. dondeago

    Doubloons Issue

    No ideas then pal.. Sorry :(
  2. dondeago

    Doubloons Issue

    If your game crashed recently, That looks like an old bug. You'll be restricted on transfering captains between ships and any doing any form of transfer for at least 4 hrs. Sorry.
  3. dondeago

    [-MIA-] New Clan members wanted....

    Still looking guys, We're on most evenings so send us a PM in game..... Speak to you soon....
  4. dondeago

    hakuryu problems with torpedo and dive bomber

    That's Exactly what i was thinking......
  5. dondeago

    [-MIA-] New Clan members wanted....

    Still looking guys, We're on most evenings so send us a PM in game..... Speak to you soon....
  6. dondeago

    [-MIA-] New Clan members wanted....

    [_MIA-] bump a titty bump bump.....
  7. [-MIA-] Monkeys in action We're a small, friendly, UK based clan that are keen to open our doors to some new members. Originally from Tanks, but migrated across to Ships a good few years ago so we like to think we know what we're doing We're a casual and friendly bunch that play ( and Drink) most nights, so if you're looking for casual platoons, or, more importantly clan Wars, we may be just the people for you! As with everything though, just a few things that we'd like you to have... Requirements:- 1) TS3 ( is a must I'm afraid ) 2) English speaking ( Doesn't need to be fluent, Just as long as you can understand us, and we can almost understand you, we'll be fine ) 3) PR Above 900 4) Over 2500 games 5) 18+ ( sorry, the banter can be a little ..... Brutal between us. We've know each other for years.....) 6) Needs to have a few High Tier ships (at least 1 T9 with more than 5 games in it) If this sounds like something you may be interested in, PM me in game ( Dondeago ) Or (Onya999) We'll probably want to have a little chat with you at some point and deffo' have a game or 2 with you. Hopefully, We'll see you about Dondeago
  8. sorry, im done for the night then... Nice to get 24 prem as compensation or something..... Fingers crossed
  9. been at least 45 mins now, anymore news.... @MrConway
  10. Feed those hamsters MrConway!!! They need love 2
  11. dondeago

    Server Problems

    still nowt!!
  12. dondeago

    Server Problems

  13. dondeago

    New bonus codes

    cheers dears...
  14. dondeago

    In game stuttering?

    search is your friend dude.... Issues from the last patch....
  15. dondeago

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    Well, this may be a bit of a silly question, but if you quit the game YESTERDAY, why are you lurking in the forums TODAY???? and what bushwacker said.. some people still have no clue... even if they are pointing the finger elsewhere.....