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  1. Obviously by listening to Jingles right now, the summit was a bunch of out of touch streamers who are probably spoonfed a bunch of free stuff as well as what I believe preferential matchmaking so they can continue to showcase the game, of course they're going to have a ton of resources to spend when all they do all day long is play the game. The average player, something between a casual and tryhard, obviously will never have a say in how things are run. The game was greatest in beta, I honestly don't understand how it ended up here.
  2. canuckster

    This is why ships shouldnt have excessive frontal armour

    There is a thing in Naval tactics called crossing the T and the combatant who managed to do this always wins. Trafalgar, Surigao, Tsushima, Cape Esperance, but yeah everyone who played WoT wants this game to be WoT on water.
  3. And you realize how useless gameplay becomes when two or three idiots on one team die early and pretty much decides the game in the first two minutes, if you played world of tanks ever you know games can be turned around, when 9/10 matches in wows are 10-0 floggings in terms of survived ships, then there's something inherently wrong with the game.
  4. canuckster

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    It wouldn't be so bad if 9 out of 10 games weren't blowouts.
  5. canuckster

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    Obviously the impact carriers are going to have at lower tiers is going to be lessened. This isn't really any different than the previous version of game play.
  6. canuckster

    Clanmembers exploiting/cheating in ranked battles

    I've seen it in a few of the ranked battles myself so far, but from what I could tell it didn't affect gameplay, they seemed to play honestly. I really think WG dropped the ball a little bit here, I think it would have been awesome if you could bring a whole clan to ranked battles, of course they would only be matched against other clans. I love in World of Tanks, well I haven't played WoT in forever so I don't know if it still exists, but they had the tier 8, 7 tank division games, Wows needs to have something similar I think.
  7. canuckster

    Is there anyone that likes this patch?

    Too confusing, I was in a game with two carriers aside and all I did was spend the game dodging airplanes.
  8. I love these ranked battles so much, team play is paramount and there's a great balance I think between the different classes of ships when there's fewer of them to worry about. I honestly haven't had this much fun taking my 9s out before, game play is better, team play is better, games don't take as long.
  9. canuckster

    Skill-related matchmaking for more balanced games

    This game is too unforgiving, one crappy DD player who refuses to cap, or one lucky torpedo strike at the beginning of the game and it's over 99% of the time. How many close games can you say you've played in? Streamers make it seem like they play lots of exciting battles, but rest assured, they upload 1 of 100 to youtube. All the games are routes, never one on one at the end. In beta there were always close games and lots of ties, I think it's good they got rid of a lot of the ties, but unfortunately it went too much the other way. IMO they need to have more team cap only games and less ABCD cap games because I think there's way too much psychology involved. Good players will try and rally to turn the tide but more often than not the tomatoes on the team just do their own thing. Doing your own thing at least works some what in WoT, but not in WoWs and it takes a much better level of gamer to play WoWs properly. Casual WoWs players ruin games IMO because as I said, the game is unforgiving to a non chalant attitude to what you're doing.
  10. canuckster

    IJN Torpedoes are still way too detectable.

    There'd be an uproar simply because the tomatoes play BBs. Look at the fricking game queue at 8-9-10, 30 BBs 4 CAs 6 DDs etc. BBs are too hard to sink IMO, I think the problem is that they can turn to quickly and change speed to quickly.
  11. canuckster

    Why no angled flight decks?

    The first carrier based jets flew off of straight decks as well.
  12. canuckster

    Rework of CVs

    Well maybe carriers will finally have to operate in a group like every other class instead of hiding in a corner? You know, the same way BB's can get demolished by a DD if they don't stick near cruisers. Seems to me the complainers are a vocal minority.
  13. canuckster

    DD matchmaking in higher tiers

    Wow, can you imagine what would happen if the Japenese DDs got the increased torpedo stealth buff people have been asking for in the DD forum? Poor BB players, you should be allowed to sail in a straight line right? Or do that thing where you sit still and move back and forth only so slightly.
  14. canuckster

    Would you buy The Hood?

    I'd really like to see a South Dakota class at tier 8 premium, but that's just me. USS Alabama, awesome cammo too.